The Best Of Cloud-To-Butt, The Only Extension You'll Ever Truly Need

Back in August we happened upon what quickly became our favourite browser extension: Cloud to Butt Plus. And now that we’ve had a good six months to live in a world where every instance of “cloud” on the internet is replaced with the word “butt”, we’ve amassed quite a collection of clippings. It is glorious to behold.

Watch Different Layers Of Clouds Move In Completely Different Directions

Video: This is cool. A timelapse, aptly named Highway in the Sky by the guy who filmed it, shows how different layers of clouds in the same sky can actually move in completely different directions. It’s like seeing clouds respect different flows of traffic. It’s like seeing multiple skies in one. It’s like staring at a computer program in the sky.

Rare Video Of An Airbus A380 Cutting Through Clouds

Video: Sometimes, you get a unique combination of circumstances that produces a rare look into a common event, like this Emirates’ Airbus A380 arriving to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport at the perfect time and the perfect angle to produce a few seconds of beautiful cinematography, cutting a cloud in two.

Watch This Terrifying Rolling Cloud Overtake A City In This Timelapse

Video: Kansas City, you never stood a chance. Watch as an arcus cloud — those scary low clouds that roll on top of itself and brings apocalyptic-like weather — make its way from one side of the city to the other. Stephen Locke captured the haunting beauty in his timelapse below.

A Chrome Extension That Replaces 'Cloud' With 'Butts' Wins Everything

Earlier today, we asked you to tell us about all your favourite Chrome extensions. And while the ultimate winners will be revealed at a later date, Gizmodo reader pacguy has introduced us to one sparkling diamond of an extension that, frankly, would be an injustice to keep hidden. Friends, you need to install Cloud to Butt Plus immediately.

Amazing Cloud Waves Herald The Alien Invasion Apocalypse

Looking at these time-lapse videos of Undulatus asperatus — a cloud formation proposed as separate cloud classification in 2009 — look like the ocean’s surface in a stormy day as seen from under the water. They also look like those scenes in sci-fi movies, when something really bad is coming to kill us all from the sky.

Watch A Massive Thunderstorm Form In This Timelapse

Man, this looks like some end of the world type weather. It’s the type of thunderstorm I’d see in a movie and think the CGI was too fake. It’s the type of supercell I’d see in real life and think it’s all over for everybody. It remind us how small we are, how incredible (and scary!) nature can be and how damn cool it is to look up in the sky every now and again.

These Rainbow Clouds Made From Pigment In Water Are Stunning

The interaction of unexpected materials can really mess with your senses, whether through colour or texture — or both. That’s definitely the case with photographer Kim Keever’s colourific photos of billowing pigment plumes.

Two Beautiful Aerial Photos Of New York Shrouded In Fog

From the sky, New York was cloud wonderland yesterday morning.

Glowing 'Meteor Smoke' Clouds Appear Over Antarctica

NASA reports that rare, electric blue noctilucent clouds have reappeared over the South Pole, where the clouds are often spotted for five to 10 days every year. NASA calls the clouds “a great geophysical light bulb” that are visible during the darkest nights.