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Dyson's Cordless DC59: A True Replacement For A Full-Sized Vac

They started out as dustbusters that actually worked, but Dyson’s cordless vacuums have improved to the point where they’re very nearly a viable alternative to full-sized models. Especially now that they come with a powered cleaning head, capable of really tackling the crustiest of carpets.

Dyson Launches 'High Performance' Cordless Vacuum for Suction Nerds

Good old James Dyson has had his people working on yet another better type of vacuum cleaner, this time coming up with the DC44, or the Digital Super Slim. We’re not entirely sure what’s digital about it, but it looks quite nice, and it’s cordless for all of your super-suction needs.

Uniden Bluetooth Handset Combines Your Landline And Your Mobile

If you need to have a landline just to get ADSL in your home, you may as well have a phone you’ll actually use. The Uniden XDECT R Dual Mode Bluetooth Phone will pair with your mobile, letting you receive calls from either line on the one device.

Sennheiser's New Wireless Headphones Are All Digital

I remember when I first started working in this industry, one of my first jobs was to review a pair of wireless RF headphones from some low-end Chinese manufacturer. They were terrible. Interference that manifested itself as random bursts of static blasting through the headphones, they showcased both the need to buy better quality, and the shortcomings of RF technology as a wireless audio standard. These new Sennheisers are all digital though, which should mean static is a thing of the past.

USB Heated Slippers Go Cordless

USB heated slippers are less stupid than ever now that Thanko has gone cordless. That’s right, users no longer have to deal with a cord stretching between their feet and the computer.

Why Obama Doesn't Use a Cordless Phone (And Neither Should You)

I hate cordless phones. So when Gizmodo reader ournextcontestant asked why Obama was using a corded phone instead of a cordless phone in this photo, I felt it was our duty to explain.

Telstra Colombo DECT Phone: Because Home Phones Are Still Cool If They're Red

We all know that home phones are disappearing into that wonderful void known only as obsolescence, but until all the baby-boomers and their tech-fearing ways die off, we’re stuck with companies trying to come up with different ways to make DECT phones exciting for old people. Which is probably why this Telstra Colombo cordless phone is both a) named after an old, decrepit detective with a face in a permanent state of strainage and b) they made it red (although it also comes in black).

Logitech MX 1100 Mouse Makes Cordless Wave Desktop Reach Pro Level

Logitech is updating one of its most popular mouse and keyboard sets, the Wave Cordless Desktop with a slightly touched up Wave wireless keyboard–new paint and a longer, ridiculous three-year battery life–and a whole new mouse, the MX1100, which is a mutant hybrid of the oooold MX1000 and the more recent Revolution mice.

Vtech's IS6110, an Instant Messaging Cordless Telephone

The Vtech IS6110 is the little cordless telephone that could. There is a lot of functionality packed into one tidy little package. It is a fully featured DECT 6.0 cordless phone that includes a full QWERTY keypad and lays claim to being the first cordless phone to deliver instant messaging capabilities. All you do is plug the base station into your PC and you will be able to roam around your house instant messaging to your heart’s content.

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