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Climate Change Is Making This Portable Air Conditioner A Must-Have Summer Accessory

Sunglasses, swimsuits, singlet tops and sandals are the usual accessories you think of when you’re getting ready for summer. But with climate change pushing summer temps higher and higher ever year, it’s probably not a bad idea to add the Zero Breeze portable battery-powered air conditioner to that list.

3D White Graphene Could Make Tuneable Fan-Free Cooling For Electronics

Fans, on numerous levels, suck: they’re noisy and use up power. But a 3D form of the material known as white graphene could help cool small electronic devices by itself.

This Is How The Trinity Supercomputer Will Keep Its Cool

Dayshot: We love it when things are organised neatly. This tidy pile of warm-water cooling components is at the Strategic Computing Center of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where installation of an energy-saving cooling infrastructure to support the Trinity Platform is well underway.

A New Material Uses The Cold Darkness Of Outer Space To Cool Your House

In today’s awesomely brutal-sounding material science news, Stanford engineers have created a building material that exploits that “cold darkness of the universe” to cool itself — even when the sun is shining. Stanford calls it a “cosmic fridge”, and it could replace air conditioning.

A Rechargeable Tower Fan That Lets You Take A Breeze Wherever You Need

A fan is only a useful way to beat the heat if you’re in range of its blast. So to ensure the use of this GreenFan isn’t limited by the location of your outlets or the length of its cord, it features an optional rechargeable battery so you can place it exactly where you need to cool off.

A Luxurious Mechanical Paper Fan That Cools You Like A Pharaoh

Well before air conditioning and oscillating fans kept us cool, servants waving giant palm leaves was the ideal way to beat the heat. And Thanko’s new USB-powered mechanical paper fan provides a similar experience, without requiring you to keep a professional fanner on staff.

Dyson's Bladeless Fans Are Now 75% Quieter

It’s been over four years since Dyson introduced a fan that somehow worked without visible blades. And besides releasing a few new models over the years, the company hasn’t announced any major updates to its Air Multiplier line since 2009. But it turns out that’s because Dyson’s engineers were finding clever ways to make these fans even quieter — up to 75 per cent quieter to be exact — on three new models being rolled out today.

Happy Hour: The Fastest Way To Cool Down Beer

Beer. I prefer to drink it cold. Unfortunately, sometimes the beer which I have is warm. This usually happens when we are planning a party, because I buy a bunch of beer on pallets at Costco.

IBM Is Running A Brain Computer On 'Electronic Blood'

As part of what we can only assume is preparation for some very intense mad scientist Halloween costumes, IBM has announced a prototype computer that is both powered and cooled by an electrolyte liquid.

This Thermal Wristband Tricks You Into Never Being Too Warm Or Cold

We all know someone who can never seem to get comfy, no matter the temperature. They’re always pulling off sweaters because they’re too hot, or cranking up the heat because they’re too cold. But soon, salvation for these folks could come in the form of a special wristband that uses a copper heatsink to fool your body into thinking it’s just been warmed or cooled — when in reality the ambient temperature hasn’t changed.

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