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There's a hard speed limit for helicopters. Like, a speed that helicopters physically can't exceed. Above about 400km/h, helicopter blades literally run out of lift and the bird falls out of the sky. It's due to a phenomenon called dissymmetry of lift, and this video explains exactly how it works.


It's precisely one month until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits Aussie cinemas. I don't know about you guys, but my hype is steadily rising off the charts. The latest cinematic hors d'oeuvre from Disney is a short 360-degree video that puts you in the cockpit of an X-Wing scout as it comes out of hyperspace in a seemingly empty star system — that's not empty for long.


Video: Jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute on your back has its own risks. But at least in the air there's nothing to crash into until you hit the ground. Speedflying, on the other hand, where athletes like Jamie Lee parachute down mountains just inches above massive rocks, is basically a non-stop life-risking thrill ride.


Video: There's nothing odd about this. There's nothing surprising about it either. If you watch a very hot knife cut through a piece of styrofoam, it's going to be exactly as satisfying as you'd think it'd be.. The styrofoam shrivels up after each cut and turns into this goo that looks more like a marshmallow than anything else.


Video: It's after a superhero discovers his powers and before that superhero faces off with the big bad guy that we get treated with a montage sequence showing our favourite superhero doing various good deeds all around the city while bystanders stand around and stare with their mouth agape.


The NES Classic Edition sold out everywhere in a matter of minutes yesterday. Nintendo has promised that more are on the way but that means you have to do things like wait and have patience. The internet is here to help. This video is a twofer. You can experience the vicarious joy of opening that sucker up and you can see what's in its guts just by clicking play.


Seriously, I strongly warn you to not lean into your screen to get a better look at this monstrosity. This video shows the remains of a dead cricket that some random hiker stepped on while enjoying the great outdoors. Suddenly, the tranquillity of nature was interrupted by the reality of life and the parasites that erupted out of the cricket's corpse.