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A Melting Glow Stick Is Like The Most Spectacular Candle

Video: I’m not quite sure how the logistics will work out but I now know that I don’t want regular candles for my future birthday cakes. I want melting glow sticks. They burn so brightly, ooze out such spectacular alien colours and leave such a lovely fluorescent goo behind that normal candles can’t compare any more. Fire is now boring unless it’s coming out of a glow stick, basically.

Bedroom Redecorating Just Got Easier Because Bed Bugs Have Colour Preferences

People who live in bedrooms with colour schemes favoured by seedy bachelors and angsty teens may have yet another reason to redecorate: bed bugs.

Melting Crayons Gets Pretty Psychedelic

Video: There’s a moment (before it devolves into some sort of poisonous stew that people in the past had to eat because that’s all they had) where some of the crayons have not melted and the melted crayons have not completely mixed together. In that moment, this pan of melted crayons looks awesome.

Mixing Paint Together Is Gorgeously Stimulating

Video: Put paint, oil, milk and soap together and what do you get? A lot of pretty. Thomas Blanchard continues his series of mixing paint and shooting it up close to create worlds of emotion and beauty through colour. What’s especially cool is how alive it all feels.

This New Blackest Black Material Is Even Blacker Than What We Thought Was The Blackest Black Material

Surrey NanoSystems is famous for creating Vantablack, a material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of visible light. That’s a lot. Things basically disappear when coated with the Vantablack carbon nanotubes. And yet, they have somehow made the material even blacker. Yes, the blackest black material has become even blacker.

These Wackily Colourful Rainbow Bagels Are Breaking My Eyeballs

Video: The rainbow bagel looks like a Willy Wonka creation crossed with used Play-Doh set in a reality that I’m not quite prepared to live in. It exists at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn, New York and is topped with a smear cream cheese and sprinkles, made with cake mix and is something you can eat. Sure, it’s visually impressive and by all accounts, edible, but it goes against all of nature’s generous warning signs for poisonous food and is just too damn cheerful to be a breakfast item. And yet it is.

Skateboard Tricks Look Even Cooler With Coloured Paint Powder Flying Everywhere

Video: Skateboarding is already cool as it is. The counter culture, the youth, the loitering, the tricks. It’s not like you need to add more to it to make it cooler. Beyond Slow Motion, however, threw in some spectacular colours by putting paint powder all over the skateboard and skate park and then had guys do tricks on them. The colours spread everywhere on each jump and trick and it looks spectacular.

Red Nexus 5 Hits Australian Google Play Store

The Red Nexus 5 exists! The phone on fire landed on the Australian Google Play Store this morning for the same price as the Nexus 5. Better be quick: this thing won’t last.

Where The Different Colours Of Fireworks Actually Come From

If you want to scientifically impress your friends tonight (or look like a hoity toity smartypants), you can tell them what the colour of fireworks really mean. See that explosion of electric white? That’s white-hot metal flakes. Gorgeous red array? Strontium Carbonate. It’s all about the chemicals, baby.

Nokia Just Gave Apple A Solid Slap Over The iPhone 5C Design

Coloured polycarbonate on phones isn’t anything new according to Nokia, who outed this awesome burn during the Apple iPhone 5 press conference this morning.

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