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This Video Of A Crane Collapsing In Manhattan Is Your Worst Nightmare

Strong winds caused a colossal crane to collapse in downtown Manhattan on Friday morning. Someone in a nearby office caught in on tape from above, and holy shit is it scary to watch.

Here's Video Proof That The US Needs An Earthquake Early Warning System

At a big seismic summit yesterday at the White House, the federal government reaffirmed its commitment to creating an early warning system for earthquakes. A great new video shows exactly how this might work — and illustrates how it could help save lives.

Peru Straps GoPros To Hungry Vultures To Sniff Out Its Trash Problem

Vultures make me think of that dopey guy from Loony Tunes or crooked-bill predators circling a poor desert rat on the brink of death. But in Peru, the carcass-eating birds will soon be outfitted with cameras so they can help map Lima’s awful trash problem.

Google Will Finally Test Self-Driving Cars In A Place Where It Rains

Google’s self-driving cars have logged over 1.4 million miles, but only on the streets of two cities: Mountain View, California and Austin, Texas. Now Google is adding a third public test track. The latest city to welcome our robot car overlords is Kirkland, Washington. A place that has weather!

San Francisco Is Pretty Pissed About The Super Bowl Coming To Town

San Francisco is under siege from the NFL, and the people who live there don’t like this one bit. Behold the devastation that Super Bowl 50 hath wrought upon a little city named Frisco.

San Francisco's First Outdoor Urinal Opens, Public Urinators Rejoice

San Francisco residents can now piss publicly with the city’s first open-air urinal, where you can pee freely starting today.

These Stunning Aerial Views Of New York City Are The Best I've Ever Seen

Video: It’s unfair to ask me what I think are the best looking cities in the world, because when I look at New York City, I see the energy and the buzz and all the memories I’ve made there. Sure, the buildings are lovely and the skyline is gorgeous, but it’s the feeling I get when I just look at the city that makes it spectacular. So call me a little biased. But I think even a New York City hater could appreciate the sweeping views from Mark Toia’s New York Aerials. It gives the holiest of holy craps.

Beijing Blames Uber For Its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that is constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber.

How We Could Build A City On Mars

If we want to someday live on Mars, spaceships won’t be enough. We would need a Martian city — and this is how we might build one.

Report: Every Major US City East Of The Mississippi Is Under-Reporting Heavy Metals In Its Water

Just when the news about lead poisoning the drinking water of Flint, Michigan, couldn’t get any worse. A report from The Guardian says many US cities are systemically and purposely downplaying the amounts of lead and copper in municipal water systems.

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