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Genius CakeDozer Delivers Desserts In Pristine Condition

A cake server is the perfect tool for getting a slice of cake or pie off a serving platter, but how do you then get the dessert safely onto a plate so it’s worthy of an Instagram share? With the CakeDozer server, which physically bulldozes it clean off with the push of your thumb.

What A Star Chef's Midnight Snack Looks Like

Video: James Kenji Lopez-Alt is a chef and food writer. He’s been called the “nerd king of cooking” and he’s done plenty to earn that title. Unlike us plebs who pour a bowl of cereal, when Kenji gets a bit peckish in middle of the night, magic happens. The man’s half-asleep dishes are better than what most of us can whip up at our best.

The Spadle Is A Dumb Name For A Clever Multi-Function Kitchen Utensil

You know how your kitchen looks like a warzone after preparing a large meal? With dirty pots, pans and utensils strewn about like wounded soldiers? The unfortunately-named Spadle wants to help make cleanup a little easier by replacing multiple utensils with a single transforming solution.

Ancient Campfires May Have Unleashed Humanity's Top Bacterial Killer

The ability to control fire brought our ancestors countless benefits, but as a new study by Australian researchers suggests, it may have also triggered the spread of one of the worst blights to afflict our species: Tuberculosis.

18th Century Pancakes Were Weird And Slightly Racist

The unfortunate truth of peering into our collective past is that eventually, something intolerant rears its head. For example, this pancake recipe found and cooked by 18th century cooking aficionado Jonathan Townsend doesn’t call the griddle treats pancakes at all — they’re “Indian slapjacks.”

This Post Has Nothing To Do With Pokémon GO, I Promise

Video: It’s been a wild couple of days and we’re not going to talk about it at all here.

Make These Salt-Cured Egg Yolks And Impress The Pants Off Your Foodie Friends

Salt preserves food, and we’ve using it in that capacity for thousands of years. But here’s a neat tip: Meat and fish aren’t the only things you can keep from going rancid with salt curing. It also works with egg yolks.

Pounding Rice For Mochi Requires Equal Parts Bravery And Skill

Video: Creating Mochi, a chewy Japanese dessert made from sticky mochigome rice, requires the ingredients to be first thoroughly pounded into a thick paste. You can use a machine to do it, or like these Japanese chefs, you can risk a broken finger by pounding it manually in a flawlessly choreographed routine.

The Maillard Reaction Is What Makes Our Favourite Foods Taste So Good

Have you ever wondered how freshly baked bread gets its a golden brown crust and why it smells so good? Or how nondescript green berries turn into beautiful brown coffee beans with a rich alluring aroma?

Amusing Parody Video Perfectly Skewers All Those Precious Food Videos

Video: We all love watching cooking videos, and we all gasp and drool over food documentary videos. We simply can’t stop ourselves. But the truth is, this trend is totally silly and a lot of is treated way too seriously. It’s just food, after all.

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