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New Robot Taxi Ad Highlights The Real Benefits Of Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are coming to a street near you. And their earliest customers might not be harried tech-savvy millennials in big cities, but rather their grandparents out on the farm.

LA And NYC's Public Transit Systems Got In A Twitter Fight Over Baseball

New Yorkers like to make fun of LA’s subway. Angelenos like to make fun of how New York is a raging hellhole of gentrification that reeks of desperation and greed, but with great trains! So with their baseball teams meeting in the playoffs, it’s only natural that their transit systems start talking smack.

Gun Violence Now Kills As Many Americans As Cars

Earlier this year, a new study revealed some shocking statistics: For nearly half of the US, gun violence deaths have outpaced the number of traffic deaths. In much of the US, you are now more likely to be killed by a gun than a car.

California's Using Its Amber Alert System To Find Hit-and-Run Drivers

In California, since 1996 Amber Alerts have been used to tell drivers to watch for cars associated with child abductions. But Amber Alerts are relatively rare (thankfully), so in the best possible use of the system the rest of the time, the state is using them to find cars involved in hit-and-run crashes.

How To Organise The Best Bar Crawl

Summer is coming, which reminds me of my two favourite warm-weather activities: day drinking and drinking during the day. But climbing on the couch with a case of beer is no way to spend a sunny afternoon. Why not combine your urge to imbibe with the spirit of urban adventure? Here are my time-tested tips for building a killer bar crawl.

The Drivers Of SF's Tech Buses Are Paid So Little They're Forced To Live In Cars

The buses that shuttle San Francisco tech workers to and from their Silicon Valley jobs each day have been blamed for displacing longtime residents. In a heartbreaking twist, the drivers of those buses are paid so little that they, too, have been priced out of San Francisco — and some of them must live in their cars.

LA's New Broad Museum Tries To Cement Its Place In History

“How do you build next to this beauty?” architect Liz Diller said yesterday, pointing next door to the glinting dorsal fins of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall as she stood in front of the new Broad Museum, which she designed.

The Highest Tightrope Walk In The Southern Hemisphere Looks Terrifying

Image Cache: This fearless daredevil is Kane Petersen, who has successfully walked a tightrope 984 feet (300 metres) above the ground at the Skydeck of the Eureka Tower on September 16th 2015 in Melbourne.

5 European Countries Have Built Border Fences To Keep Out Refugees

Over the last few weeks, hastily erected razor-wire fences have made headlines as they have appeared along Hungary’s border to keep out refugees fleeing war-torn countries. But this is actually not a new phenomenon: At least four more European countries have built fences in the last few years in a heightened effort to keep immigrants out.

Bangkok's Homeless Are Turning These Decommissioned Aeroplanes Into Makeshift Homes

Somewhere in the outskirts of the Thai capital, unused aeroplanes stored in a private field have become homes for three poor families. This is the darker side of the most populous city in Thailand.

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