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How France Plans To Bury Its Carbon Emissions -- Literally, In Its Soil

French wine lovers have always taken their soil very seriously. But now the country’s government has introduced fresh reasons for the rest of the world to pay attention to their terroir.

The World's Largest Artificial Wave Generator Will Help Us Build Storm-Proof Cities

Next week, an unassuming canal in Delft will start shooting waves 4.5 metres into the air. And I’m sorry to say the surfers will have to sit this one out, because the Delta Flume wave machine was built for a higher purpose. Namely, destroying dikes and seawalls to figure out how the heck our coastal cities are going to survive the next century.

After The Supermoon, Came The Supertide

Many locations along the UK, US and Australian coasts will experience their highest tides for tens of years around September 29 or 30. Coastal roads in Miami, for instance, have already been closed in anticipation of exceptional tides.

500 Year Floods Now Coming To New York Every 24 Years

Bad news for New Yorkers: The inundation of Hurricane Sandy might have been billed as a 3,000 year flood, but according to new research, the recurrence interval for Sandy-sized flood events has shrunk. By a factor of 23.

Population Doomsday Scientist Attacks Pope's Climate Message

In a rare note of dissent from a prominent scientist, Paul Ehrlich is denouncing Pope Francis’s call to action on climate change, stating that the pope’s rhetoric will be as “ineffective as ignoring the problem altogether” unless the world’s billion Catholics embrace population control.

We've Discovered A Lost World Of Snow Dinosaurs 

The image of a dinosaur tramping around in the snow feels totally wrong — these behemoths ruled a tropical world. But one duck billed dinosaur, at least, managed to endure long, dark winters far north of the Arctic Circle some 69 million years ago.

The Northern Hemisphere Just Survived The Hottest Summer In Recorded History

Four months ago in New Delhi, the streets melted and the power grid flickered as temperatures soared well beyond 43 degrees Celcius. India was in the midst of the fifth deadliest heat wave in its history, and summer hadn’t even begun.

We Could Have Discovered Climate Change As Early As The 1940s If We Had Just Looked

The signs of global warming are hitting us over the head today — if you’ll remember, the fire and drought-ridden summer of 2015 was the also hottest in recorded history — but how long has our planet actually been feeling the heat? In parts of the tropics, anthropogenic climate change has been tinkering with the thermometer since the 1940s.

New Satellite Images Show Just How Parched California Is

It’s been a hot, thirsty, fire-ridden summer in the western United States. But to really understand the severity of the drought, we need to look beneath the parched vegetation and deep into the ground. Spoilers: It’s looking awfully dry down there.

New Weather App Gives You Climate Change Forcasts

Climate change often feels like a big, abstract problem, but it’s already having a tangible impact on communities worldwide. If you’re curious how rising global temperatures will affect real neighbourhoods, a fascinating new forecast site can help you find out.

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