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Civil War II Is Ruining Captain Marvel

Civil War II has Marvel’s superheroes fighting each other again; this time, it’s over whether it’s better to try and stop evil when you have foreknowledge in advance. Captain Marvel is leading the charge on predictive justice and it’s a stance that’s making the heroine almost totally unlikable.

A Comic Artist Finds Reality Is Not What It Seems In Live-Action/Animation Hybrid Zoom

Video: A comic-book artist draws her dream man, a hotshot film director, who comes alive in animated form as he’s shooting his new movie, an artsy drama about a novelist whose latest project is about a comic-book artist. All three stories intertwine and reality collapses in on itsel in Zoom.

A 50-Year Visual History Of The Joker In Movies And TV

The clown prince of crime made his onscreen debut 50 years ago. While The Joker has graced DC’s pages since 1940, his look has (arguably) changed the most through TV and film adaptations — and Burger Fiction gave his many incarnations a proper and thorough send-up.

Woman Transforms Into Harley Quinn Using The Power Of Full-Body Makeup

Video: Kay Pike is an artist, but her preferred canvas is her own body. She also has an uncanny knack at replicating the look of 2D comic book characters with nothing but paint and the occasional prop. Most recently she decided to inhabit the look of badarse villainess Harley Quinn.

10 Stories Where Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law of prediction holds that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The magical space-age design of Asgard in the new Thor movie seems to have taken its cue from this idea in a major way. Here are ten other stories where machinery seems to have merged with sorcery.

Why The New Version Of The Tick Is Going To Be So Different

Ben Edlund has a great laugh. Several of them, actually. One of them sounds like the sarcastic giggle of a skinny kid who used to insult his tormentors in ways that they wouldn’t even understand. There’s another kind of tittering that rings with nostalgia, as he thinks about elements from previous adaptations of The Tick. The laughter I heard the most was the excited cackle that came up when he discussed his new plans for his signature creation.

Chadwick Boseman Explains Why The Black Panther Is Not The Magical Negro Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chadwick Boseman thought he already had a sense of how significant the Black Panther is to the fans who love him. But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, while he was on stage at the Marvel Studios panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, that he got hit with the full weight of the love and enthusiasm surrounding T’Challa. Those same fans are trying to help Boseman embody the role in the best way possible.

Arrow Is Adding One Of DC's Weirdest Vigilantes For Season Five

Ragman is coming to Arrow. Yes, Ragman! The CW/DC universe’s propensity for getting delightfully all-in on as much DC Comics history they can get their hands on is well known, but even then, this is a surprise.

Check Out Brooklyn's Big-Arse Captain America Statue

Fun fact about the recently announced, 4m tall statue of the Brooklyn’s favourite (fictional son): It’s not actually in Brooklyn at the moment.

Fox Cancels Hellfire But Adds Another Marvel Mutant Show To Its Roster

We’re about to get another Marvel TV show — but this one is coming to Fox, as part of plans to expand the mutant universe beyond the X-Men films. But with its arrival, one previously announced X-show between has already been cancelled.

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