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Seeing How A Sumo Ring Gets Built Is Truly Fascinating

Video: Sumo is a sport that is steeped in tradition, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that making the Dohyo, or sumo wrestling ring, is a painstaking process that requires many different tools, people and methods. I can’t count how many steps there are in the process of shaping clay and rope into a ring fit for Sumo wrestlers. The transformation from a pile of dirt into a solid, shiny and intricate circle is basically art.

The Two-Mile-Long Tunnel Beneath Seattle Makes Humans Look So Tiny

Photo: Washington State Dept of Transportation One of the major elements of the the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program will be the gigantic SR 99 tunnel which will host a double-deck roadway under downtown Seattle. In this stunning new photo, you are looking south inside the tunnel dug by Bertha, the SR 99 tunnelling machine. It is hard to say less than this tunnel is really enormous.

This Video Of A Crane Collapsing In Manhattan Is Your Worst Nightmare

Strong winds caused a colossal crane to collapse in downtown Manhattan on Friday morning. Someone in a nearby office caught in on tape from above, and holy shit is it scary to watch.

How We Could Build A City On Mars

If we want to someday live on Mars, spaceships won’t be enough. We would need a Martian city — and this is how we might build one.

This Tunnel Put Together Like Lego Bricks Impossibly Sticks Together With No Support

Video: Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit this: I feel slightly less comfortable when I’m under a tunnel than when I’m not. It’s not that I think that the tunnel will collapse on me – it’s because I know the sky absolutely won’t. This tunnel would put my fear into overdrive because it looks like it would totally collapse. It has no permanent support work and the entire construction process looks like piecing together Lego bricks. Yet it can support so much weight and still stand up.

When Will Dubai Fix Its Burning Skyscraper Problem?

Watching a 63-storey Dubai hotel explode into flames on New Year’s Eve and smolder well into New Year’s Day, you might’ve been wondering the same thing I was: Why do so many of Dubai’s skyscrapers catch fire? And how terrifying is it that this city can’t seem to stop this from happening?

The Graceful Voyage Of A Mountain-Sized Section Of Aircraft Carrier 

Image Cache: This strange sight is part of a new Royal Navy aircraft carrier — without the actual carrier part — as it makes its way along the hazy River Clyde on its journey from BAE Systems’ shipyard in Glasgow to Rosyth.

City Of London's Tallest Building Will Be A Simple Work Of Engineering

The architect Eric Parry has unveiled his plans for what will be the tallest building in the City of London. Measuring 309.6 metres in height, the building is a surprisingly simple structure, which wears its engineering design on its sleeve.

Watch This Enormous Floating Crane Lift A Giant Piece Of An Offshore Gas Platform

Video: As a fan of huge machineries I have watched this time lapse video at least five times in a row, and I am still speechless. It was produced by News On Request for Norwegian multinational oil and gas company Statoil, and you can watch how an amazingly huge section of the Aasta Hansteen offshore rig spar gets lifted and placed with extreme accuracy.

The Building Industry Could Cut Our Global Emissions By One Third, So Why Hasn't It?

The building and construction industry is a massive source of global CO2 emissions — but it could easily reduce its impact with existing technology. At today’s climate talks in Paris, 18 countries and 60 organisations formed a new alliance aimed at doing just that.

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