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Tesla Motors' Elon Musk Was On The Colbert Report Last Week

Last Thursday night’s episode of The Colbert Report in the US included a pretty lengthy interview with multi-industry mad scientist Elon Musk. If you don’t have access to The Comedy Channel in Australia through Foxtel, don’t sweat — we’ve got you covered.

Stephen Colbert Knows Exactly How To Stop Google's Robot Army

As you may already know, just last week, Google officially announced its purchase of scary robot aficionado Boston Dynamics. And though this acquisition may seem to set Google up for getting into the military contracting game, the company says it has no intention of doing so. But can we ever really be sure? But what happens when Google inevitably goes full supervillain with its indestructible fighting robot army? Stephen Colbert, vigilant as ever, has a plan — and it’s absolutely precious.

Dean Kamen Appears On Colbert Report Armed With Bionic Limb

Dean Kamen is both notoriously shy and uninterested when it comes to media appearances, but Stephen Colbert was able to lure him in with his earnest, unrelenting, right-wing agenda. And Kamen even brought his DARPA-funded bionic Luke Arm. Full video:

The Daily Show And The Colbert Report Going HD In 2010

Comedy Central’s two-pronged comedic attack on news is finally going HD (1080i, actually) on January 4. Apparently, continually filmed daily shows like these two take longer to upgrade the control room, which is why it took so long – but get ready for some HD satire early next year. [Engadget]

What Does Your Cryptic Kindle Allusion Mean, Colbert?

newVideoPlayer("/waitinggame.flv", 506, 423,""); We’ve heard Jon Stewart’s feelings. And now this, right before the Report started last night. And no, he’s not talking about shipping delays, nerds. But what he is talking about I have no idea. [Colbert]

Sometimes Do You Feel Like the Internet Is Making You Dumber?

Oh, what’s that? I didn’t here what you said. Hey check this out (3:30)… [Colbert Nation]

Brendan Koerner Teaches Stephen Colbert About CFLs and the Environment

newVideoPlayer("/koernercolbert_giz.flv", 475, 376,""); Friend of Giz and contributing editor Brendan I. Koerner was on the Colbert Report last night to school Stephen on ways to save the environment. Koerner discussed the paper/plastic debate, using air conditioning vs. windows, and whether it’s cheaper to buy CFLs or regular bulbs. Colbert let the green-concious Koerner off pretty easy, but he did manage to raise a fascinating point: If CFLs weren’t meant to be licked, why do they look so damn delicious? [The Colbert Report, Brendan Koerner]

Colbert says Zune Ownership Proof You're Crazy

newVideoPlayer("zunecrazy_giz.flv", 475, 376,""); On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen gave advice to George Bush on how to go “completely nutball” so Sen. McCain can distance himself from the extremely unpopular president on the campaign trail. Not only did he tell Bush to wear a tinfoil jockstrap, he said the prez should buy a Zune. Really? Sure it’s market share is 4%, but what about the new software? [Colbert Report]

Video: BumBot, the Homeless-Fighting Robocop

newVideoPlayer("bumbot2.flv", 463, 387,""); When the sun goes down in Rufus Terrill’s neighbourhood, criminals and vagrants swarm in like Night of the Living Homeless. You remember when we first told you about BumBot, the solution contrived by the former DoD contractor. “If it wasn’t chasing criminals, it’d be fighting Osama bin Laden.” Granted, it’s only equipped with a deBUManising water jet turret, but his dreams were bigger: “I wanted to put a flamethrower on it, but they wouldn’t let me do that.” The police shut down his Taser plans too. You saw the original pics, but now here’s a video of BumBot in action, from Colbert. [Colbert]

Colbert: First Vid of Dean Kamen's Miracle Water Distiller

newVideoPlayer("Colbert_Water_Machine.flv", 475, 376,"");

Caught for the first time on video, Segway inventor Dean Kamen presented his Vapor Compression Distiller on last night’s Colbert Report. The distiller is a chemical-, membrane-, and filter-free water purifier. Kamen claims the box draws pure drinkable water from oceans, poisons—even a 50-gallon drum of urine. He has reportedly worked on the contraption for five years, but early prototypes were pretty ugly. This one looks ready for mass production, and with enough, Kamen says we could “wipe out 50% of human disease.” Good luck with that, Deano, we’re behind you all the way. (That other 50% must be a monumental bitch.) [Colbert Nation]

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