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Clever Clock Makes It Super Obvious Whether You Remembered To Set Your Alarm

For those of us who can’t bear the thought of spending just a few minutes away from our social networks, let alone an entire night, our bedside smartphones double as an adequate alarm clock. But for those who are able to disconnect at bedtime, Lexon’s In-Out clock is a minimal but cleverly functional way to ensure your alarm is set before you drift off to sleep.

Dedicated Artist Films Himself Repainting This Clock Every Minute For 12 Hours Straight

Video: Hanging over one of the lounges at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport is an unusual clock that instead of moving hands, features the work of artist Maarten Haas. For 12 straight hours the artist filmed himself painting and repainting the clock’s hour and minute hands, in real-time, minute by minute, so that it accurately displayed the time.

2016 Will Gain An Extra Second On New Year's Eve

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), which sets the time which standardises the world’s clocks, just announced that it is tacking an extra second on to the end of 2016. What will you do with yours?

This Is Why You Don't Touch Things In Museums

There’s a reason for why museums have signs saying not to touch the objects on display. Some visitors to the National Watch & Clock Museum of Columbia, Pennsylvania learned that the hard way.

This Small Black Strip Is A Clock Accurate To 270 Quintillionths Of A Second

If you want to time something accurately, you could do worse than this new optical clock. Because it can measure intervals of time with a precision of 270 quintillionths of a second (that’s 0.00000000000000027 seconds).

Watching This Australian Machinist Make An Entire Clock From Scratch Is So Soothing

Video: A velvet-voiced Australian craftsman named Chris is the Bob Ross of clock-making. He shows you how to make a skeleton clock from scratch at home on his YouTube channel, Clickspring. In this instalment of a multi-part series, bask in the close-ups of brass melting away like golden velvet to make shiny washers and screws. They will eventually go into making a beautifully elaborate timepiece. The finished product will be as pretty as Big Ben, if these teeny, tiny, glittering components are any indication.

This Impossibly Complicated Mechanical Clock Re-Writes The Time Every Minute

A cheap digital watch can keep far better time than even the most complicated of Swiss watches. But there’s still something undeniably appealing about watching all those gears, springs, and cogs spinning about — and this incredibly complicated clock that writes out the time has them in abundance.

Pointing At This Glowing Clock Isn't Rude, It's The Only Way To Display The Time

So how do you sell a standalone clock in a time when almost every electronic device already has one built in? You turn it into a magnificent piece of art like this Shadowplay clock that uses shadows from a pointed finger as its hour and minute hands.

This 3D-Printed Digital Sun Dial Is As Easy To Read As A Cheap Digital Watch

Try wrapping your head around this one. An Etsy seller in France has somehow managed to design a remarkable 3D-printed sundial that shows the time as digital numbers that actually change as the day progresses and the sun moves across the sky.

Check Out This Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Cuckoo Clock

The original Muppet Show has long since left the airwaves, but with this Muppets-themed cuckoo clock hanging on your wall you can relive the series with a sound and light show at the top of every hour.

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