In Top Gear's Absence, This Is The Best Car Show You Can Watch

Missing Jeremy, Richard and James cocking about on the BBC every week? We kind of are too. Thankfully, there’s a replacement that has been under our noses the whole time, and it’s called /DRIVE.

Insurgent: Australian Review

What do you get when you cross The Matrix with The Hunger Games? You get Insurgent, that’s what: a kick-ass action movie set in a post-apocalyptic world on the brink of civil war.

Rockstar Editor: Get Ready For More Awesome Grand Theft Auto V Clips

Video: I don’t know about you, but I love a good GTA V clip. That game is so bonkers and has such a vibrant community that anything can happen. Game developer, Rockstar, has a new mode for GTA V‘s PC release that means we’ll get more awesome clips than ever. It’s called the Rockstar Editor.

This Is What Tinder Would Have Looked Like In The 1980s

Swipe left? What do you mean “swipe”? How’s about pressing the left arrow key to painstakingly move a pixelated image of a man with a jean jacket to the recycling bin! Then just wait, wait, wait, and try again. Everyone’s dream partner is out there somewhere, and if no one calls the landline, maybe just maybe you’ll find them!

Here's How Everyone Died In Game Of Thrones According To Key And Peele

Video: We’ve weighed in on who might die in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, but how did everyone die up to this point? Key and Peele have you covered.

The Tesla Model S P85D Achieves An Insane Speed With New Software Update

Holy. Crap. We knew the Tesla Model S P85D was fast, but this fast?! Try 250km/h fast.

Inside The Fascinating World Of A Crime Scene Photographer

Video: Forensic photography is such an important part of solving crimes and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on throughout the process is so fascinating. Like most photography, forensic photographers utilise light to capture what they need to see. They match different crimes to different light wavelengths to pull out the relevant details.

Stargate Writers Reveal Dark Matter, A New Space-Bound Sci-Fi Series

It’ll be a long time before we get another Stargate TV show — if ever — but that hasn’t stopped a few of the people behind the long-lived series from trying their hand at another sci-fi franchise. Paul Mullie and Joseph Mallozzi, former writers/producers, are gearing up for the debut of “Dark Matter”, a new show that’ll air on Syfy mid-June.

I'd Rather Have A Half-Driverless Car 

Companies like Google are racing ahead on driverless cars development, and technovisionary Elon Musk claims one day manual driving will be illegal. But after watching the concept video for a Bosch driverless car above, I’m curious if what we want isn’t a car that’s part driverless and part old-fashioned.

Watch This Sorcerous Liquid Substance Start Swirling In Crazy Patterns

Video: I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s a visual trip show and we can thank science for it. It’s the recrystallisation of impure 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde being dunked into ice water. You can see the compound inside the flask transform from a liquid at room temperature to a flurry, swirly, milky substance as it cools in the ice bath.

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