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Pointing At This Glowing Clock Isn't Rude, It's The Only Way To Display The Time

So how do you sell a standalone clock in a time when almost every electronic device already has one built in? You turn it into a magnificent piece of art like this Shadowplay clock that uses shadows from a pointed finger as its hour and minute hands.

This 3D-Printed Digital Sun Dial Is As Easy To Read As A Cheap Digital Watch

Try wrapping your head around this one. An Etsy seller in France has somehow managed to design a remarkable 3D-printed sundial that shows the time as digital numbers that actually change as the day progresses and the sun moves across the sky.

Check Out This Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Cuckoo Clock

The original Muppet Show has long since left the airwaves, but with this Muppets-themed cuckoo clock hanging on your wall you can relive the series with a sound and light show at the top of every hour.

A Nixie-Powered Wall Clock Is The Ultimate Hipster Timepiece

Before dot-matrix displays took over the known world, Nixie tubes — glass lightbulbs containing light-up tubes for the digits 0-9 — were the best way of displaying changing numbers. One designer had the bright idea of taking the Nixie tube technology (and bulbs), and building a surprisingly beautiful analogue clock.

Watching The Numbers Flow On This Ferrofluid Clock Is Almost Therapeutic

Ferrofluid is a wonderful metallic goo that magically reacts to the presence of a magnetic field. To date it’s really only been used in mesmerising desk toys, but Zelf Koelma has found a way to manipulate the material into an animated clock that perfectly represents the flow of time.

Leap Second Explained: Why Moving From Astronomic To Atomic Time Is A Tricky Business

Most people would feel they can count on one day comprising the same number of hours, minutes and seconds as the next. But this isn’t always the case – June 30 will be a second longer this year with the addition of a leap second, added to reconcile the differences between two definitions of time: one astronomical, the other provided by atomic clocks.

This Clock Only Loses One Second Every 15 Billion Years

If you think your fancy watch is accurate, think again. This atomic clock — the most accurate in the world — is now so finely tuned that it will lose a single second at most over the course of 15 billion years.

Time Passes Slower With This Creepy Salacious Crumb Clock Staring At You

Briefly: Of all the exclusive Star Wars Celebration merchandise revealed over the past week, this Salacious Crumb hanging wall clock has to be one of the most unsettling. The character was seen hanging around Jabba the Hutt’s palace in Return of the Jedi, and its time-telling doppleganger presumably has moving eyes and a swinging tail like most animated clocks — except this one is just a little creepier than most. OK, a lot creepier. []

The Perfect Alarm Clock Orders Pizza And Counts Down Its Arrival

It turns out we’ve all been looking for the wrong features in the perfect alarm clock. Smartphone connectivity? An oversized snooze button? These stop being important once you realise someone has created an alarm clock that can not only be used to order a pizza, it can also count down its arrival at your door.

There's An Incredibly Complex Clock Inside This Miniature Mechanical Man

In the world of watchmaking, MB&F has always had a soft spot for creating the occasional mechanical marvel that can’t be strapped to a wrist. Such as the company’s latest creation, a robot named Melchior that can’t vacuum floors, clean windows or open doors, but can keep track of the time while serving as an awesome piece of eye candy on your desk.

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