North Korea Launched A Bizarre New Cooking Website 'For Housewives'

Refusing to let little things like a lack of widespread internet/food access get in its way, everyone’s favourite warmongering-dictatorship-that-could has just launched its very own cooking website. Say hello to North Korea’s uncanny online food valley.

This US Restaurant Might Have The Best Bread And Butter In The World

The bread and butter at US restaurant Razza Pizza Artiginale is made by James Beard Rising Star Chef semi-finalist Dan Richer. He’s the chef behind the restaurant, and might be more obsessed with bread and butter than any person on the planet. This video shows how he made his restaurant’s bread and butter the most delicious.

The Scientific Method To Make Foolproof Eggs Benedict

The chef of the Wardolf Hotel created the Eggs Benedict in 1894 when a custumer asked for buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon and a hooker of hollandaise to cure his hangover. But everyone knows that cooking them at home is a real nightmare, well, it was. This is how to do them according to science.

Steaklocker Could Let You Dry-Age Delicious Beef Chunks At Home

Dry-aged beef. It’s a phrase that gets fancy steak-lovers’ mouths all drooly. The magic dance of enzymes and moisture reduction creates out-of-this-world flavour and tenderness that, unless you’ve got restaurant-grade equipment, you can’t recreate at home. Steaklocker wants to change that, with a device on Kickstarter that promises to bring that meaty magic to your home kitchen.

Everything A Camp Cook Could Need Fits Inside This Nesting Doll Pot

It’s easy to overpack when you’re heading out into the woods for some weekend camping, but when it comes to supplies for cooking meals, MSR’s Flex 4 System packs pretty much everything you could need into a compact single pot.

Medieval Kitchens Used A Specially Bred Dog To Turn Roasting Spits

Before the era of “set it and forget it” countertop rotisserie ovens, kitchen gadgets required a lot more manpower — and if not manpower, then dogpower. The turnspit, a breed of dog dating for medieval Britain, would run around and around on a wheel like a hamster in a cage, ensuring evenly roasted meat for hungry noblemen.

Keep Your Cookbooks Clean With A Temporary Recipe Tattoo On Your Arm

The cookbooks I’ve used in my life have endured drippings, grease splatters and one especially harrowingly bath in a pot of tomato soup. Let’s face it, a big block of paper is an inconvenient thing to lug around the kitchen. But there’s an ingenious little idea that puts tattoos in a perfectly convenient place to consult: your arm.

You Can Control Anova's New Precision Sous-Vide Cooker With Your Phone

Causal sous-vide cooking has been on the rise over the last couple of years, and Anova’s water circulating tools are often cited as the best. Today, the company announced an overhauled, iPhone-controlled cooker that looks very promising.

You Can Boil Water In Paper Cups, Just Like The Neanderthals May Have

Boiling water is as easy as they say — even without pots and pans. Thanks to the laws of physics, you can put a flame up to a paper cup or plastic bag, and water will boil without scorching the container. A paleontologist is speculating that Neanderthals cooked their meat in birch bark trays or skin bags using the same principle, reports National Geographic.

This Folding Origami Grill Has A Metal Mesh Hammock For Firewood

When you’re cooking dinner in the bush, the last thing you want is to be responsible for burning acres of trees down because you were careless with your campfire. A portable grill helps keep everything safely contained, and the folding Grillo even keeps your burning briquettes or kindling off the ground.