OK, So Maybe You Won't Get Windows 10 On July 29

Are you entitled to a free copy of Windows 10? There’s a flowchart for that. However, there’s no flowchart to tell you when you might actually get Microsoft’s new operating system. Officially, Windows 10 is coming on July 29, but not everyone will get it that day — now, says Microsoft, it will roll out in waves.

Lenovo's Ideacenter Stick 300 Is A Windows PC On A Stick For $US140

The computer-on-a-stick is not a new — nor always terribly successful — idea. But that hasn’t stopped Lenovo, which has announced its own stab at the concept: the Ideacenter Stick 300.

Microsoft Finally Decides: No Free Windows 10 For Beta Testers

In a masterpiece of confusion and deception worthy of a Russian dictator making holiday plans, Microsoft spent the weekend thoroughly confusing users of the Windows 10 beta over whether they’d get a free copy of the final version. But in the latest (and hopefully final) post on the matter, Microsoft has settled matters: no freebies.

Microsoft Can't Decide If It's Giving Away Windows 10 For Free

In an announcement on Friday, Microsoft dropped the unusually generous news that it is giving away free copies of Windows 10 to anyone who participates in the beta Insider Program for Redmond’s latest OS. Sound a little too good to be true? You bet.

What Was The Greatest Piece Of Tech That Failed In The Market?

The history of technology is littered with the bodies of brilliantly innovative devices that failed in the marketplace. Maybe they were ahead of their time; maybe they were crushed by unworthy competitors; maybe we were all just too stupid to buy them. What was the very best machine that deserved to succeed and didn’t?

This Official Raspberry Pi Case Houses Your Mini PC For Less Than $20

If you love your little Raspberry Pi computer dearly, you can now provide it with a little more protection using this official case for the device. And the good news is that it only costs $US8.

I Read This Mammoth Essay On Code To Make You 38,000 Times Smarter

Want to know enough about code that you don’t sound like a complete dunce? Bloomberg Businessweek has published a 38,000-word explainer/meditation/opus on coding called “What Is Code?” by programmer and writer Paul Ford. Here’s our TL;DR version.

You Must Watch This Great Computer-Obsessed YouTube Channel

Do you like computers? The good folks at YouTube’s Computerphile really like them. In case you’re not familiar, let me introduce you to Numberphile’s equally nerdy, equally fantastic sister site that demystifies computer science.

The Typographer Whose Elegant Work Shaped Your Emoji

When we think of the people who shaped early computing history, we think of inventors, engineers, CEOs. We might not think of Hermann Zapf, the German type designer who died this week at 96. But we should.

The Crazy New Computers At Computex 2015

Every June, the PC industry descends on Taipei to show off its latest wares. The Computex trade show is a great place to see some awesome new gadgets and spot computing trends. So, what kind of promising new computers did they build on the eve of Windows 10?