US Authorities Think Hacking Silk Road With No Warrant Was Perfectly OK

Here’s some not-so-surprising news for you: US prosecutors apparently think it’s perfectly fine to hack into American citizens’ computers without first obtaining a warrant. After all, that’s how they caught Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht.

FBI Director Says Apple Marketing Encryption Snubs The Law

Today in cops getting angry about the new encryption on smartphones features FBI Director James Comey, who is “very concerned” about the matter. He’s so concerned that the FBI’s had conversations with Apple and Google about how they’re marketing the devices. And Comey wants the world to know that he’s upset.

Cops Have No Right To Be Angry About The iPhone's New Encryption

Security professionals and joe-schmoes alike cheered Apple’s recent announcement that it would no longer be able to turn iPhone data over to cops. Finally, a guarantee that authorities couldn’t snoop around your text messages! But you know who didn’t cheer? Cops, of course.

Watch: NSW Police Body-Mounted Cameras Give Cop's-Eye View Of Action

NSW Police is spending $4 million on a rollout of body-worn video cameras for active police officers, with the chest-mounted cameras recording any interaction or confrontation between cops and the general public. Take a look…

NSW Cops' Body-Mounted Video Cameras Could Record Over 700TB Of Data Per Year

Equipping New South Wales’ police force with ubiquitous body-mounted video cameras is a good idea, since there’s evidence that suggests the cameras makes public interactions safer for both police and the general public. There’s one big, looming problem though; what do you do with all that data?

NSW Police Get Always-On, Body-Mounted Video Cameras

If you’re in the Cross of a Friday night, you’ll soon be under even more surveillance. Patrolling NSW police officers will soon be equipped with automatically-recording, body-mounted video cameras with up to two and a half hours of recording time and front-facing screens that show you when you’re being monitored.

Good Guy Cop Pranks People By Pulling Them Over To Give Them $100

There are few things that make your stomach drop faster than seeing a police car siren in your rearview mirror. Those flashing lights almost always mean you’re in for a reaming, a possible court date or a hefty fine… unless the cop pulling you over is actually pranking you by giving you $100 for obeying the law.

US Police Keep Borrowing Border Patrol Drones For Domestic Surveillance

Generally speaking, domestic drone surveillance is a big no-no. Nevertheless local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are finding a way to do it by borrowing drones from US Customs and Border Protection. And, according to a recent FOIA request, it’s happening more and more.

It's Insanely Cheap For US Police To Track Mobile Phones

At this point, nobody’s surprised to hear that US authorities can track mobile phones. But what you might not realise is just how easy and how incredibly cheap it is.

US Police Hilariously Pose Online As Punk Rockers

A recent city noise control ordinance in Boston has cops cracking down on roving rock shows that don’t take place in formal venues. So they’re posing as punk rockers online to sniff out concert locations so they shut them down more easily. Only problem is their police work reads like an out of touch parent trying to talk to a teen about that new fangled rock and/or roll.

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