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The Perth Mint Has 5000 Gold-Pressed Latinum Strips For Sale

Someone over at the Perth Mint really likes Star Trek. Commemorative coins featuring captains from the various shows is one thing, but an actual strip of gold-pressed latinum? Now that’s hardcore.

How To Make Metal Coins Magically Float On Water

Coins are supposed to sink. When you toss ’em in a fountain, they drop right down to the bottom, right? Not always. There’s a trick that can actually make metal coins float, and it’s totally trippy to see. You carefully level the coin (which needs to be made of aluminium and not zinc) onto the surface of the water with a paper clip, and then slide the paper clip away. Boom! You’ve just become a sorcerer. The metal coin is floating.

Yes, This Amazing Star Trek Delta Coin Is Real Currency In Canada

On paper the Canadian dollar is struggling to keep up with US currency and doesn’t seem like a wise investment. But when you discover that the Canadian Mint now makes an entire line of Star Trek-themed collectible currency, including this delta-shaped gold coin, how could you possibly resist buying them all up?

How Do Vending Machines Understand Fake And Real Coins?

Video: One of my life dreams as a child was to be able to fool a vending machine with coin-like objects. I mean, how smart could a vending machine be, right? Wrong. More like how dumb a kid I was. Vending machines use light sensors to measure the size of a coin and electromagnets to detect the metal type to determine what kind of coin it is. If you’re not shaped like a dollar and built like a dollar, you ain’t a dollar in their book.

Farmer Discovers Priceless Trove Of Ancient Roman Coins While Removing A Molehill

A cache of over 4000 silver and bronze coins dating back to ancient Rome has been discovered by a Swiss farmer. Buried some 1700 years ago, it’s one of the largest treasures of its kind ever found in Switzerland.

The Difference In Quality And Levels Of Coins

Video: The British Royal Mint makes three types of commemorative coins: bullion, brilliant uncirculated and proof. Bullion is basically made to the same standard of regular coins in circulation, brilliant uncirculated coins (a real mouthful) are finished with more attention to detail than bullion coins and proof coins are of the absolute highest quality and care.

Neat Animation Shows What European Coins Looked Like Before The Euro

The German mark. Lithuanian litas. Estonian kroon. Irish pound. Slovenian tolar. Portuguese escudo. Greek drachma. Slovak koruna. Maltese lira. Finnish markka. Dutch guilder. Spanish peseta. Luxembourgish franc. Belgian franc. Italian lira. Cypriot pound. Austrian schilling. French franc. Latvian lats. All got replaced by the euro.

A History Of Internet Spying, Part 2

How long have intelligence agencies been keeping tabs on the internet? And what role did these agencies play in creating the internet we use today? For the most part, these kinds of questions have been relegated to comments sections on random blogs and the occasional tweet from researchers. So we’re hoping to remedy that in whatever small way we can, starting with a look at the 1960s and 70s.

Get Your Star Trek Silver Dollars From The Perth Mint

I’m not aware of any anniversaries or other events that would warrant the release of a Star Trek-themed coin from Perth Mint, yet, from tomorrow the company will be offering 99 per cent pure silver currency with either the original Enterprise or James Kirk himself slapped on the front.

Why You Should Always Catch The Coin To Make A Toss Fair

When you throw a coin in the air to make a decision, you’d expect the outcome of the toss to be 50-50 whether you catch it or let it land on the ground. But, according to randomness expert Persi Diaconis, that’s simply not true.

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