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Scientists Invite Conspiracy Theorists To Check Out Alleged Mind-Controlling Weather Machine

For decades, tin foil fashionistas have attributed a number of sinister happenings to the atmospheric research program known as HAARP, including hurricanes, earthquakes and even the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia. After this week, however, it will be a lot harder to entertain those claims: On Saturday, the supposed weather-altering secret weapon is holding an open house.

People Thought Snowden Was Dead Because Of A Tweet

After NSA whistleblower and millennial sex symbol Edward Snowden tweeted a mysterious string of characters on Friday afternoon, conspiracy theorists and concerned fans feared he might be dead when Sputnik, a Russian news site, reported the now-deleted code might be a “dead man’s switch,” which is apparently something Snowden could have set up “if he did not check in to the computer at a certain time,” according to Inquisitr.

Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Has Some Choice Words For Moon Landing Truthers

Between Room 237, Moonwalkers, the Flat Earth Society and other conspiracy theorists and humankind’s general eagerness to believe anything that sounds strange enough to be true, the idea that Stanley Kubrick helped fake the Moon landings persists. And the director’s daughter is SICK OF IT.

This Candidate For US President Claims He's Travelled Through Time

If the current frontrunners in this year’s US presidential race just don’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d like to really think outside the box. Seattle lawyer Andrew Basiago is also running for president, as an independent. And he cites his extensive experience travelling through time as one of his strongest qualifications for office.

Truthers Think Gravity Waves Are A Hoax To Convince Us The World Is Round

Not one week after physicists confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, the conspiracy theorists are out in force, shouting to the heavens that the “breakthrough” was a lie invented by fame-hungry scientists, supported by money-hungry institutions and regurgitated by the traffic-hungry news media.

Conspiracy Theorists Think Zika Is A Biological Weapon

It hasn’t even been a week since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global emergency, and already the conspiracy theories are piling up. Of course they are. A pandemic that’s sparked an abortion rights dystopia and legit discussion of genetic warfare? The Rockefeller family must be involved.

A Hiker Has Been Found Dead At Russia's Infamous Dyatlov Pass

In 1959 a group of nine hikers were found dead under mysterious circumstances in a remote area of Russia’s Ural Mountains. They were camped on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl on the night they died — a name which translates to “Dead Mountain” in the local Mansi language. Now, almost 60 years later, another hiker has been found dead in the same region, with the weather conditions too poor to allow emergency services to retrieve the body and ascertain exactly what happened.

The US Government Is Being Sued For Losing A Critical JFK Assassination Film

The Zapruder film may be the most famous footage taken of the Kennedy assassination, but it’s not the only one. The “Nix Film” may be lesser known, but it’s no less important. It has been missing for decades, so the granddaughter of the photographer who captured the film is now suing the US government. She wants it returned, or be paid $US10 million.

Researchers Finally Disproved A Conspiracy Theory About This Famous Lee Harvey Oswald Photo

There’s a lot of speculation about who really killed President John F. Kennedy. Was it the Cubans? The mafia? The CIA? Or was it a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald? And if Oswald was just a patsy, as he claimed before he himself was killed, could his most famous image be a fake? Researchers have now shown through 3D modelling that the photo is almost certainly real.

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