How Yesterday's Drugs Became The Medicines Of Today

My sister is a witch. Or, more precisely, a Wiccan astrologer and tarot reader. Growing up as a kid who worshipped Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking, I found it hard to square her worldview with my own.

High-Tech Coffee Is Killing The Planet

Instant coffee has gone high-tech. Instead of spooning some Nescafe into a cup and adding hot water, coffee pods have become mainstream. Nestle’s Nespresso was one of the first (originally released in 1986!), but imitations like K-Fee and K-Cup quickly flooded the market after popularity boomed in the last couple of years. The problem with these instant coffee machines is the amount of non-recyclable plastic waste they produce — the amount of K-Fee pods discarded last year alone could have encircled the globe 10 times over.

A Precision-Built Manual Coffee Grinder Paves The Way To A Perfect Cup

Making great coffee hinges on many different factors, but one of the most important — and underrated — is the grinder. The Lido 2 is a hand-cranked workhorse that was designed by two coffee obsessives, who engineered it to the highest standards of brewing perfection.

Giz Explains: How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Whether it’s served in a demitasse mug or a venti mochachino bucket, coffee is an essential, eye-opening morning ritual for many of us. But at what point does throwing back another vente doing you more harm than good?

The Scientifically Best Time To Drink Coffee, In One Simple Graphic

You wake up, tired and groggy, and you can think of only one thing: coffee. But first thing in the morning isn’t the best time to hit hit the caffeine — and it’s science that says so.

Nespresso VertuoLine: Like Keurig Coffee, But With Style

Say what you will about Keurig-style pod coffee machines, but they are a godsend for lazy people. And now Nespresso — purveyor of pod-based espresso — is selling a machine called the VertuoLine that makes you a full cup o’ joe.

Keurig 2.0 Brews The One-Litre Serving You Really Want

A Keurig is great when you want a single, solitary cup of coffee, but how many caffeine fiends do you know who stop after the first cup? Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ newest Keurig finally acknowledges the serving size most of us are used to, with a machine that brews a one-litre carafe.

How To Make The World's Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee

According to a 2013 survey, over 83 per cent of Americans drink coffee in the morning and the average citizen drinks multiple cups per day. Between the dark brew, the flavoured lattes, the frozen caffeinated treats, and the whirling gadgets, coffee is now a 30 billion dollar industry. Coffee is big business and companies like Starbucks, Peets and Folgers have spent gobs of money to get people to drink more of it. Despite all of that, the most expensive coffee probably can’t be found in your downtown coffee shop. No, the most expensive coffee in the world lives alongside faeces in the intestinal gut of an Asian palm civet.

The World's Biggest Coffee Drinkers, Visualised

If you think you drink a lot of coffee, think again. While Australia might pride itself as being a nation fuelled by the stuff, it turns out that other countries beat us hands down.

This Architect-Designed Kettle Keeps Coffee Piping Hot And Looking Cool

There’s a reason ancient tea-drinking cultures made ornate cast-iron kettles: They’re beautiful and functional, keeping brewed beverages at the right temperature for hours of soothing warmth. Copenhagen-based Norm Architects put this historic inspiration into the Thermo Kettle Jug to make a carafe that’s both pretty and pragmatic.