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Chadwick Boseman Explains Why The Black Panther Is Not The Magical Negro Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chadwick Boseman thought he already had a sense of how significant the Black Panther is to the fans who love him. But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, while he was on stage at the Marvel Studios panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, that he got hit with the full weight of the love and enthusiasm surrounding T’Challa. Those same fans are trying to help Boseman embody the role in the best way possible.

Arrow Is Adding One Of DC's Weirdest Vigilantes For Season Five

Ragman is coming to Arrow. Yes, Ragman! The CW/DC universe’s propensity for getting delightfully all-in on as much DC Comics history they can get their hands on is well known, but even then, this is a surprise.

Check Out Brooklyn's Big-Arse Captain America Statue

Fun fact about the recently announced, 4m tall statue of the Brooklyn’s favourite (fictional son): It’s not actually in Brooklyn at the moment.

Fox Cancels Hellfire But Adds Another Marvel Mutant Show To Its Roster

We’re about to get another Marvel TV show — but this one is coming to Fox, as part of plans to expand the mutant universe beyond the X-Men films. But with its arrival, one previously announced X-show between has already been cancelled.

Hasbro's Comic-Con Marvel Toys Are Down Right Weird (And Awesome)

It is 2016, and here is a set of action figures of the Collector, psychic cosmonaut spacedog Cosmo, Moon Boy (friend to Devil Dinosaur), Howard the Duck and Inhuman teleportation-pooch Lockjaw. What a world. What a lovely, ridiculous world.

10 Obvious Superhero Weaknesses (That Supervillains Hardly Ever Exploit)

We think of superhero weaknesses as being fancy or complicated — radioactive fragments of their old home planets, or the people they love. And that’s why superheroes win. In fact, most superheroes have super-obvious weak points. Here are 10 obvious superhero weakness that villains almost never attack.

10 Most Messed-Up Versions Of The Hero's Journey

Everybody knows the hero’s journey by heart at this point. The chosen one gets called to adventure, refuses, accepts, goes on trials, loses a mentor, faces darkness, defeats evil. But sometimes the hero’s journey takes a major detour. Here are 10 hero’s journeys go went to a dark, terrible place.

Anna Kendrick Is Aware Of Squirrel Girl And Willing To Play Her, So Let's Make This Goddamn Happen

People toss the word hero around a lot nowadays, so when a real hero steps up, I think it’s important to recognise them. Today, my hero is Anna Kendrick’s brother, who sent his sister a copy of Ryan North and Erica Henderson’s incredibly great Squirrel Girl comic.

Neil Gaiman To Tackle Norse Mythology With A New Nonfiction Novel

Neil Gaiman’s love of Norse myth has roots deeper than Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and he’s just announced that his next book will be a non-fiction retelling of those myths — but done in an “almost novelistic” style — inventively titled Norse Mythology.

The 17 Most Tear-Jerking Friendships From Science Fiction And Fantasy

A great love story can totally grab your heartstrings. But you know what is guaranteed to make you start sobbing like a drunken longshoreman? Friendship. Science fiction and fantasy are full of platonic relationships that punch you in the gut. So in no particular order, here are the 17 friendships most guaranteed to make you cry.

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