Inside The Mind Of Australia's Most Prolific Cryptic Crossword Writer

In a world of movies, games, gadgets and countless other distractions, it can be easy to forget the simple joy of finishing a crossword. It’s a brain-draining, tease-fest that sends some solvers into a fit of rage. So who’s the genius/sadist who designs these block-lettered quizzes? Meet one of Australia’s leading cruciverbalists (real word) David Astle.

Honest Trailers Nitpicks Its Way Through 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

Video: The first Captain America movie left a bit to be desired. Sure, it was a fun way to meet the First Avenger, but it wasn’t what you’d call the best Marvel movie of all time. That puts it in stark contrast then to the sequel, which is actually freaking amazing. Honest Trailers thought so too, and was left in a something of a quandary when it came to criticising the film.

How To Fix A Wobbly Table Using Maths

We’ve all been sat drinking a beer only to realise that the table wobbles irritatingly. But while a piece of folded paper can solve the problem for a few minutes, there is a better solution — and it uses some simple maths.

It's Impossible Not To Crave Cake After Watching These Videos

Video: If robots ever destroy humanity, I hope I get killed by one of these cake decorator bots. I’ve been trapped in a recursive cake video dimension for the last 30 minutes and now I just want to lay down under one of them and have it decorate me myself. Everywhere. While I stuff my face with cake. Enjoy!

Watch How 'Electronic Makeup' Completely Transforms This Model's Face

Video: Nobumichi Asai has used projection mapping to put CGI onto cars, docks, building and more. His latest canvas? A real, live human face.

The Weirdest Aircraft I've Ever Seen

Its design reminds me of the B-Wing but the gyroptère — or monocopter – is even weirder than the beloved starfighter from Star Wars. It had a single blade — the long wing you can see in white — which rotated to lift it to the skies. Try to picture that, because I really couldn’t until I saw this video.

This Is How You Talk Australian (NSFW)

Australia certainly has a rich vernacular, though one close to indecipherable to anyone outside the country. Fortunately, when it comes to language, we don’t take ourselves that seriously — in fact, we take pleasure in having a microscope put it its more ridiculous aspects — so I’m sure you’ll get a few laughs from this video parodying Australian phrases and concepts… from the perspective of a training college for Indian call centre employees. Features NSFW language.

All Rundle Mall's 'Pipe Guy' Needs To Make Music Is Thongs And PVC Pipe

If you frequent Adelaide’s Rundle Mall, then “Pipe Guy” is likely old news, but for the rest of us, it’s hard not to be amazed by a guy playing techno music with nothing by a unique instrument made of PVC pipe and a pair of thongs.

This Week's Top Comedy Video: I Did Nothing This Weekend

Video: Here’s hoping you did something more exciting than what these two were up to this weekend.

Watch Ian McKellen Be Bitchy In PBS' Wonderfully Cruel 'Vicious'

Video: Vicious is a quirky sitcom starring Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, who play Freddie and Stuart, a very cranky gay couple who trade insults at each other all day long. It’s a bit jarring to see these two classically trained actors throw jabs like “rotting corpse” and “big bitch” at each other and they rarely ever leave their musty town home, but the predictability of it works in its favour.

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