A Mutant Cocaine-Eating Enzyme Could Cure Addiction And Overdoses

Ready for some weird science? Certain bacteria found in the dirt near coca plants are powered by an enzyme that eats cocaine. Unfortunately, the enzyme breaks down quickly at body temperature, meaning it can’t be used to treat human overdoses or addiction. Now, though, researchers have designed a version that can survive body temps — and more than doubles its cocaine appetite.

Does A $20 Glass Built Just For Coke Actually Improve The Taste?

Any discerning oenophile will tell you that the shape of a wine glass can make a huge difference in your imbibing experience. On the other hand, that could just be a bunch of bullshit. Either way, Riedel decided to do for Coke what it’s spent decades doing for pinot: design a glass scientifically optimised for taste. We decided to test it out for ourselves.

Coca-Cola Wants You To Start Riding Your Bike

Coca-Cola has an interesting new app and social initiative. It’s called The Happiness Cycle, and it’s aimed at teenagers (although anyone can join in). Coke wants them to start riding bikes; the aim is to get Australian kids to become more active, and the soft drink giant is giving away hundreds of bicycles to promote the cause.

Your Next Soft Drink Could Come With Internet Access

Looks like the way we drink soda is about to get a whole lot smarter — or, at the very least, more connected. OpenStack Engineering Manager Alavaro Lopez Ortega stumbled across the fact that The Coca Cola Company recently registered no less than 16 million MAC (media access control) addresses. The question is: What exactly is Coke planning on doing with that much networked hardware?

Coke Had To Cancel A Contest After A Bottle Cap Called Someone 'Retard'

It’s no fun to be called names, but usually you only have to worry about it from people. That’s not always the case, as a Canadian woman learned when she cracked open a refreshing Vitamin Water and was met with the words “YOU RETARD”. That’s one hell of a glitch.

What Kind Of Sorcery Lets You Filter Water Out Of Coke?

I have so many questions about being able to filter water out of Coke. I don’t even care why. But does it taste like Coke-flavorued water? Or water-flavoured Coke? Or maybe even just carbonated sugar water without the cola? The guy makes it seem like it taste disgusting and that’s the complete opposite of Coca Cola. Does that mean Crystal Pepsi is hiding inside Coke?

New Zealand Woman's Death Blamed On Coca Cola Addiction

It always seemed like a scare tactic that fat-fearing parents would tell their sugar-loving kids: if you drink too much Coke, you could die! (OK, maybe in a not so morbid way.) However, a coroner really has found that a New Zealand woman’s death is the result of an eight-litre-per-day Coke habit.

If You Want Me To Sing In Public You'll Have To Do Better Than A Free Coke

Coca-Cola has long been associated with the holidays: from polar bears with questionable diets, to the myth that the company created our modern image of the man in red. But this year the company’s Christmas marketing efforts completely miss the mark. Instead of turning caffeine addicts into spies for a free bottle of sugar water, Coke vending machines in Europe are giving out free soft drinks in exchange for karaoked Christmas carols.

How Much Exercise Is Needed To Burn Off A Can Of Coke?

More and more companies are getting on board this whole ‘truth in advertising’ push. Coca-Cola has posted this online calculator on its UK site that figures out how much exercise you’ll need to shed that sugar water.

What's It Like To Spend One Minute As James Bond?

Most marketing stunts are just plain annoying, but every once in a while one comes along that doesn’t make you completely hate the company behind it. Such is the case with this cross-promotion for Coke Zero and the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, which turned unsuspecting travellers into James Bond for one very exciting minute.