The Forgotten Space Artist Who Envisioned The End Of The Space Race

In the fourth piece of our series on legendary aerospace artists, we pay tribute to an illustrator who’s responsible for creating some of the most inspiring cutaway illustrations of all time — yet we hardly know anything about him, and his name is in danger of being forgotten. We’re about to change that.

11 Sci-Fi Films That Actually Deserve Reboots

Hollywood’s favourite pastime is remaking movies, or at the very least, slapping on another sequel and making millions. While that’s all fun and good — I’m looking forward to the new Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Terminator like everyone else — many other sci-fi films also deserve adequate reboot/sequel attention.

9 Of The Year's Best Photographs Of BuildingsĀ 

Most architectural photography these days is about capturing a building’s “hero shot”, that single perfect image and angle where the light flits through the glass and, for a second, real life looks like a perfectly executed digital rendering. These are not those photos.

2014 As Told By Photos From The World's Highest Resolution SatellitesĀ 

Our lives are chronicled from space these days. These satellite images from Digital Globe, operator of the world’s most powerful commercial imaging satellites, tell the story of some of the year’s most indelible moments — from the protests in Ukraine to wildfires in San Diego.

14 Maps That Reveal The Hidden Beauty Of Big Cities

In these decades of freely accessible online maps, it’s totally normal to be addicted to what Wikipedia describes as a “symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects, regions and themes” (best Wikipedia definition ever?). And when you are in love with maps, you want them on your wall, don’t you?

7 Famous Fictional Places You Can Explore With The Oculus Rift

Ever since I first played Goldeneye 64, I’ve been fascinated by exploring 3D cyber-versions of my favourite fictional places. The Oculus Rift makes that pursuit cooler than it’s ever been. It’s one thing to see static shots of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from the same never-changing angles. It’s another to be in there, as if it were actual real.

Australia Has Two Of The Most Expensive Buildings Ever Built

Buildings are expensive but they’re nowhere near as expensive as incompetence, as we learned this week thanks to new revelations about the $US4 billion price tag of the World Trade Center transit hub. In the process, we uncovered a list of the most expensive structures ever built — and some of them might surprise you.

The History Of NASA's Iconic Countdown Clock (And A Look At The New One)

A few days ago every space enthusiast got sentimental when, after 45 years of operation, the iconic countdown clock at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center’s Press Site was disassembled for removal. Perhaps more than any other piece of equipment near the launch site, the countdown clock was a piece of history.

11 Gadgets That Died Too Soon

Perhaps the greatest tragedy in tech are the heaps of gadgets tossed on the metaphorical funeral pyre too early. Maybe it was poor marketing, an unfounded lack of support, or simply bad timing that did them in, but whatever the case, they died much too soon.

27 Paintings From The Most Famous Space Artist On Earth (And Off)

“The nearest thing to an artist-in-residence from outer space.” That’s how Isaac Asimov once described Robert T. McCall, the renowned illustrator, conceptual artist, space-scene painter, official NASA artist, and creator of legendary movie posters including 2001: A Space Odyssey.