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Just 4 Minutes Of Matthew McConaughey Making Weird Noises

The same folks who realised Owen Wilson is contractually obligated to say “wow” in every film have stumbled upon something truly strange: Matthew McConaughey makes a lot of noises. Noises that are not words. Noises that do not convey almost any information other than “I am Matthew McConaughey and my mouth can make this sound.”

Watch This Remotely-Operated Robot Thread A Needle

Replicating human movement is an engineering challenge, and robots are slowly getting better at delicate movement all the time. A research team funded by Disney has constructed a remotely operated robot sensitive enough to thread a needle and move an egg without breaking it.

Can You Paint A Room By Just Blowing Up A Bucket Of Paint?

Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? Like what if you blew up some paint buckets to see if the explosion of colours could paint a room?

This Secret Underground Beer Fridge Is What Dreams Are Made Of

We’ve all dreamed about the perfect beer / beverage fridge at some stage, though a general lack of inventive engineering skills is usually the deciding factor between imagination and reality. That can’t stop you from appreciating the efforts of others, like this secret underground cooler from Peter Götting.

Watch This Drone Land On Walls And Ceilings Like An Insect

Researchers at Stanford University have created a drone that can perch on walls and ceilings like a bug, making progress on the problem of limited flight endurance that has plagued the devices.

This Four-Planet System Has One Of The Coolest Orbital Arrangements We've Ever Seen

Like snowflakes, no two planetary systems are the same. Astronomers have now observed one of the most unique planetary arrangements ever seen: four miniature Neptunes locked in perfect synch with each other — and it’s been like this for billions of years.

Marvel's Civil War Rivalries Spill Over Into The Real World In This Hilarious Short

Civil War reenacting is a thing, but what about reenacting Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War? Funny or Die goes behind the scenes with an entertaining mockumentary about one group of cosplayers.

Volcanic Eruptions Are Even More Insane In Infrared

Volcanic eruptions don’t really need our help looking impressive. But with a pair of infrared goggles, one of nature’s most fearsome outbursts becomes downright psychedelic.

Hilarious Short Animation Shows The Random Ways You Can Die In Space

Video: This short animation Death in Space by Thomas Lucas is a collection of two-second scenes that show people dying in space in the most random ways. It’s totally silly, but it’s funny because it pokes fun of the careless curiosity of human nature. Yes, we’re going to jab that creature that might swallow us alive. Sure, we’ll open up this box that might vaporise us. Of course, we’ll add another drop into a solution that might explode.

Watch The World's Most Patient Model Maker Build Aeroplane Replicas

When it comes to a steady hand and an impeccable attention to detail, David Damek’s model making skills rival brain surgeons when it comes to the precision of his work. His YouTube channel is full of lengthy videos detailing his wonderfully detailed builds, but be forewarned if you’re racing towards a deadline at work, you don’t want to get sucked down this rabbit hole.

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