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Clouds Reveal Features On The Surface Of Venus

Venus’s unusually thick atmosphere is typically regarded as a barrier that prevents us from gazing upon its tortured surface. By studying subtle shifts in weather patterns, however, scientists have learned that these clouds also offer important clues as to what lies beneath.

What Is This Weird Glowing Spot Hovering Over Pluto? 

Is it aliens? Sure sounds like aliens — but these strange, glowing patches over Pluto are actually something else (almost) as mysterious.

Being Above The Clouds In New York City Is A Magical Place

Video: New York City is a special place. In the morning, when the city wakes up. At night, when it doesn’t sleep. On the grid, in the park, next to the water, across the boroughs, in the bars, on the corners, it all adds up to the best city in the world. Here’s a great view of New York City, this time from above the clouds.

Ominous Cloud Over Hong Kong Hints At An Alien Invasion

Photographer Alfred Lee has captured a stunning image of an unusual cloud in the skies above Hong Kong — one that bears a striking resemblance to the invading Martian spaceships in War of the Worlds.

Astronomers Finally Know What's Behind This Mysterious Glowing Red Cloud

Look deeply into this glowing red cloud drifting beyond the edges of our galaxy. Pretty weird, right? The weirdest thing of all, though, is what it’s been hiding.

This Thunderstorm Time Lapse Is The Most Frightening Thing

Video: I know what my nightmares look like in real life now: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know what my version of hell would be: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know all this because this time lapse footage from Blue Dog Films is terrifying in the worst ways, with lightning buzzing and snapping all over the place and clouds morphing into every imaginable shape all at once.

Fallstreak Clouds Poke Decorative Holes Over Southern US Skies

Rain transforms into snow when the temperatures drop below freezing, right? Not necessarily. Supercooling raindrops is really what’s poking these cookie-cutter holes in the clouds over the southeastern United States.

This Wall Of Clouds Creeping Over Bondi Beach Is So Ominous

Video: If I saw these clouds coming at me like this, I would drop everything, turn around, and start running. It’s absolutely what I envision the end of the world looking like. These shelf clouds popped up and rolled into and over Bondi Beach yesterday and look absolutely terrifying. Nothing really happened but it totally looks like a tsunami made of clouds.

These Gorgeous Fiery Clouds Show Off The Wonders Of Fluid Dynamics

Dayshot: They look like the wrath of Hades and Poseidon combined, but these beautiful, fiery clouds, captured by Breckenridge Resort in Colorado, have a simple physical explanation, and it’s rooted in fluid dynamics.

Proof That The Sky Is Both A Magical Being And A Terrifying Force Of Nature

My favourite parts of Mike Olbinski’s Monsoon II isn’t the terrifying bits where the sky turns evil dark monster and decides to pour lightning and strike water down onto the ground but when it dances around like a balletic being and then notices that we’re watching and moves its clouds so it envelopes us all. What a world to look up to.

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