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Humans Have Eliminated Half The World's Trees

Human beings are having an overwhelming impact on Earth’s ecosystems, whether we’re pouring plastic into the ocean or filling the skies with carbon. But it’s not just modern society that’s to blame — our environmental legacy stretches way back into history. Since dawn of civilisation, we’ve caused nearly half of the world’s trees to disappear.

Earth Is Probably Locked Into At Least 90cm Of Sea Level Rise

Global sea levels are expected to rise over 90cm in the coming generations, displacing hundreds of millions of people, NASA said this week. And the space agency is prepared to catalogue the disappearance of Earth’s coastlines in rich scientific detail.

All The Crazy Ways Life Has Evolved To Cope With Extreme Heat

Humans aren’t very good at dealing with heat — we either sweat miserably or rack up crazy AC bills. But some life forms have to live with scorching temperatures and extreme drought all the time. Here are some of the most bizarre strategies they have evolved for staying cool and hydrated.

Humans Have Definitely Made The California Drought Worse

The California drought is by all measures “exceptional.” But humans have made it even more so. A new scientific study offers definitive evidence that anthropogenic climate change has amplified the drought out West, making it 15 to 20 per cent worse than it would have been otherwise.

July Was The Hottest Month In Recorded History

We suspected it was coming, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has just confirmed: July 2015 was without a doubt the hottest month in recorded history. Hot damn.

The 'Godzilla' El Niño Is Coming To California

Out here in drought-stricken California, the weather has been creepily gorgeous for over a year. But now, we’re facing one of the worst storm seasons in recorded history for this region.

It's Hot As Hell In The Middle East Right Now

The Middle East is roasting right now. Last week, an unprecedented ‘heat dome’ descended over a vast region from Dubai to Beirut, and there’s no sign of it breaking anytime soon.

How Climate Change Will Turn NYC Into Oklahoma City In One Generation

In 2100, Earth’s climate will have changed. But what will that feel like in your everyday life? Now, a high school student working with an atmospheric scientist has extrapolated some answers from climate data, and found that New York City’s climate will be like Oklahoma City’s in less than a century.

This Is Why Carbon Is Now Called Pollution

Carbon dioxide is a funny molecule. Life as we know it wouldn’t exist without CO2. But when we pump too much of it into the atmosphere, it destroys our environment. That’s why the Clean Power Plan, announced yesterday by the Obama administration, has finally decided to call carbon what it is: Pollution.

Extreme Droughts Weaken Trees' Ability To Soak Up Carbon

There’s a mystery inside trees upon which the fate of coastal cities, threatened by rising sea levels from climate change, may depend. Each year, the Earth’s forests take up about one-quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans, effectively slowing the speed and severity of global warming. They lock up most of this carbon in their stems and keep it there for centuries. This service that they provide to humanity is worth about $US1 trillion each year.

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