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This Tiny, Discreet Flamethrower Lets You Throw Fireballs

The folks at Ellusionist are back to indulge your X-Men fantasies with a smaller, more convenient version of their wrist-worn Pyro flamethrower. It’s called the Pyro Mini and it’s even easier to hide up your sleeve.

This New Star Wars Trailer Is Full Of New Footage

Still keen on Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers? If yes, get in here, becaues this one is choc-a-bloc with new footage.

Introducing Static, Gizmodo Australia's New Podcast With Lifehacker And Kotaku

This week! Black holes, cancer research, Fallout 4, cable management… and bacon.

TVs Explained: How To Choose The Perfect TV Size For Your Lounge Room

Gizmodo Video Guide: Picking the right size TV might seem difficult, but it’s easy once you know the rules that determine the best screen for your living space.

Derek Zoolander Is Bill Shorten In This Epic Re-Edit

Huw Parkinson is so hot right now. This time, Australian Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has been edited to appear as the star of Zoolander, duking it out against his new rival, Malcolm Hansel.

90 Seconds To Show All Three Matrix Films? Let's Give It A Shot

Last year someone had a go at summarising the Matrix films in three minutes, but surely we can do better? Apparently so — YouTube channel Burger Fiction has halved that time to 90 seconds, with the content “weighted in proportion to the quality of movie”.

Watch Fantasy Creatures Dance And Bloom In This Gorgeous, Trippy Animation

Japanese animator Hideki Inaba has built a fantastical, alien world of plants, insects, and squid-like creatures for the Beatsofreen track Slowly Rising. And it’s magical.

Thanks To One Aussie Telco, David Hasselhoff Is Now Just 'David Hoff'

Hahaha. No. It’s just a marketing gag cooked up by amaysim — with the aid of the man himself. It comprises two parts: a YouTube clip / advert explaining the deal and Hasselhoff dropping the first part of his surname from his Twitter handle. That’s about it.

From 0% To 48% In Five Minutes: Huawei Demos New Battery Charging Tech

Batteries remain the Achilles’ heel of mobile devices. Until we can figure out a practical and affordable way to dramatically up energy densities, other approaches will have to suffice. So, if we can’t make better batteries, how about faster charging ones? Huawei’s Watt Lab just might have the answer.

Fallout 4's Open World Looks So Good In Timelapse

Video: I’ve only just started playing Fallout 4, and I can’t wait to explore this beautiful world more. One of the talented video editors in the ABC’s Good Game team edited together this beautiful time lapse of post-apocalyptic Boston, and now I just want to go home and explore more!

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