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Dramatic Cut Of Monty Python And The Holy Grail Is Surprisingly Great

Monty Python is as awesome today as it was in the 70s and 80s and it’s sad to think future (and some current) generations will be unaware of its existence. Fortunately, the internet is doing a bang up job keeping it alive, especially when talented channels such as CineFix put together amazing recuts like this “dramatic” take on The Holy Grail.

Scientists Have Identified Schadenfreude Brain Cells

Secretly gloating over the misfortunes of others (schadenfreude) might not be the most noble of human traits, but it’s certainly universal — so much so, that it was memorably immortalised in the hit musical Avenue Q. Neuroscientists may have just identified the brain cells associated with that feeling.

The First Story Details For The Next Season Of Black Mirror Are Here

We can’t wait for Black Mirror to hit Netflix and every little detail we’ve had so far has had us itching to see more about this delightfully messed-up series. Now we finally know a little more about each episode and… can it just be October right now?

This Giant Claw-Handed Drone Is Coming For Your Kids

Most drones aren’t particularly scary. Aside from maybe gashing you open if they crash into you, there’s not much harm they can do. Until you add a pair of articulated arms with claws on the end, which turns drones into some kind of giant cyborg eagle ready to snatch babies and the elderly right off their feet.

The Creators Of Westworld Already Know How The Series Will End

It’s been a long time coming, but audiences are finally a few weeks out from seeing the pilot of HBO’s Westworld. Now actor James Marsden said part of the reason we all had to wait so long for Westworld was because the writers wanted to make sure before they moved forward, they had the story completely figured out — even through seasons five or more.

Take In Every Little Detail Of This Melting Flat Screen TV

Video: With technologies’ trend toward sleek design and invisible components, it’s easy to forget that there are still a lot of little layers, pieces and ports on a modern flat screen. That is until you watch them up close and on fire.

YouTube Gets Its Own Hunger Games Clone With First Look At The Thinning

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: One or more teenagers live in a dystopian society where people are forced to do stuff they don’t like, until he/she/they realise that there’s a bigger conspiracy and work to take the system down. Now on YouTube!

What Is (Literally) The Hottest Smartphone Available Today?

With CPU and GPU vendors laser-focused on power consumption, modern gadgets such as notebooks and smartphones are getting cooler by the year. Mobiles in particular are still near-doubling in performance with each generation, without a matching leap in heat output. But how do today’s popular phones stack up against each other in pure numbers? Pass over that heat gun, would you?

You Can Now Buy A Weaponised USB Stick For $US75

If you were looking for a USB stick that “instantly and permanently [disables] unprotected hardware,” you’re in luck. You can now purchase one for 75 bucks!

World's First 'Nanofish' Coming To Swim Drugs Up Your Bloodstream

If the idea of a robot fish swimming through your veins elicits a Cronenberg-ian chill up your spine, you might want to brace yourself. Researchers at U.C. San Diego have created the first nanofish, the New Scientist reports — a magnet-powered bot that they hope to use for targeted delivery of medication, non-invasive surgery and single-cell manipulation.

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