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We're Spending The Next Two Weeks Envisioning Our Future Earth

Right now, leaders from 195 countries are meeting in Paris to map out a plan for the planet’s future. Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetimes — and it’s surely just the beginning of a long process that will consume the years ahead.

This Fascinating Antarctic Water Animation Was Made On Australia's Most Powerful Supercomputer

The movement of the densest and coldest water in the world makes a big difference to the planet’s climate, but we don’t know much about it. Australia’s most powerful supercomputer, Raijin — named for the Shinto god of thunder, lightning and storms — has been used to model an incredibly detailed look at the underwater currents around the Antarctic landmass, and the flow-on effects that movement has on temperatures and eddies around Earth.

A Fossil Tropical Forest Is Helping Solve An Ancient Climate Mystery

A team of scientists has unearthed the fossil remnants of a tropical forest on the arctic island of Svalbard, and it could help explain one of the most dramatic climate shifts in Earth’s history.

This Year's Godzilla El Niño Could Be The Worst Ever Recorded

We already knew the Godzilla Cthulhu Sauron El Niño of 2015 was gonna be bad. But exactly how bad are we talking? According to the World Meteorological Organisation, this year’s El Niño is among the three strongest in the past 70 years, and it may become the worst one ever recorded.

The UK Is Shutting Down All Its Coal Power Stations

The British Government has announced that it plans to shut down all of its coal-powered fire stations by 2025, with restrictions put on their use as early as 2023.

A Weird Side-Effect Of The US Wildfire Surge Is Putting 65 Million Acres Of Forest At Risk

Wildfires are becoming bigger, wilder, hotter, and faster, and that’s a big risk to forests. But it’s not the fire itself that’s the latest threat to these forests — but something strange that’s happened as a result of them.

World's Biggest Coal Company Has Been Lying About Climate Change, Surprising No-One

A two-year investigation into Peabody Energy has concluded something that two minutes with Google could probably tell you: the coal giant has been telling some big fat lies about climate change.

 El Niño's Algae Blob From Hell Is Poisoning US Seafood

This summer, we learned that a warm blob of ocean water across the Eastern Pacific was feeding a massive algal bloom all the way up and down the US West Coast from Alaska to California. At the time, officials voiced concerns about domoic acid, a potentially lethal neurotoxin secreted by one of the dominant bloom species.

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

After seven years of political wrangling, President Obama has finally rejected the Keystone XL oil pipeline, a proposed infrastructure project that would have carried 800,000 barrels of oil a day from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast.

This Map Shows The First Snowfalls Across America

A heatwave is keeping most of the US toasty right now, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says they’re all living in denial — winter is coming, and it has a data visualisation to prove it.

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