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Has Apple's iBooks Copy Protection Been Cracked?

DRM is always something of a cat-and-mouse game; every time an exploit is made public, DRM rights holders will try to cover the loopholes. It looks as though Apple’s the latest to fall foul of DRM circumvention, with reports that the rights management around iBooks has been cracked.

New Android Copy Protection Has Apps Calling Home

Google has announced Android’s new attempt to curb piracy, an online “licensing service” that automatically contacts the Android Market when an app is launched. The new mechanism is available to developers now, becoming standard “over the next few months”. [Android Developers via Engadget]

iTunes HD Movies Won't Play on Older Non-HDCP Monitors

If you dropped $US20 on an HD movie from iTunes since they came out yesterday, but have a newer Mac and an older external display, you might not be able to watch it.

New BD+ Blu-ray Copy Protection Cracked Months Ahead of Schedule

The robust update Blu-ray’s BD+ copy protection that was gonna take three months to crack was just busted by Slysoft, months ahead of schedule. Wanna guess what’s gonna happen to the next BD+ update? [Inquirer]

Giz Explains: Everything You Wanted to Know About DRM

Condensed explanation: Digital rights management is a corporate pain in the arse that stops you from doing whatever you want with music and movies in the name of fighting piracy. But there’s more to it.

AnyDVD HD Is Here, So Start the Blu-ray BD+ DRM Crackin'

Late last year, disc-copying software maker SlySoft claimed they cracked the BD+ DRM protection in Blu-ray discs. They weren’t kidding. The newest version of AnyDVD HD strips Blu-ray discs of BD+, allowing you to copy even the most locked-up Blu-ray discs (*cough*Fox*cough*) to your heart’s content—assuming the copies are for personal use, of course. On the DVD front, the updated software rips movies that can’t be read by Windows, and can now get around most ARccOS protection. Sounds like a reasonable temptation to all you pirate types, so run along, have at it and report back to us. [SlySoft]Thanks, Mike!!

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