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Claims Of 'Lost Email' Are So Dumb

Briefly: If people don’t reply to your email, it almost certainly didn’t get lost. It’s either you fault or theirs — not the internet’s.

Coming Soon: Sci-Fi Movie And TV News

Welcome to Gizmodo’s new regular Monday run down of what’s coming soon in the world of science fiction entertainment. This week: Star Wars comics filling in the blanks of Luke Skywalker’s childhood, Suicide Squad posters are revealed and Cloverfield gets a sequel.

Check Out The Glorious Capes On These Batman V Superman Action Figures

Although some may disagree, nothing beats a good cape on a superhero suit — and the same stands for superhero action figures. So it’s a good jobe Medicom’s new toys based on Batman v Superman have some fantastic, poseable capes to make the figures really shine.

The First Daredevil TV Series Merchandise Is A Line Of Cutesy Pop Vinyls

Ever since Daredevil blew our minds earlier this year, I’ve been itching to see some merchandise based on the Man without Fear. But while fans have been making some amazing custom toys, it’s taken a while to see anything official… until now.

Oh No, There's Going To Be More Of Those Horrifying Thomas The Tank Engine/DC Comics Mashup Toys

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con, Mattel and DC came together to share with the world a nightmarish vision: a set of Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains that were actually train versions of DC superheroes. We thought they were safely confined to convention exclusives, but you can’t keep monsters contained for too long.

Even Stan Lee Has A Hot Toys Action Figure Now

This is the point we’ve reached now. Hot Toys has made so many eerily accurate replices of Marvel’s movie superheroes, they’re now turning to a man who played a role in some of their creation stories for toy inspiration. Yes, now even Stan Lee is getting immortalised in plastic. Excelsior!

Collect Coins, Not Infinity Gems, With A Thanos Gauntlet Bank

Your goals might not be as ambitious as Thanos’ were when he collected all six of the Infinity Gems for his infamous Gauntlet. But who’s to say that saving your loose change for a pizza delivery one day isn’t as important to you as conquering the universe was to Thanos?

Mattel Redesigned Its DC Superhero Girls Dolls To Be Way More Heroic

DC’s new kid-focused, female-led superhero line Superhero Girls is already making its way into merchandise and animation — and it’s heading to toyshelves too. But a new interview with the range’s designers reveal that the toys had to be tweaked to be a bit more superheroic: at the behest of the young girls they’re aimed at.

This Is What Happens When You Remix Calvin And Hobbes Using Maths

What happens when you take one of the world’s best cartoon strips and remix it with some random process maths? Wonderful gibberish is what.

There Are Now Over 12,000 Marvel Comics On The Kindle Store

Amazon has announced a new deal with Marvel that will see over 12,000 back-issue comic books available directly from Amazon’s Kindle store.

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