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SpaceX Has Hired A Legendary Costume Designer To Create Its Own Spacesuits

Movie spacesuits almost always look better than their real world counterparts. That’s probably why SpaceX has tapped legendary costume designer Jose Fernandez to develop its own in-house spacesuits.

Uhura's New Star Trek Uniform Looks Great

Zoe Saldana shared a photo of herself doing reshoots for Star Trek: Beyond and, in doing so, gave us the closest look at the new Starfleet uniforms. They have improved tremendously.

Here's Our Best Look At Spider-Man's Fabulous New Costume

OK, so you’ve watched the Civil War trailer a bunch of times to see that Spider-Man shot. But Disney and Marvel have released a high-resolution picture of Peter Parker’s grand debut in the Marvel Cinematic universe to give us all an even better look.

Your Best Look Yet At Punisher And Elektra's Comic Costumes In Daredevil Season Two

Matt Murdock isn’t the only one getting an outfit upgrade when Daredevil season two drops next week. While we’ve seen both of DD’s new friends and foes in their civilian gear before, we finally have our first look at the Punisher with his trademark skull shirt and Elektra in her upgraded ninja outfit.

A T. Rex Riding A Horse Kicking A Soccer Ball Is Everything Wonderful About The Internet

Video: The internet has some dark corners, there’s no denying that. But how could humanity ever carry on without a tool that lets us share a brilliant video of a man in an inflatable T. rex costume riding a horse kicking a giant soccer ball? Lets make sure we never do anything to endanger the world wide web, because how else could we possibly survive Thursday nights without it?

Hasbro And Marvel Are Now Making Beautifully Detailed But Affordable Role Play Accessories

If you’re a stickler for details and accuracy, don’t assume that making your own cosplay props and costumes is cheaper than buying a replica. Often it can cost thousands of dollars to get it right, so Hasbro and Marvel are teaming up on a line of detailed role play accessories that will make accurate cosplay slightly more affordable.

These Motorised Cosplay Wings Are Controlled By A Smartphone App

Having moving parts is the Holy Grail of any good costume, and one cosplayer has gone above and beyond — creating moving, light up wings that are controlled by an Android app. This cosplay MacGyver used all sorts of bits to make his huge wings, including microwave parts, pieces of a bedframe and shelving unit, and a PC power supply and motherboard.

Watch How Photoshop Magically Transforms Halloween Costumes Into The Real X-Men

Video: Everyone should celebrate Halloween with graphic designers or expert Photoshoppers because they can turn silly group pictures on Halloween into a truly epic photo that looks more like a movie poster than something you’d be embarrassed to have on Facebook. Designers at Clearlink dressed up under an X-Men theme and then Photoshopped a group photo to epic proportions.

Your Car Will Never Be As Amazing As This Mad Max Power Wheels

Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith once again prove that being a geek is infinitely better when you’re a parent, because you get to build phenomenal costumes like this Mad Max Power Wheels.

Does This AT-AT Costume Mean You Love Or Hate Your Dog?

In a little over a month Halloween will be upon us, and there’s no reason your pets can’t participate in the fun. However, you’re going to need an extra patient dog if you expect them to wear this humiliating AT-AT costume without instantly trying to shred it to pieces.

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