27 Paintings From The Most Famous Space Artist On Earth (And Off)

“The nearest thing to an artist-in-residence from outer space.” That’s how Isaac Asimov once described Robert T. McCall, the renowned illustrator, conceptual artist, space-scene painter, official NASA artist, and creator of legendary movie posters including 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Inside The Blood Factory That Keeps Track Of The World's Rare Donors

When most of us think of “rare blood”, we think of AB-positive or O-negative. But it turns out there are far, far rarer types than that. In Filton, England, there’s a lab that handles blood donations from across the UK — and identifies this super-rare blood.

5 Awesomely Terrible Hacks From The World's Stupidest Hackathon

Most hackathons are where brilliant minds come together to try and invent something amazing that can maybe change the world. This is not one of those hackathons. This is the Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon.

The Sad Fates Of The World's Six Tallest Unfinished Buildings

Building a house is stressful. Building a skyscraper is a nuclear bomb of stress, problems, and carefully-coordinated chaos — chaos that is closely tied to the economy, and that is easily derailed by war, politics and financial downturns.

9 Reasons To Be Nostalgic About The Early Internet

They grow up so fast, don’t they? It just seems like yesterday that the internet was cruising at 56k speeds and loading horribly designed websites. Now, the web is all grown up, but there’s been some negative side effects for the sake of progress in the form of ads, dubious data gathering, and hostile trolls.

5 Concert Halls Designed For The Most Famous Composer Of All Time

It’s been almost 250 years since Beethoven was born in 1770, and as his big two-five-oh birthday rolls around, his birthplace of Bonn is planning a big, big party — including a $US90 million concert hall in which to throw it.

3 Clever Typefaces That Solve Every Day Problems

Humans have been writing for a long, long time — we were making lettermarks for thousands of years. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’ve ever reached a consensus about the perfect way to write or print. And over the past few years, we’ve seen designers take on real, tangible problems using type design.

13 Amazing Paintings Of Space Based On Actual Missions

Yesterday we looked at an artist who immortalised the US space program. Today, we meet an artist who does the same — except that this American illustrator, Paul Fjeld, bases his work on the actual transcripts of missions. It’s science and art in equal measure, and it’s beautiful.

The Hungarian-Born Painter Who Immortalised America's Space Program

In a way, artists are the most important men and women in the aerospace industry when it came to visualising the visions of the near (or far) future from engineers, scientists and experts. The first piece of our new series showcasing the work of some of the most noted aerospace artists, is about to pay tribute to the exceptional talent of official NASA artist Attila Héjja (1955-2007).

The Secrets Behind Harry Houdini's Ten Greatest Illusions

There is an unwritten rule among magicians never to reveal how a trick is done. So when a 2004 exhibition explained Harry Houdini’s illusions, magicians around the world were apoplectic. David Copperfield called it a breach of magic protocol, and performers declared that they would boycott the exhibition. Many claimed to still use Houdini’s tricks themselves.

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