Skip The Nail Holes In Your Wall With This Sticker Clock

Not keen on the idea of creating a nail hole in your drywall just so you can hang a wall clock? Designer Jamie Wolfund’s found a better way — kind of — as long as you don’t mind repainting when it’s time to take it down. Instead of nails or screws, the Sticker Clock uses two nine-inch pieces of adhesive vinyl tape to hold the clock hardware to the wall.

Just Flick This Clock's Simple Face Switch To Activate Its Alarm

Dieter Rams left a lasting legacy at Braun that still influences the products the company creates today. Just take a look at this simple analogue alarm clock, that’s found a clever way to compete with all the other monstrous smartphone docks vying for space on your bedside table.

A Projection Clock That Automatically Adjusts To A Room's Lighting

By now, most of us probably solely rely on our smartphones to wake us in the morning, but it’s not easy to quickly glance at the time in the middle of the night. So keeping an alarm clock on your bedside table isn’t a completely antiquated idea, particularly if it’s able to project the time onto the ceiling like the $US80 Lumo, so you don’t even have to roll over to check.

A Look Inside The Observatory Where Time Is Ticking

Do you know where time comes from? Well, for all intents and purposes, it comes from one of the wings of the US Naval Observatory, where the nation’s primary atomic clock (and Joe Biden) live. Joe Biden is not the time master, however.

This Perpetual Plotter Clock Is More Relaxing Than A Zen Garden

There’s a certain charm to old-school analogue clocks, unless you’re part of the generation that never learned how to properly decipher a bunch of numbers laid out in a circle. So Thingiverse user ‘joo’ has created a happy medium for those more comfortable with a digital clock, but like seeing a bunch of moving parts, with this contraption that writes out the time, erases it, and then starts all over again minute after minute.

This Righteous Vectorscope Clock Brings Analogue Back To The Future

Back in the day, vectorscopes used to measure the quality of analogue video signals. Needless to say, that’s not exactly something we need done very often today. But some lucky old vectorscopes get badass second lives, in the form of an awesome retro clock.

Punctuality Isn't A Priority With This Hazy, Hard-To-Read Clock

Tired of your boss busting your chops for getting back a few minutes late from lunch? Just hang this Hazy wall clock in your office and let it serve as the perfect alibi. Is it eight after one, 10 after one, 12 after one? It’s impossible to say, because designer Ivan Kasner has given the Hazy clock an opaque face that makes it hard to accurately tell where the hands are pointing.

A Giant E-Ink Digital Clock Powered By A Tiny Watch Battery

The biggest advantage to e-ink display technology is its incredible battery life. It means your Kindle can flip through book after book before needing a charge, and it allows this gorgeous digital wall clock to run for months on just a single cell-sized watch battery.

Get Back Into The Habit Of Winding Your Clocks

OK so most of us have probably never had a clock we had to wind, but it seems like an appealing ritual. Calm and quiet. A connection to the passage of time. Or maybe it would be totally automatic like brushing your teeth. Whelp there’s only one way to find out.

An Audi Masterpiece That Belongs On Your Mantle, Not Your Driveway

Taking inspiration from Porsche’s decision to break out into designing everything from sleds to mobile phones, Audi’s decided that it now wants to apply its design chops to beautiful objects without four wheels. And the car maker’s first creation is a stunning see-through table clock that leaves its complex engine completely exposed and visible — not hidden beneath a bonnet.