Can You Tell The Time On This Eclipse Clock?

This clock is lovingly made from engraved aluminium plates that overlap, rotating independently as the minutes pass. But can you tell the time using it?

This Inductive Charger Makes Powering Up Your iPhone Beautiful

There are plenty of ways to do the two things that Spira does: Charge your phone and tell you the time. But there’s nothing quite like the device that interaction design student Alice Robbiani has built to combine them — her inductive charger turns your iPhone into an interactive wall clock while it charges.

There's A 130-Year-Old Clock Embedded In This Footpath

The next time you find yourself walking across the corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, remember to look down. In front of what used to be the William Barthman Jeweller is something unexpected: a working clock, embedded in the footpath like a precious gem.

Tiny Orbiting Planets Tell The Time On This Solar System Clock

We usually measure the time it takes for a planet in our solar system to orbit the sun in months and years. But given the compact scale of this desktop solar system, the anodised aluminium balls can instead be used to measure seconds, minutes and hours.

You Can Read This Mirrored Clock In All Four Dimensions

So, it turns out the human brain is incredibly easy to fool. All you need is a clever illustration, or a few wonky lines, or in this case a mirror that makes your mind think the arrow hands on this sleek clock are floating in mid-air.

This Clock's Minute Hand Rings Its Own Hourly Chime

To sound off the top of each hour, Alessandro Zambelli’s DINN clock does’t use a complex geared mechanism like a grandfather clock, or even simple electronics like your digital watch. Instead, positioned at the DINN’s twelve o’clock is a tiny bell that’s struck by the hour hand every time it passes.

Coffee-Brewing Clock Wakes You Up... To Wake You Up

Need an alarm clock? You’re spoilt for choice, depending on how eager you are to chase it around the bedroom. Loud noises aside, we all know the key to really waking up is injecting caffeine via one’s teeth, a task designer Josh Renouf can mostly help you with, if he ever mass-produces his “Barisieur” — an alarm clock and coffee-cooking station all in one.

These Incredible Clocks Were Built By A Single Designer Over 35 Years

In the 1980s, as giant technology companies competed to create electronics that arrived in the most compact, grey boxes possible, a young designer named Daniel Weil was doing the exact opposite: Eviscerating the electronic guts of gadgets, from radios to clocks, exposing them to the consumer the most elegant way imaginable. And 35 years later, he’s still at it.

The Birdwatchers On This Clock Are Trying To Spot A Rare Cuckoo

The designers at Studio Kuadra have deconstructed the iconic cuckoo clock for this amusing new timepiece that introduces a pair of bird watchers, obsessively hoping to catch a glimpse of the cuckoo in a nearby tree at the top of the hour.

The Hours Gracefully (And Vaguely) Tick By On This Ballet Clock

If your average work day feels like an un-choreographed dance of chaos, perhaps this graceful wall clock will bring some peace of mind while you wait for five o’clock to roll around. The Dancing Wall Clock’s hands have been replaced with segments of a ballerina, resulting in an endless series of poses and pirouettes while they rotate about its face.

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