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Report: America's Largest Coal Company Has Been Bankrolling Climate Denial

In a revelation that shouldn’t surprise anybody, Peabody Energy, the United States’ largest coal company, has been bankrolling think tanks, corporate lobbyists, trade associations and individual scientists at the heart of the climate denial movement, a new Guardian investigation reveals.

Portugal Just Powered Itself Exclusively On Renewable Energy For Four Whole Days

Last week, the nation of Portugal achieved something remarkable. For 107 hours — about four days — the country ran on nothing but wind, solar and hydro power.

The Future Of The Great Barrier Reef Just Got Worse

As if the Great Barrier Reef needed more terrible news, the Queensland government issued permits this week for a controversial new coal mine that marine biologists fear could choke out portions of the reef with pollution.

China's 'Historic' Drop In Coal Use Is Baloney 

Like a smoker who keeps trying to quit but sneaks a drag when he thinks nobody’s looking, China is slowly weaning itself off coal. Last winter, the Chinese government released preliminary statistics showing that its coal consumption had dropped 2.9 per cent in 2014. But that number may be obfuscating the truth about China’s coal use — and about how quickly its carbon emissions are declining.

Coal Plants Use As Much Water As One Billion People Every Year

Add this to the very long list of why burning coal for energy is a horrible idea. The world’s coal plants are using enough water to easily fulfil the needs of a billion people for a year. What’s more, they’re often located in places where water is already scarce.

Peabody, The Biggest US Coal Miner, Faces Bankruptcy

The future looks dark for coal miner Peabody. America’s biggest provider of the fossil fuel has admitted that it may have to seek bankruptcy protection.

Global Emissions Might Have Started To Decrease In 2015

There might not be any better news as 196 countries head into a second week of climate negotiations in Paris. A Stanford-led study claims that we might have hit global peak emissions in 2014. But that’s not a call for complacency: There is still much work to be done.

China's New Carbon Pledge Puts The US Clean Power Plan To Shame

In the wake of yet another bout of devastating smog, China announced today that it plans cut its power sector carbon emissions 60 per cent by 2020, a promise that puts the US Clean Power Plan to shame. If fulfilled, the pledge would make a major dent in global carbon pollution.

Wind, Solar, Coal And Gas Will Cost The Same By 2030

By 2030 renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will cost a similar amount to fossils fuels such as coal and gas, thanks to falling technology costs, according to new forecasts released in the CO2CRC’s Australian Power Generation Technology (APGT) Report.

The UK Is Shutting Down All Its Coal Power Stations

The British Government has announced that it plans to shut down all of its coal-powered fire stations by 2025, with restrictions put on their use as early as 2023.

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