Dad Makes Giant Aliens Power Loader Costume For His Baby

Having a kid is a lot of responsibility, but it can also be a lot of fun if you’re a man-sized child. Take Carsten Riewe, for example, he made a Caterpillar P5000 Powerloader costume from the movie Aliens for his 13-month-old daughter. What’s the point of having kids if you can’t do crazy things like that!

This Is The Best Consumer-Ready Iron Man Suit We've Ever Seen

Do you like Iron Man? Got $US2,000 lying around? You’re in luck, my friend, because the Iron Man Factory is open for business, and they’re selling the best Iron Man suits we’ve ever seen. The only problem is you’ll have to wait, oh, about a year to get yours.

A Six-Month Old In A Mech Suit Is The Best Costume Ever

Stop the internet, we have a late-breaking entry for the best costume anyone has ever donned. Geeky parents, this one is for you: someone dressed themselves up as a mech and stuck their six-month old to the front of it, making them look like the driver.

The NASA Engineer Who Made iPads The Future Of Halloween

ago, NASA engineer Mark Rober blew YouTube’s mind with a video of his Halloween costume: a hole in his chest. Or at least it looked like a hole in his chest. In fact, it was an optical illusion made possible by two iPads, a little duct tape and a lot of ingenuity. Well, you won’t believe what he’s been up to since then.

Who You Gonna Call? The Littlest Ghostbuster And His Adorable Ecto-1

Do you recognise Cooper? Probably not, because he’s a year older than the last time you saw him driving a tiny time-travelling DeLorean and wearing an adorable Marty McFly costume. This year, however, Cooper’s hitting the trick-or-treating circuit in a wonderful Ghostbusters getup complete with his trusty push car turned into an absolutely amazing miniature Ecto-1.

Forget It, This Toddler Just Won Halloween

We hope you didn’t spend the last six months designing and building an elaborate over-the-top Halloween costume with which you hope to win over the internet next week. Because nothing is ever going to top this adorable toddler’s wonderful LED stick figure costume.

Get Your Guts Ripped Out For An Awesome Halloween Costume

Two years ago, a NASA engineer named Mark Rober emailed us a halloween costume that used two iPads to make it look like you had a gaping hole in your stomach. This year the system is both more refined and more gruesome.

A Perfect Cardboard Robocop Costume Is A Great Reason To Recycle

Forget about reducing our demand for lumber, there’s no better reason to recycle than this remarkably detailed and accurate Robocop costume made entirely from cardboard, glue and about twice as much dedication.

Don't Get Daft Punk's New Album Without Also Getting The Helmet

After Halloween revellers desperately wanted to buy his impressively detailed Daft Punk helmet (Thomas Bangalter version) Mauricio Santoro realised he could probably make a few bucks from his creation. So he got a small production line going and is now selling the helmets on Etsy for $500 until they run out, or until Columbia Records catches wind of it.

This Guy Built The Most Incredible Spider-Man Suit Ever

Although building out the armour required for an Iron Man suit is obviously (some would say imposingly) impressive, re-creating the detailed webbing and lithe nature of Spider-Man’s suit is just as incredible a feat. MoonSpider shared the Spider-Man suit he made and it puts all Halloween Spidey costumes to shame.