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Idiots Climb The Eiffel Tower For Laughs

The Eiffel Tower is the most famous and one of the most heavily-guarded structures in Paris. For a fee you can hang out inside of it, but its upper reaches are not legally accessible to the public. So three Russian daredevils decided to scale it anyway, without safety equipment, while being filmed by a drone. Go big or go home, as they say.

Just Two Guys Dangling Off A Crane Like It's No Big Deal

Video: Most people see a tower crane and wonder what it’s building. These guys see a construction crane and think the logical thing to do is to to climb it all the way up, walk all the way across and then just hang out there while literally hanging off the crane. The crane basically becomes a playground to them. Monkey bars, a tight rope, a ladder and so forth.

Terrifying Climb Up The Old Spire Of The World's Tallest Church

Video: It’s not as scary tall as climbing oversized skyscrapers, but climbing churches can be just as frightening because the buildings are so much older and the spire is totally not meant to be climbed. Plus, what if one of those things he stood on just snapped off because, well, they’re old!? But one thing that is cool about climbing a church is to see the ‘old world’ from all the way above.

Seeing People Climb A 555-Metre Tall Skyscraper Is Just Madness

Video: When you see these climbers reach the top of Lotte World Tower, a 555m-tall tower that’s the tallest building in South Korea and taller than One World Trade Center in New York, there’s an ever so brief moment of peace. Wow, things look great from up here! And then it’s back to the stress of watching someone do something as foolhardy as climbing a skyscraper.

Climbing The Ice Structures In Iceland Looks Like One Of The Most Bad Arse Things You Can Do

Man, this is just so fun to watch. The beautiful alien world that is Iceland is always so picturesque but it’s even better when seen from up close, like from the perspective of Klemen Premrl and his crew of climbers ice picking their way up to the top of an ice structure. The crystal glow of the ice cave, the shocking crevasses, the wildling-like climb of an ice wall — it’s just awesome everywhere.

Climbing A 460 Metre Radio Tower Without Safety Gear Is Stupid For So Many Reasons

Video: Climbing something this high is concerning to begin with, but intentionally doing it without safety equipment borders on suicidal.

The First Person View Of Climbing A Snowy 6900 Metre Tall Mountain Is A Little Bit Terrifying

Video: If there is a mountain, people will climb it. Or at least, people that are much, much bolder than I am. Here is some incredible point of view footage from David Lama and Conrad Anker as they become the first expedition to reach the headwall of Lunag Ri, a 6907m tall mountain on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

This Video Of People Climbing A Skyscraper Is So Damn Stressful

Video: Shun Hung Square is a 384m tall skyscraper that’s the third tallest building in Shenzhen, China. It’s really, really tall. And watching the guys from On the Roofs climb it gets more and more stressful because they just keep going up. You think they have reached the top but there’s still another level that’s narrower and more dangerous and higher to climb.

Going Down A Ladder Off The Side Of A 280 Metre Tower Is Scarier Than Climbing Up

Video: Don’t look down. That’s the only advice that kind of works when you’re up high on a 280m tall structure. But what if you’re descending down a ladder on the side of said 280m tall structure? You have to look down. But what if that ladder was swaying backwards because it’s very flimsily attached to the side of the structure? You’d be scared to look down again. And yet, the only way out is to go down. So you have to keep looking down.

Augmented Reality Climbing Looks Like So Much Damn Fun

I love climbing arguably more than breathing, but when you’re stuck in the same gym with the same routes all day long, it can get just the teensiest bit boring. This augmented reality climbing game seems like the perfect antidote.

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