Sorry Tesla, Electric Cars Of The Future Will Be More Like Golf Carts

Contrary to what the news cycle pounds into our brains, the electric car conversation does not begin and end with Elon Musk. There’s a more affordable and more relevant urban mobility solution than Tesla. I’m talking about the humble golf cart, which is already well on its way to ruling the world.

Here Are 40,000 Photos Of Old New York Plotted On A City Map

Over 40,000 vintage photos of New York City from the New York Public Library archives have been geotagged to a Google Map, letting you click right through history on every street corner.

America's Trains Suck Because Most Americans Don't Ride Them

Last week’s horrific Amtrak crash surfaced new concerns about the US’s neglect of its rail infrastructure, with blame falling on Congress for failing to allocate enough money to upgrade the system for safety. The truth is that trains would be the safest way to travel in this country — if more Americans embraced a future on rails.

Here's An Idea To Make Sure Your Rent Stays Low: Haunt The Building

The downside to gentrification is cheap apartments suddenly becoming more expensive and “affluent”. This obviously sucks for the people who lived there previously. One way to prevent your landlord from jacking up the rent and squeezing you out is to invent ghosts — which is exactly what some tenants in America did.

The Simple Trick Subway Dispatchers Use To Get Service Back On Track

Sometimes it feels like all mass transit systems do is apologise for running behind schedule. New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority decided to create this video explainer for exactly why you were waiting so long for the L this morning. And they did it in with cute 8-bit graphics.

This Insane Transmission Tower Sculpture Remind Us Of Our Mortality

If Zeus ever decides to come down off Mount Olympus and check out the modern world, he’ll be pleased to discover all sorts of fun new toys to smite mortals with. Who needs lightning bolts when you can throw transmission towers around?

California's Wealthiest Are Being Drought Shamed On Social Media

The US state of California is currently in the throes of one of the biggest droughts in history. While the hard data on the state’s biggest water hogs may not be publicly available, people sick of witnessing egregious water waste in their backyard are taking to social media to vent about it. The drought shaming wars have begun.

Long Beach Is Rethinking Its Taxis To Be More Like Ubers

Cities are doing a lot of hemming and hawing when it comes to the rideshare apps that are devouring their taxi businesses. In one of the more progressive moves, the Southern California city of Long Beach is revamping its taxi fleet with a big design and tech upgrade so they can tackle these startups head on.

How Can I Get This Horse-Powered Garbage Truck To My Neighbourhood?

I had just decided that the sanitation trucks which come rumbling down my street at dawn — spewing diesel, making my house shudder, flinging the occasional recycling bin across the street with their robot arms — are a necessary nuisance for a city dweller. Until I saw this trash collection service that uses horse-drawn wagons.

The 7 Best Cities For Robotics Right Now

RoboUniverse, robotics’ annual meeting of the minds, is rolling out in New York City this week — and in the keynote address today, we learned where the best robotics work in the world is happening.

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