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Why Captain America: Civil War Didn't Have The Comic's Ending

While certain things from the original comic book event that inspired Captain America: Civil War made it into the movie, one major piece didn’t: The comic’s infamous final twist in the battle between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. But according to the people behind the film, it was never even considered for the movie.

A Bitter Ex-Magical Girl Tries To Hold Down A Day Job

When Farah, star of the webcomic Shattered Starlight, was younger, she was able to deal with her problems by hitting them with her magical hockey stick. That’s because she was a magical girl, a defender of Montreal. But now that she’s older, she has to deal with crappy jobs and crappier bosses. And that might be the worst of her problems.

In This Webcomic About A Magical Competition, One Competitor May Not Have Any Magic Powers

In Taylor Robin’s webcomic Never Satisfied, there is one plum job that every young magician wants: to be their city’s magical representative to the king. But in this year’s crop, one competitor has managed to stay in the running without using any magic. What gives?

Looking Back On What Made The Injustice Comic Work, With Brian Buccellato

Injustice, a video game tie-in series that secretly became DC Comic’s wildest, greatest take on an evil Superman, has finally come to a close. As the last chapters have gone live this week, we sat down with series writer Brian Buccellato to discuss his time on Injustice, and where the comic’s universe could go next.

This Fan Film About Superman's First Encounter With Grief Is Heartbreaking

Video: If the world wasn’t already enough of a bummer, we now have this wonderfully depressing fan film about a young Clark Kent dealing with the loss of a friend to sunder our emotions, too.

Riverdale's Version Of Josie And The Pussycats Are Missing The Long Tails And Ears For Hats

Riverdale is an impressive reimagining of Archie for the CW crowd — it’s exactly what a parody called “The CW Presents Archie” would look like. The pilot was really fun — and one of the standout, great moments is the version of Josie and Pussycats that appears and is much, much cooler than Archie.

Alan Moore Is Retiring From Comics

A master of his craft is saying goodbye to the comic book medium. Alan Moore has officially announced that he’s moving on from comics to try new challenges (well, after a few more current projects),

Canada's Getting Its Own Superhero Universe

Credit: Chapterhouse Comics Justin Trudeau won’t be the only Canadian with his face on the cover of a multi-superhero comic book saga. Chapterhouse Comics is getting in on the game with its own superhero universe.

Star Trek: Discovery Will Have Books And Comics Coming Out At The Same Time As The Show

At the 50th anniversary convention Mission New York, it was revealed that Star Trek: Discovery wouldn’t only be a show. CBS is working with IDW and Simon & Schuster to produce more content set in that time and place.

Grant Morrison Talks About Running Heavy Metal, The Classic Scifi Magazine That Used To Let Him Down

Months ago, DC Comics killed the version of Superman that comics legend Grant Morrison re-introduced as a jeans-wearing, fatcat-stomping crusader. But Morrison isn’t bitter. He’s got more cool shit to make. Like a toilet that travels through time picking up cool bands before they lost their mojo.

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