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Watch How Astronauts Still Make Coffee In Space, The Old Way

Video: You might have thought that by now astronauts were quietly sipping at steaming cups of Lavazza espresso when they wanted a coffee in space. But the reality is still foil-packed containers of pre-mixed “coffee with cream and sugar substitute”. Tasty.

A World Coffee Shortage Is Inevitable

In the coffee-world, there’s been quiet rumblings of a shortage brewing for a while now. And yet, despite the threat, it hasn’t hit quite yet — but that doesn’t mean it’s gone away.

Six Things You Can Do With Coffee After You've Finished Drinking It

Many of us depend on coffee to fuel our early morning meetings, mid-afternoon slumps or all-night study sessions. These days, the words “coffee” and “fuel” are half-jokingly synonymous. More than 9m tonnes of the bean are produced annually around the world and, once we brew it, an awful lot of waste is created. The vast majority ends up in landfill.

Neat Coffee Maker Or Steel Death Spider? You Decide

I’m all for new and interesting ways of brewing a brew, but the IIKONE might be taking things a step too far. For one, it looks like a giant metal spider and I’m not sure how my brain would process such a vision in a sleep-addled state. Probably not well.

How To Make A Latte With Regular Drip Coffee And No Espresso Or Milk

Here’s a fun little trick to turn regular drip coffee into a frothy and delicious latte-esque drink that’s not a latte but totally looks and feels like a latte, courtesy of our friends from ChefSteps. It’s pretty simple, actually. Just brew your normal coffee and throw it in a blender with a bit of xanthan gum (about a gram per litre of coffee).

Cute Animation Shows The Different Ways To Make Coffee

How do you make coffee? Do you buy it at Starbucks? Support your local coffee shop? Just pour a mug at work? Or are you one of those fancy types who make coffee by roasting their own beans and like, performing high-level science experiments with it? Here’s a fun little animation that shows different ways people make coffee.

Bats In India Like To Live Among Coffee Plants

If you’ve had a cup of coffee recently, the plants it grew on may once have been home to bats and other threatened wildlife. It turns out that when coffee plantations encroach on natural forest habitat, bats are happy to live in the coffee.

Seeing Sugar Get Swallowed By A Cappuccino Is So Completely Satisfying

This video is titled ‘Granular Satisfaction’ and there’s really no better way to explain it. A mound of sugar disappearing into the vortex that is a cappuccino is so satisfying. You wait and wait and wait for it to happen and then it does and the black hole closes up and waits for its next grain victim.

Video: The Unbelievably Soothing Sounds Of Making An Iced Latte

Coffee tingles the senses. Before you even drink it, you smell it and smell the day’s morning or your local shop or a pot brewing while you’re getting ready. And when you finally taste it, you feel it and get a jolt of energy or escape last night or immediately feel the need for another. But coffee can even go beyond that, it can tickle your ears too.

It's Official, Australia Has The World's Best Latte Artist

It’s hard to argue that Australia has excellent coffee game, a trait which has just been recognised on an international scale. Well, not so much the brewing part, but the artistic — Melbourne barista Caleb Cha has just taken first place at the World Latte Art Championship in Sweden.

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