China Finally Suspends Its Ban On Foreign Game Consoles

After 14 years of prohibition, the Chinese government has lifted a ban on the sale of foreign consoles inside the country’s border. This opens the door for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony to tap in the multi-billion market — though the companies have already admitted it won’t be easy.

Here's Why Tom Clancy's: The Division Looks So Good

From the early trailers and gameplay footage, Tom Clancy’s: The Division is worth buying a next-gen console for. It’s a tale of a dystopian future where a virus is wiping out humanity and elite soldier units burst forth in order to keep the peace in the ruins of New York City. Those eye-popping visuals are thanks to the Snowdrop engine, and this development featurette gives us another short taste of what The Division will be like.

Gizmodo Awards 2013: Vote For The Best Console Of The Year!

Five consoles enter. Only one may leave. Welcome to the 2013 Gizmodo Awards, where today you vote for the best console that the year had to offer. Get in here and tell us what you love!

Gizmodo Awards 2013: Console Of The Year Nominations Now Open!

It’s almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we have the business of finding the best tech that 2013 had to offer. We want your nominations for the best console of the year. Nominate your favourite now!

You Know What? I'm Getting A Wii U

In this corner, the Xbox One, with its (mostly) all-knowing Kinect. In the opposite, the PS4, with hardcore gamer cred to spare. If you listen to most pundits — including us! — that’s the full reckoning of the battle for your console dollars. Me? I’m buying a Wii U. And maybe you should too.

Xbox One Or PS4?

The next generation of gaming consoles is finally, finally here. The PS4 and the Xbox One are both lovely in their own lovely ways, but you’d be crazy to get both. So which one — if any — do you pick?

Xbox One Review: Absolutely Amazing (When It Works)

Eight years later, the Xbox 360′s successor — and Microsoft’s latest bid to take over your living room — is here. Somehow it’s both worth the wait and quite not fully baked.

PS4 Teardown: Beautiful Outside, Tidy Inside

The PS4 has landed, and it’s great — but what lurks beneath its slick, slanted frame? Fortunately, that’s not something you need to keep wondering, because iFixit has gone and torn the console down so we can all see the guts within.

Deconstructed Gaming Controllers Reveal Gorgeous Old School Guts

Above, you’re looking at the surgically disassembled guts of an old Jaguar controller, the short-lived console originally released by Atari in 1993. It’s a thing of beauty, and just one of a series that’s equal parts nostalgia and drool.

You Could Accidentally Swallow The World's Smallest Atari

Forget your old Game Boy, Game Gear, or even your smartphone; when it comes to compact gaming hardware, Adam from SheekGeek’s got everyone beat. Using the tiny display from an old Sony viewfinder and an all-in-one Atari joystick, he created what is easily the world’s smallest game console, putting even a Tamagotchi to shame.