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The Bizarre And Controversial World Of American Late-Night Lawyer Ads

When it’s three o’clock in the morning and everything is going wrong in your life, there’s a certain kind of ad you might see on basic cable. Lawyers — usually guys — promise to battle the heartless, tight-wad insurance companies on your behalf. There’s disaster footage and stiff readings off of cue cards. The ads look like they were made in a high school computer class.

The 98-Year-Old MS Paint Prodigy In Microsoft's Super Bowl Commercial

Remember Hal Lasko, the 98-year-old semi-blind artist who makes beautiful prints using Windows 95-era Microsoft Paint? He was in Microsoft’s gorgeously sentimental commercial that aired during last Sunday’s Super Bowl, as Mashable points out. Which is great, because we love the guy and his gorgeous work.

This Incredibly Touching Ad About Whisky Is Better Than Most Movies

This moving commercial about Bell’s whisky does more in two minutes than most movies do in two hours. Give it a try. I went in expecting nothing — I mean, it’s a commercial! — and walked away gently holding my heart. It’s definitely better than any commercial that aired during the Super Bowl and probably more heartwarming than some Oscar movies.

Sony Makes Volcano Spew Eight Million Flowers In Stunning 4K Ad

If there’s one thing Sony knows how to do, it’s sell its technology with cool imagery. In past commercials the company has blasted buildings with paint, sent millions of rubber balls bouncing down a street, and even unleashed a small army of Play-Doh bunnies. But this time around, Sony’s dumping eight million flowers — three-and-a-half tons worth of petals — into a volcano and onto a small town to sell its 4K TVs in the UK.

Watch How Every Tech Commercial Is Exactly The Same

People finishing each other’s sentences. Indie rock. Video editing that’s way too fast. CollegeHumor is spot-on in its demonstration of how every tech commercial is exactly the same.

If Vine Tried To Make A Commercial About Vine Using Vine

Because Twitter wants to force lightning twice with self-imposed limitations on communication, Vine has been awkwardly limited to 6 seconds of video. But what does that 6 seconds mean? Could Vine promote Vine in 6 seconds? Could you explain what Vine is in 6 seconds? Is 6 seconds longer or shorter than you think?

The First He-Man Toy Commercial: Master Of The Universe, Master Of Marketing

Fresh off Star Wars, which taught the corporate world how to overmarket any property to kids, the 1980s was one of the greatest decades ever when it came to toys — and toy commercials. Originally shown at the Mattel Booth at Comic Con last year, this is believed to be the very first He-Man and The Masters of the Universe toy commercial that originally aired back in 1981 or 1982.

What If Buying Hard Cider Was Like Buying An Apple Product

Somersby Cider in the UK created a cheeky commercial that pokes fun at Apple product launches by imagining a world where buying hard cider is like getting a new iPhone. The Genius Bar would be a real bar, and workers would talk about how many cores inside the apple, how many pits and how to use the “in to face” and dock the glass of hard cider.

Video: Every Super Bowl Commercial Mashed Up Into One Remix

If you need some entertainment this morning, check this out: it’s a mashup commercial that uses nearly every commercial that was used in the Super Bowl. It’s all combined into a “Gangnam Style” soundtrack and the Samsung couple’s (Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen) narration.

10 Greatest Super Bowl Tech Ads Of All Time

While most Super Bowl ads tout products you can eat, drink or drive, the smattering for tech products have been among the game’s most memorable commercials. Here are 10 groundbreaking tech ads of past Super Bowls, including one that was too risqué for its time to be aired.

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