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Watch A Train Get Assembled

Video: Seeing a train get assembled is a lot like watching someone play with LEGO bricks, only if that someone was God and the LEGO bricks were stupidly ginormous. This timelapse of a London Elizabeth line train being built out at Bombardier in Derby is especially cool because it seems like pieces and parts are just flying together.

Watch A Huge Swarm Of Vehicles Pave A Road In Russia

Video: There are so many dump trucks, pavers and road rollers paving Moscow’s Tverskaya Street in this time lapse that it looks like a massive swarm of machines have taken over Russia. The smaller road rollers look and move a lot like the little planes that launch from the mothership (which, in this case would be the dump trucks).

Watch A Crane Totally Collapse After Trying To Move A Water Tank

Video: Bad idea: Trying to use a crane to lift a water tank before checking if it’s empty or not. You can see the crane’s arm begin to buckle under the weight of the tank, and then totally collapse as it drops the tank onto the side of the building and flips itself off the ground.

Watch The Construction Of The Panama Canal Expansion In This Timelapse

Video: The timelapse gets a little hectic and sometimes you don’t know what the hell is going on (unless you’re well-versed in canal building), but it’s just crazy to see a strip of land get carved out and then built out with concrete. Like, we just really gashed the Earth and filled it up with water.

Watch A Cruise Ship Get Built 

Cruise ships are basically giant floating cities. How do you build a giant floating city? Well, it’s pretty much like playing with Lego bricks. This time lapse shows the construction process of building AIDA Cruises’ new flagship in Nagasaki: the AIDAprima. The AIDAprima can hold up to 3,300 passengers with 900 crew members and is nearly 304.80m long. The ship cost $US645 ($872) million to build and seeing it get put together almost makes it worth the sticker price.

Meet The People Building A Medieval Castle Without Using Any New Technology

Two hours outside of Paris stands Guédelon, a castle that looks like it’s from the medieval period, but is actually being constructed right now. What’s more, the castle isn’t being built with new technology but instead with medieval techniques and materials. That means every stone, every tile, every single part of the castle is assembled as it would have been hundreds of years ago.

What's The Difference Between Cement, Concrete And Mortar?

Video: Any handyman worth his salt should know the difference between cement, concrete and mortar. I am not that handyman. They’re all just grey sludge to me. But This Old House explains the difference between the three in a very easy to understand way.

Watch An Awesome Tree House Get Built In This Time Lapse

Any type of tree house rules. Throw a shanty on a tree trunk and the world immediately becomes a beautiful place. This tree house, though? This tree house is legitimately awesome. In the woods and next to the water, it has a bridge, windows, a deck, and basically everything you ever wanted in a tree house.

Dubai 3D Prints A Whole Office Building In A World First

The world’s first 3D printed office building has opened in Dubai, as part of a push to make Dubai and the UAE a world leader in the 3D printing industry. The one-storey, 250 square metre building is just a prototype for a further program, but it is the first of its kind that has been fully equipped and is able to be used as a functional office building.

Seeing How A Sumo Ring Gets Built Is Truly Fascinating

Video: Sumo is a sport that is steeped in tradition, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that making the Dohyo, or sumo wrestling ring, is a painstaking process that requires many different tools, people and methods. I can’t count how many steps there are in the process of shaping clay and rope into a ring fit for Sumo wrestlers. The transformation from a pile of dirt into a solid, shiny and intricate circle is basically art.

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