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Seeing A Pizza Get Made From The Point Of View Of A Pizza Maker Guarantees Pizza Cravings

Video: Lunch has been decided for me. Maybe even dinner too. The fates have spoken and after watching the entire process of a pizza get made from the perspective of a pizza maker (pizzaiolo!), I need to eat a slice of pizza immediately. I don’t know how it’s possible to put in all the work of making a pizza and then not eat it. It seems totally unfair. Cruel, even. Pizza chefs should be able to take a slice from every single pizza they make. It’s the decent thing to do.

A Chinese Chef's Knife Is Really Impressive

Video: This video shows off the versatility of a Chinese chef’s knife, also known as a Chinese cleaver. For a big hunk of metal that looks at home in a butcher shop, the cleaver can actually handle precise tasks as well. From cutting meat and butchering chicken to finely slicing vegetables and tofu to even making designs with cuts, the Chinese chef’s knife is a very useful tool for the kitchen.

How To Peel A Delicious Potato In Five Seconds

Peeling potatoes is a tedious task. They’re slippery. The skin breaks. Potatoes are also typically piping hot which means you’re going to burn the crap out of your hands. That’s why you have to try this effortless method.

How One Of The Best Steaks In America Is Made From The Butcher To The Table

Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn, New York serves one of the most delicious and iconic slabs of meat that you can get anywhere on the planet. Their Porterhouse is what you dream of when you imagine steak at a steakhouse. Eater shows how that fantastic deliciousness gets to the restaurant starting with the butcher and going through the cooking process and then finally reaching the table. I want to eat this for the rest of my life.

This Trailer For Mind Of A Chef Makes Me Crave Foods I Never Ate Before

Mind of a Chef is one of the best shows about food on television right now and this upcoming season they’re going to feature Gabrielle Hamilton from Prune in New York City. She’s a James Beard award winner so it will be fun to see what influences her and how she works but really, it will just be super cool to see all the food porn.

This Duck Burger Topped With Duck Confit Must Be So Decadent

Duck is delicious. Fatty and rich and more flavorful and tongue punchy than chicken in every single way that I’m drooling over this duck burger topped with duck confit, pickled red cabbage, gruyere cheese and drizzled in hoisin sauce. It’s like if America and Asia and France teamed up to make a burger without beef.

Cooking Food In A Pan Cut In Half Shows The Magic Of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is sorcery masked as science through the power of magnets. That’s what I believe in my heart, at least. The heat is created from magnetic induction (as opposed to a gas stove flame or electric heating), which means without the right type of pan, you won’t be able to cook anything, even if the stove is on.

Deep-Fried Brain And Bone Marrow Is A Deliciously Killer Combo

Video: Hamburger and fries. Spaghetti and meatballs. And brain and bone marrow… I guess? Our friend Anna Péter, from the Hungarian food blog Malackaraj, shows us how she makes deep fried brain and bone marrow. And because the universal rule across all types of cooking is that deep frying things and adding bone marrow is always delicious, I’m going to believe that this tastes divine.

Cooking Random Foods In A Waffle Iron Is The Funnest Way To Cook

Don’t like to cook? Think making dinner is too complicated? Here’s how to solve all your problems: cook everything you can imagine in a waffle iron. Not only is it easy as hell, anything you throw in there eventually becomes waffle shaped deliciousness.

How This Revolutionary Industrial Glass Made Its Way Into Your Kitchen

You might not know it by name, but chances are you have a Pyrex dish in your kitchen right now — most Americans probably do. A fascinating history over at Collectors Weekly traces the ubiquitous supermaterial as part of an exhibition which opened this week at the Corning Museum of Glass.

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