Watch Author Chuck Palahniuk Read Fight Club 4 Kids

Fight Club is not that high on the list of age-appropriate books for children. But what about Fight Club 4 Kids? Somehow, I don’t think adding sweet cartoons and simplifying that narrative is going to help much. Well, that was until I heard it read aloud by author Chuck Palahniuk. Spoiler warning if you’ve never read or seen Fight Club.

Build Your Own Replica Ferrari From This Official LEGO Kit

Yes, we know you can make pretty much anything from LEGO, with the exception of perpetual motion machines, robots with Asimovian positronic brains and comfortable sandals. A miniature version of Ferrari’s F40 however? Easy as, especially if you grab LEGO’s dedicated kit.

John Oliver Nails Internet Harassment, Male White Privilege

Video: Feel like you’ve got it easy on the internet when it comes to harassment? You’re probably a white dude.

Tesla's Battery Gigafactory Is Coming Along Nicely, Thanks

Video: Just like the massive Apple Campus 2, Tesla Motors’ US$1bn battery-building Gigafactory is under construction — out in the Fallout wastes Nevada desert, rather than in the heart of Silicon Valley — and the building process looks like it’s well under way. A drone enthusiast took the opportunity to take a look at the nascent plant, and filmed the entire thing in 4K.

Man Saws His Stuff In Half After Getting A Divorce

Getting a divorce is no picnic, but having to separate all of the devices, vehicles and furniture you and your spouse shared can add another dimension of stress to the ordeal. Here’s one option, if you’ve got a dark sense of humour and a saw: Cut all that stuff in half.

Playing With Water In Zero Gravity Looks Like So Much Fun

Video: The best thing about being in zero gravity (aside from being in zero gravity, of course) has to be how liquids become amorphous blobs that can just float around. Here’s a collection of awesome experiments that NASA has conducted of water in zero gravity. They’re amazing!

Hey Android Users: You Should Avoid These Insecure Apps

Here’s some bad news for Android users. Security researchers have discovered 100+ more apps that fail to encrypt your login data properly, making it frightfully easy for hackers to steal your password. What’s worse: the vast majority of the app makers aren’t doing anything about it.

This Guy Spent $US120,000 Recreating Mad Max's Ford Falcon

The Mad Max hype may have died down somewhat, but its renewed legacy is still kicking on. One enterprising fan in the US who got into the franchise long before its recent reboot, couldn’t help but recreate Mad Max’s interceptor and yes, it was built using a Ford Falcon from the 70s.

Watching Australian Politicians Figure Out Twitter Is Really Awkward

Video: When your parents ask you how many internet followers you have on Twittergram or how many pictures you’ve put up on Facetube, you just have to give them a hug for being adorable. When politicians stand up in the Australian Senate and try to land some zingers based on their half-baked understanding of social media, things get awkward.