This Is Furthest Flight Ever Flown On A Real Life Hoverboard

Video: The Guinness World Records says that Catalina Alexandru Duru just pulled off the farthest journey ever travelled on a real life hoverboard: 275.9 metres. You can see him rise up on the board and start cruising through the air over a lake with nothing but invisible underneath him in the video below.

See How SpaceX Astronauts Could Survive A Failed Launch

Two weeks ago, SpaceX successfully tested the launch abort system for its new commercial crew capsule, which is designed to carry astronauts to the International Space Station by 2017. The company has just released a first-person view video recorded by cameras mounted on the Dragon capsule, so you can take a virtual ride on the capsule as it accelerates from 0-160km/h in 1.2 seconds during the first critical pad abort test.

Trailer For New Need For Speed Game Is Basically Just Guys Shouting At Fast Cars

“Yo, bro look at them fast cars though yo so fast bro broooooooo.” This is the dialogue I’m expecting for the new Need For Speed reboot based on the first teaser trailer.

The Minority Report TV Show Looks Badass

Spielberg’s Minority Report is still held up as the yardstick for the tech-powered future we want. It had awesome motion control, cool guns, driverless cars and futurecops. FOX in the US is now trying to rebottle the lightning and turn Minority Report into a TV series.

Watching A Wooden Chair Get Made Is Surprisingly Peaceful

Can you watch an episode of television that just follows the multiple day process of making a chair from wood without any music? Without any commentary? As part of BBC Four Goes Slow series, we see just that. It’s beautiful, ASMR-tingling, and so soothing to see tree trunks get chopped, wood being sawed down, and the quiet still soundtrack of the furniture being put together.

Truly Hilarious Video Shows How Transformers Ruins All Movies

I laughed out loud at this video that shows how Transformers ruins our favourite movies. Movies you’ve seen before carry along normally and then… BOOM a Transformer comes to destroy everyone in the scene. The editing of this video is perfect, it shows movies like Speed and Little Miss Sunshine and 50/50 among others.

Anna Kendrick Would Make An Amazing Indiana Jones

Video Indiana Jones was sass and smarts in a cool outfit. What part of that doesn’t sound like Hollywood favourite, Anna Kendrick? NBC decided to remake the final scene of The Last Crusade with Kendrick in the role of Dr Jones, and it’s awesome.

George Miller On Feminism, CGI And Technology In Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the biggest films in the world right now. Creator and legendary Aussie filmmaker George Miller sat down with The Feed to talk about the new film, its feminist undertones and the technology behind the project.

The Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs Movie Surprisingly Doesn't Look Terrible

We’re still on the merry-go-round of Steve Jobs biopics, and we’re coming around to the (hopefully) good bit where Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle have their turn. Here’s the first trailer.

This 4D Batman Coaster Looks Like A Super Fun Vomit Factory

Guess what’s finally built and undergoing extensive testing at Six Flags’ Fiesta Texas amusement park in San Antonio? The park’s brand new Batman coaster that was teased last year with 4D thrills courtesy of seats that are free to rotate 360-degrees during your vomit-filled ride.