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The Cooler Lens Bag For Boozy Photographers

If you’re a photographer looking for some cold ones after a long day, you should have Poler’s combination camera bag cooler.

Walk-In Beer Cooler Is The Only Dorm Room You'll Ever Need

You’re already spending a small fortune on tuition, so forget paying to stay at your university’s expensive dorm and just set up this Brew Cave walk-in cooler in the quad. Who needs a bed when you’ve got 30 cases of beer?

Leather Clad Cooler Turns Tailgate Parties Into Picnics At Downton Abbey

Classy? Tacky? There are plenty of ways to describe this leather clad cooler that Orvis is selling, but affordable isn’t one of them. With a $US1000 price tag it had better guarantee to raise your social status a few notches.

Cardboard Box Coolers Are Perfect For Any Barbeque

These cardboard coolers are a must for any summer event: smart, green, recyclable and can fit 16kg worth of beer and goodies. It’s like a cross between the heavy duty plastic coolers and the disposable styrofoam ones… but better.

This Is The Watermelon Cooler You Were Looking For

In the future, when humans are extinct and watermelons evolve into sentient beings capable of mastering fusion energy and interstellar travel, someone will find the Marugoto Tamachan – a portable watermelon cooler – and they will be as puzzled as we are.

Beer Cooler Sous Vide: The Not Exactly Right Way To Do It Yourself

I applaud Serious Eats for attempting sous vide in a beer cooler, but the adventurous article didn’t convince me that the mass sous vide revolution would come via Coleman or Igloo.

Bad Decisions: Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler

You know that friend of yours who was so excited for college until three weeks in when, suddenly, they packed their bags and moved back home? Just what did they encounter that was so shockingly depraved? This thing.

Coleman's Steel Belted Chest Cooler Isn't Messing Around

What do you get when you spend a whopping $US173 on a cooler? Stainless steel and cold beers, that’s what.

Nexus's Velvety Laptop Cooler Has No Fans

Another gadget to keep your laptop from burning you silly, Nexus’s TDD-9000 liquid cooling pad is a soft, velvety cloth filled with a patented, gel-like substance that needs no plugs, wiring or electricity to quietly, yet actively, cool your laptop.

Bullet-Shaped Bollinger Champagne Cooler, For 007's Giant Gun

A giant gun that fires bullets containing chilled bottles of Bollinger…sounds like a psychedelic James Bond-theme dream. But at least the bullet bit is nearly a reality. Bollinger has come up with this 007-themed champagne bottle cooler in time for Quantum of Solace that actually is bullet-shaped, though there’s no giant Walther PPK to fire it. It’s fabulously silly, and presumably fabulously priced since it’s a strictly limited edition run of just 207. Maybe Bond should worry about it though: you know, the saying goes “somewhere out there there’s a bullet with your name on it”… [Sybarites via Luxurylaunches]

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