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Supreme Court Slams The Brakes On Obama's Clean Energy Plan

Today appeared to be a good day for US President Obama and the environment, what with the unveiling of a moonshot budget, complete with billions to improve the environment (and humanity!). The Supreme Court, however, is not joining in on the fun.

The UN's Proposed Airline Emissions Standards Are A Joke

As humanity’s first space colonists are getting ready to ship off to Mars in 2030, the citizens of Earth may have just implemented the first-ever carbon emissions standards for airlines. And they’re weak as hell.

Experts Say CSIRO Climate Science Job Cuts Will Put Australian's Health At Risk

More experts have raised concerns about the recent job cuts at CSIRO, stating that climate science “underpins planning and programs for the health sector in Australia with climate modelling used by health researchers to identify issues, monitor changes, plan a response, and prepare resources”.

They describe the planned cuts to climate research as “a shocking and poor decision” that must be reversed.

The Impacts Of Climate Change Will Be Felt For 10,000 Years, Chilling Study Finds

If humans don’t stop burning fossil fuels soon, we’ll be paying for it for the next 10,000 years. That’s the conclusion of a perspective paper penned by nearly two dozen leading Earth scientists, which was published today in Nature Climate Change.

One Of The Oldest Forests On Earth Has Been Burning For Weeks In Tasmania

An ancient forest at the end of the world is facing an unprecedented threat. Since mid-January, bushfires sparked by lightning storms have raged across northwest Tasmania, home to relic forests representing a time when the island was part of Gondwana 180 million years ago.

'This Is Deeply Disturbing News' Top Scientists Condemn CSIRO Job Cuts

The CSIRO today announced it will cut at least 300 jobs — mostly in the area of climate science, will will effectively cease to operate. — scientists have spoken out against the cuts, outlining what this will mean to the future of climate research in Australia.

El Niño Is Fuelling One Of The Scariest Droughts In Recent History

Imagine if crop yields across Australia dropped more than 50 per cent in a single year. It’s difficult to fathom just how catastrophic this would be — but that’s exactly what’s happening in Ethiopia right now, thanks to a deadly, El Niño-fuelled drought.

Don't Let These Horror Stories About Turbulence Keep You From Flying

The internet is filled with butt-clenching stories of horrifying plane turbulence lately. Is dangerously rough air becoming more common nowadays, or what? Well, yes and no.

Gigantic Wind Turbine With 200 Metre Blades Will Channel The Power Of Hurricanes  

The US Department of Energy wants to step up its wind energy game in a big way. And I mean big. Sandia National Laboratories has been tasked with the challenge of designing an offshore wind turbine that can spin out 50 megawatts of carbon-free juice — using 200m blades that harness the fiercest winds on Earth.

America's Colossal Snowstorm Shattered Even More Records Than Expected

Blizzards. Floods. Ice storms. Thundersnow. Hurricane-level winds. Plagues of locusts. OK, maybe not that last one. But all the rest of these hit the US hard last weekend, breaking records just as predicted — and in some cases even more than predicted.

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