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The Smallest Robot Floor-Washer? It's Got To Be iRobot's Scooba 230

There are plenty of robot vacuum cleaners on the market right now (one of which keeps mounting the foot of my curtains like a randy dog), but iRobot’s Scooba 230 can fit between bathroom furniture like nothing else.

Dyson's Latest Vacuum Cleaner, The Digital Slim DC35, Is Heaven On A Stick

Lacking I may be in the domesticity gene, I can’t help but want this latest Dyson vacuum cleaner. That’s no surprise, though—I want everything Dyson makes, even this dog-vacuumer. I have a cat.

Wash Your Hands With Plasma Gas

Soap is dead. Never stood a chance, really. It had a good run, but the age of washing our hands in plasma-gas filled boxes has finally dawned.

Moshi's Washable Neato Screen Cleaner Uses Microfibre To Wipe Dust, Spittle and Other Fluids

One of the computer accessories we’re always looking for is a good screen cleaner, which is why Moshi’s Neato is pretty great. It’s a two-part microfiber screen cleaner, with one part wiping dust and one part wiping grease and fingerprints. The back of the cleaner is a material they call “GeckoPad”, which is based on a gecko’s foot and can stick to the side of your desk, your monitor or your face for easy storage.

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