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There's A New Star Wars Trailer On Instagram

There comes a time when we should all just stop watching trailers for a movie. I’m letting that time come and go when it comes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Star Wars people have released a new trailer on Instagram with new shots of BB-8 and fancy blue lightsabers.

I Can't Stop Watching This Insane Live Launchpad Mashup

Video: Some of you already probably know DJ Shawn Wasabi. He’s been making awesome Launchpad tunes for some time now, and his latest work — Marble Soda — is probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen and heard come out of live mashups. Check this guy’s skillz.

The Machines On This YouTube Channel Are Freaking Colossal

Videos: Construction equipment is cool as a rule. Comically-large construction equipment? So much better. Get your fix with these YouTube channels devoted these insane machines.

Incredible Overhead View Of An Oil Tanker Perfectly Docking At A Narrow Port

Video: The captain of this ship must be a master Tetris player or a savant when it comes to that time wasting iPhone parking game or at least, be the inventor of the three-point turn because his manoeuvring of this tanker, the Galway Fisher,into the narrow Port of Galway is simply incredible to see from up top.

Seeing A Cello Get Carved From Wood And Made By Hand Is So Soothing

Video: The cello is a gigantic instrument so it’s really no surprise that it basically takes an entire tree to make. What is impressive about the process of making a cello by hand though is just how long it takes to carve the wood down, to precisely cut out the shape, and to put all the pieces together. With such a big and bulky instrument, you’d think you can get away with some shortcuts. Not in this case. Not at all.

LED Guides In These Goggles Keep Open Water Swimmers On Course

Swimming from one end of a pool to the other in a straight line is a lot easier than trying to stay on track when swimming in a lake or open water. But a new pair of swim goggles can keep track of what direction you’re heading and help keep you swimming in a straight line using a pair of subtle LEDs.

I Wish These Tiny Plastic BattleBots Were Sold At Toy Stores

Fetch Robotics is best known for its warehouse bots that can autonomously fill orders. But soon the company might actually be better known for its Weaponised Plastic Fighting League that sees its engineers designing and building plastic toy battle bots that fight to the death.

Hacker Turns Casette Players Into Creepy DIY Synth

Unless you were an audio engineer in the ’60s, you’ve probably forgotten about the Mellotron, an archaic sampler that played back sounds stored on magnetic tape when you pressed a key on a keyboard.

Human Evolution Explained In A Super Cute Claymation Short Film

Video: In a perfect world — or at least in the perfect world I have in my mind — kids would learn about chemistry, history, or human evolution theory through claymation short films as cute and clever as this one. Actually, adults would learn like this too. Everything could use more claymation.

Kid Gets Awesome New Bionic Hand, Reminds Us Not Everything Is Garbage

The stock market is tanking, North and South Korea are on the brink of war and a cartoon character from a dystopian future is the most popular candidate for US President at the moment. But don’t despair. While most things are garbage, there are some things in the world that aren’t. Like this adorable kid who just got his own high-tech bionic hand.

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