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How To Make Ratatouille Just Like The Pixar Movie

Video: Ratatouille has never looked better than it did in the Pixar movie. A perfect accordion of vegetables of different colours winding themselves in a pot glazed with visual deliciousness. Which makes sense because one of the best chefs in the world, Thomas Keller, imagined the recipe up for the animators at Pixar to make. But here it is in a real life form from the folks at ChefSteps.

How To Make Fizzy Fruit That Bubbles Like Soft Drink

Video: Here’s something every one of us should do before summer is over and the weather kills off all the fruits and the cold sadness diminishes our souls into nothingness: carbonate fruit with dry ice. ChefSteps shows just how easy it is to do: stick a bunch of fruit with dry ice inside a cooler, wrap it up with saran wrap and the fruit will transform into this bubbling and exploding Pop Rocks version of the fruit.

How Unbelievably Delicious Peking Duck Is Made

Video: If you eat meat, enjoy eating fantastically delicious things and don’t mind spending a pretty penny while doing so, the one advice I would give you is to eat real, legitimate Peking duck. It is one of the awesomest dining experiences you can have because for one, it’s totally delicious in all the crispy and tender and yummy ways but also because there’s such a showmanship and beautiful craft to the making, serving, and eating of the dish.

Astronauts On The ISS Will Soon Enjoy Authentic British Tea Time 

Mark Watney’s tea may have been nothing but spent rocket fuel, but on the ISS, astronauts are about to get a lesson in good ol’ fashioned English tea time. That’s thanks to British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, who’s working hard to figure out how to bring several of his country’s staples into zero-gee.

4 Simple Tricks To Make Way Better Scrambled Eggs

Video: What did you have for breakfast? Eggs? Scrambled? Were they good? Of course! Everyone loves scrambled eggs and any variation of it is edible. But there are very easy ways to make scrambled eggs more luxurious and pillowy and delicious. America’s Test Kitchen says to add extra yolks, add dairy, whisk with a fork so you don’t over whisk, and to first cook the eggs on medium-high heat and then on low.

How To Cook A Steak Perfectly

Video: If you want to treat a delicious hunk of meat in the best way possible, you shouldn’t just throw it on a pan. Instead, you should utilise all the techniques used in this video by How To You: make sure you get a good, thick cut, salt and pepper the hell out of it, use a sous vide, and then sear that baby on a grill. It’s a lot of work but it will be the perfect steak.

Here's What It Takes To Actually Make A Thanksgiving Dinner From Scratch

Video: If you’ve been anywhere on the internet over the past month, you’ll have seen Americans talking about Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard. There are so many dishes and only one kitchen to cook it all in, so many guests to serve and only so much time to prepare everything. Andy George and crew at How to Make Everything wanted to make it harder by finding out what it takes to make it from total scratch. That is, they had to hunt a turkey, grow potatoes, dive for cranberries, make sugar on their own and so much more.

Seeing A Pizza Get Made From The Point Of View Of A Pizza Maker Guarantees Pizza Cravings

Video: Lunch has been decided for me. Maybe even dinner too. The fates have spoken and after watching the entire process of a pizza get made from the perspective of a pizza maker (pizzaiolo!), I need to eat a slice of pizza immediately. I don’t know how it’s possible to put in all the work of making a pizza and then not eat it. It seems totally unfair. Cruel, even. Pizza chefs should be able to take a slice from every single pizza they make. It’s the decent thing to do.

A Chinese Chef's Knife Is Really Impressive

Video: This video shows off the versatility of a Chinese chef’s knife, also known as a Chinese cleaver. For a big hunk of metal that looks at home in a butcher shop, the cleaver can actually handle precise tasks as well. From cutting meat and butchering chicken to finely slicing vegetables and tofu to even making designs with cuts, the Chinese chef’s knife is a very useful tool for the kitchen.

How To Peel A Delicious Potato In Five Seconds

Peeling potatoes is a tedious task. They’re slippery. The skin breaks. Potatoes are also typically piping hot which means you’re going to burn the crap out of your hands. That’s why you have to try this effortless method.

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