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Red Nexus 5 Hits Australian Google Play Store

The Red Nexus 5 exists! The phone on fire landed on the Australian Google Play Store this morning for the same price as the Nexus 5. Better be quick: this thing won’t last.

Where The Different Colours Of Fireworks Actually Come From

If you want to scientifically impress your friends tonight (or look like a hoity toity smartypants), you can tell them what the colour of fireworks really mean. See that explosion of electric white? That’s white-hot metal flakes. Gorgeous red array? Strontium Carbonate. It’s all about the chemicals, baby.

Nokia Just Gave Apple A Solid Slap Over The iPhone 5C Design

Coloured polycarbonate on phones isn’t anything new according to Nokia, who outed this awesome burn during the Apple iPhone 5 press conference this morning.

Do Colours Look The Same For All Of Us?

It’s probably one of the most basic philosophical questions of childhood; “What if what I see as red is what you see as green, and we just never know?!” Well childhood and stonerdom. OK, and maybe the rest of us too. It is, after all, an intriguing proposition that mankind’s understand of colour is based on a sort of misunderstanding.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Gets A Shiny Makeover

Samsung’s Galaxy SIII is nice in blue and white, but check out these four new colours the gadget giant has planned.

Pantone Ornaments Will Make You Wish It Was Christmas All Year

As the paragon of pretty paint colours Pantone should really be celebrated all year. Who cares if it’s not remotely Christmas yet? These Pantone bulbs are so cool you should go poach a pine tree from the forest right now.

Things That Aren't Available In Pantone Colours But Should Be

I saw these baseball bats and thought, Wow, Pantone baseball bats, I’d love to smash something up real good with something so sophisticated. But it turns out they’re not. Well screw that to hell. They should be, along with these…

Indigo Smoke Bombs Are So Mesmerizing

The video description says it’s a 60 second experiment with the colour Indigo but that’s sort of underselling the beauty of it. There is indigo, yes, but also beautiful smoke, dyed colours and sparks! I don’t know why but I’ve watched it 10 times already. [Paul Octavious via Mappeal]

HTC Paints Its Already Stunning Legend, Desire

Daily readers know we rarely comment on colour changes, so when a new shade crosses our pages, you know it’s worth ogling. The HTC Legend, which in my opinion is the most gorgeous phone around, now comes in black.

The Most Powerful Colours On The Web

These are the top 100 web brands – from computer companies to search engines to social websites to porn sites – ordered by colour. Apparently, the “top brands within categories tend to use similar colour palettes”.

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