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I Want To Play With This Bewildering Bluetooth Tambourine

The $US600 ($858) Zoom ARQ Areo RhythmTrak is bewilderingly strange. This futuristic-looking tambourine is part drum machine, sequencer, synthesiser, looper, MIDI controller and acid-laced light show. It also has a built-in accelerometer, and that’s where things get interesting.

Blue Origin Relaunched The Rocket They Landed In November

Earlier today, Blue Origin launched their same New Shepard rocket booster that they launched into space two months ago. Looks like the commercial space race for reusable rockets is on — SpaceX is flashier with bigger trajectories, but Blue Origin keeps beating them to firsts.

New Tesla Model S Ad Shows Off More Autopilot Features

So reading about how super-great the Tesla Model S is fine, but we all know things like cars (well, moving objects in general) translate better in video form. Far be it for Tesla’s marketing department to disappoint, with a fresh clip presenting the driving capabilities of the vehicle’s Autopilot system.

This Spinning Cake Recreates Super Mario Bros. Perfectly

Video: I think overly decorative cakes are silly — like cool, here’s a cake that looks like the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy your edible starfish — but this Super Mario Bros. cake is wonderful because it recreates the entire first level of the video game in perfect, delicious detail. It’s a stop motion animation in cake form. Every video game should come with a cake tossed in.

This Homemade Robot Can Solve A Rubik's Cube In One Second

So a LEGO robot might be able to monster a Rubik’s cube in a little over three seconds, but put together a dedicated machine from a more flexible part list and well, the popular multi-coloured puzzle gets dominated. Try 1.019 seconds on for size.

'Everything Is Terrible' Is The Only Good Vine Account

Vine just released their playlist of popular vines from the past year. Frankly, most of them are dull as shit. So instead of squeezing off a blog post directing you to mediocre crap curated by Vine, we’ve decided to compile a list of high-quality crap curated from the world of garbage video by Everything Is Terrible.

Ping Pong With Water Drops Is Another Cool Thing That Happens In Space

Video: There’s a long, long list of fun things to do in zero gravity, but when you spend an entire year in space, you probably get quite bored. That’s where space ping-pong with water droplets and hydrophobic paddles comes in.

RIP Sarah The Cheetah, The Fastest Land Animal On Earth

When you think “fastest land animal”, what do you think of? Usain Bolt? Nope, until today that title belonged to Sarah, a cheetah who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. Sarah died today at age 15.

Watching Things Get Dropped Into An Upside Down Lawn Mower Is Stupid Fun

Video: It’s a beautiful ballet, if you ask me. There’s a peacefulness to seeing things get destroyed in slow motion, it’s like the shock and horror is removed because all the shrapnel dances away elegantly.

What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminium Onto Liquid Nitrogen And Dry Ice?

Video: Take the burning hot that is molten aluminium and mix it with the very cold that is liquid nitrogen and dry ice and you get an awesome as hell experiment that breaks science. Or something like that. Whatever it is, it’s very, very cool because you get to see the extreme reaction create giant bubbles in the aluminium while bits of aluminium pop away too.

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