Stan 'The Man' Lee To Attend Sydney's Supanova. 'Nuff said!

Attention comic geeks! Supanova has announced that comic book legend Stan Lee will be heading to Australia for Sydney’s Supanova Expo (June 13-15). It will be the first time Stan the Man has visited our shores in almost 30 years.

How Much Money Would It Cost To Be Captain America?

Want to be an All-American superhero with a heart of gold? You only need a little over 54 million bucks, a time travelling device to send you back to the 1940s, a good vibranium source and a healthy budget for food. Movieclips Trailers analysed the total cost of being Captain America and after accounting for inflation came up with this number: $US54,977,922.05.

A Guide To Programming For Non-Programmers

Coding: how hard can it be? Take a few ideas, type a few lines of letters and numbers, sprinkle with some rarely used punctuation marks and — boom — you have software! Right?

You Wouldn't Like This Hulk When He's… Wet

Those ‘just add water and watch it grow’ toys have been a staple of kids for years now. But if you thought you outgrew such a childish novelty, ThinkGeek might change your mind with this wonderful desk toy that brings the Incredible Hulk to life with nothing but a container full of water.

This Is What Happens When Your Non-Coding Boss Asks You To Code

Whether you’re a PhD student, dev, data analyst or any other code-crunching machine, chances are you’ve written script for people that don’t understand what that entails. This cartoon is for you.

The Hilarious Differences Between Video Games And Real Life

If only video games were real life, right? Caffeine could be ditched for super star power ups, quests would be fun to do and rewarding as opposed to simply job saving and you wouldn’t have to worry about budgeting because you would buy everything since it’s so easy to make money. Ah, video game life has it so good!

Actually, You Don't Always Need To Be More Precise Than Everyone Else

Whether it’s a comment thread on a blog or a conversation in a bar, we’re all guilty of interjecting with our own, more precise, more accurate — hell, plain better — take on pretty much any topic. But maybe we should all quit that habit, every now and then.

Thor And Loki's Stop-Motion LEGO Rumble Gets Much More Than An A+

This brotherly throwdown is the work of Jordan Tseng, 17, who writes in the video’s YouTube introduction, “I’m going to have the University entrance examination [in] 2 weeks.” Yeah. Just go ahead and pass him already.

This 1901 Cartoon Takes A Humorous Look At The Future Of New York

The folks over at Ohio State University’s Cartoon Library and Museum have posted a fantastic cartoon from 1901 that takes a humorous look into the world of tomorrow — specifically that far off, futuristic year of 1987.