11 Awesomely Terrible Movies You Should Watch Right Now

Who doesn’t love great films? But it takes a certain sort of person (and a certain sort of patience) to appreciate, and even love, films that may never be considered cinematic greatness. But we love them all the same.

13 Greyhound Ads That Will Make You Want To Travel America By Bus

It’s difficult to make a bus ride seem glamorous. But the 100-year-old Greyhound Bus Company found a way nonetheless, painting the great destinations of the US — depicted in these these amazing 1960s posters — as grand adventures best reached by bus.

Four Famed American Structures That Almost Looked Radically Different

Mount Rushmore. The Washington Monument. The Empire State Building. These are some of the most familiar, most photographed structures in the US. But though they seem unchangeable to us, all of these icons came close to looking very different than they do today.

12 Movies We Really Want To Watch In Virtual Reality

Movies on the Oculus Rift aren’t really movies. They would follow almost none of the century-old rules set by the medium as audiences would explore 360-degree environments instead of the cinematic frame determined by the director. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream.

11 Ludicrous Gifts From Neiman's Holiday Catalogue

You know Christmas is a-comin’ because the disgustingly over-the-top Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue is out. As usual, it’s full of expensive crap most of us do not need (or even want!) like snowflake cufflinks, mink backpacks and golden Beats by Dre headphones.

The Designs Norway Rejected For Its New Banknotes Are Amazing

Earlier in the week, we learnt that Norway had chosen a new design for its banknotes — a pixelated little number by the architects at Snøhetta. While their design is tasteful and restrained, it can’t possibly live up to the charm of sea life drawn by kids. Which was exactly what one designer proposed.

The 5 Best Architectural Photographs Taken This Year

Earlier this week we reported on the photograph that won this year’s Arcaid Architectural Photography Award for 2014. But it was only one of five award-winning images chosen by the jury — and in some ways, the other entries are even more interesting than the overall winner.

Original Star Wars Storyboards Show Iconic Scenes Before The Big Screen

Luke wasn’t always a Skywalker; the original title of A New Hope was The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the ‘Journal of the Whills’. A signed early edition of that script is part of a super cool selection of Star Wars memorabilia up for auction, including storyboard sketches and concept art.

Your City's Next Power Plant Could Be An Incredible Art Installation

As anyone who’s ever driven by farm of wind turbines or a glittering solar plant knows, the infrastructure that powers our lives actually tends to be pretty stunning. But for a variety of reasons, it also tends to be pretty remote. If clean energy plants doubled as great public art, would be care about them more?

5 Infographics That Actually Say Something

There’s been a swift and concerted backlash against terms like “infographic”, and for good reason. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t data journalists and designers doing fantastic work — from The New York Times‘ Graphics Desk to National Geographic‘s design team.

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