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How Iran Became One Of The World's Most Futuristic Countries

When we think about futurism, often we imagine cutting-edge technologies like bionic arms or weather machines for colonising Mars. But if we really want to make it for another few centuries, we’re going to need something that Iran has already got.

Accidental Pregnancies In The US Have Plummeted Thanks To IUDs

Unintended pregnancies are at a 30 year low in the United States. Experts say the welcome downtrend is mostly attributable to the burgeoning use of long-acting contraceptive methods, especially IUDs.

Pope Says Contraception May Be Permitted In Regions Hit By Zika

Speaking to reporters yesterday, Pope Francis said it might be OK for women exposed to the Zika virus to use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy. His Holiness also reiterated the Vatican’s stance on abortion, which he described as an “absolute evil”.

America's Sex Education Data Sucks

The way sex education is taught in the United States is such a crazy-quilt of curricula that it’s hard to know what’s being taught to high school students, or how accurately. And when people lack that kind of data, they can easily make some pretty terrible mistakes.

Why Birth Control Dispensers Look The Way They Do

The first working model of the now-iconic birth control pill dispenser is in the Smithsonian’s history collection. It’s built out of clear plastic, paper, and double-sided tape, held together by a snap from a child’s toy, with slices of wooden dowel standing in for pills. It was created to solve a vexing problem.

This Book Got The Author Sentenced To Three Months Hard Labour

Charles Knowlton didn’t think much of the laws of Massachusetts, at least when they interfered with his medical practice. By the time he opened a practice in the town of Ashfield, he had already been arrested in Amherst, MA for selling “infidel” books and had spent two months in the Worcester County Jail for grave robbery.

Inventors Want Us To Have Better Safe Sex, But Regulations Make It Hard

Some of you might think I’m a bit condom-obsessed, but that’s not accurate. I’m actually obsessed with people enjoying sex while preventing unwanted pregnancy and the spread of disease. And let’s be honest: no one is truly thrilled by latex condoms. In a word, they suck. Leaving aside the fact that they taste funny and a chunk of the population is allergic to them, they just don’t feel good — for either partner.

Bill Gates Wants To Turn Your Birth Control On With A Remote

As far as contraception innovation goes, for the past several years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been leading the pack. Next on the list? Revolutionising actual bodily implants. Say hello to wireless birth control.

The Science Of Female Condoms: The Future Of Sex?

Once derided as being like plastic bag with the erotic appeal of a jellyfish, the female condom’s being reinvented as the next big thing in safe sex. Emily Anthes investigates.

This Shocking Prototype Condom Puts Some Wiring On Your Pole

It’s been almost a year since Bill Gates put out his $100,000 call for better, high-tech condoms, and we haven’t found a new de facto standard yet. But Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer of Georgia Tech have a potential solution, if you’re OK with putting electrodes on your man-parts.

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