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Short Film Imagines What It's Like To Be Completely Alone In Paris

Video: What would you do if you found yourself alone in a wonderful city like Paris? How would you feel? Would you be lonely? Would it be fun? What would you do? This short film from Mathieu Stern shows how you can feel terribly alone in a big city like Paris when you’re occupied with all of life’s worries. It’s a pretty brilliant portrayal of what happens to the world around us when we’re thinking about something else entirely.

Every Metropolis Should Have A Wildlife Reserve Like This

Image Cache: This is the Woodberry Wetlands in the Borough of Hackney in London. Every city should have something like this: A quiet haven just moments from the bustle of city life in which nature can thrive.

Frenetic Video Shows The Addictive Energy Of Tokyo

Video: It’s hard to really capture the unique energy of a place like Tokyo because so much of what makes it special requires you to actually be there and feel it. It’s in the people, it’s in the overloading of the senses, it’s in the chaos that surrounds you. This video by Christoph Gelep, however, does a pretty good job in showing how alive the city is. And it does a fantastic job in making me want to go there to experience it first hand.

Venezuela Shortens Work Week To Just Two Days Due To Extreme Energy Crisis

Over the last few years, Venezuelans have suffered from the devastating impacts of a crumbling economy. Now severe drought has incapacitated its biggest hydroelectric plant, leading to daily blackouts. Earlier this month, the country mandated a three-day weekend as part of energy rationing. Now the situation has gotten worse, and yesterday President Nicolas Maduro shortened that work week to just two days.

This Autonomous Garden Would Roll Its Way To The Perfect Plot

If you lack the skills to keep plants alive, this architectural concept might appeal. Called Hortum Machina B, the sphere contains electronics that enable it to sense its surroundings and move in order to keep its internal garden healthy.

Elon Musk Is Working On Some Kind Of Self-Driving Bus

Sure, an affordable electric car can go a long way towards helping Australia achieve energy independence and wrestling its citizens away from fossil fuels. But if Elon Musk really wanted to solve our transportation problems, he’d be designing an electric bus. If his comments at a conference today are true, Musk is doing exactly that.

Brooklyn Is Actually Going To Build This Awesome Megascraper

Can we pause for just a minute to commend the fine people of Brooklyn for approving such a good-looking building as the new tallest structure in their fair borough?

Can You Guess How Much NYC Paid The Architect Of The Most Expensive Train Station On Earth?

The World Trade Center Transit Hub — AKA The (other) Oculus — has already gone down in history as the most expensive train station, ever. The grand total was $US4 billion, about twice what it was supposed to cost, and more than the skyscraper adjacent to it. But there might be another record-breaking figure associated with this project. I couldn’t believe how much the architect got paid.

Beverly Hills In California Has Decided To Build An On-Demand Autonomous Car Service 

California’s Beverly Hills City Council has voted — unanimously — to build up a fleet of autonomous cars that will be used to provide an on-demand transport service in the area.

Google's Parent Company Confirms Plans To Build The City Of The Future

After dropping hints at a recent event that the Google parent company Alphabet might be building its own urban-scale laboratory, Footpath Labs CEO Don Doctoroff confirmed that a plan to build a city is in motion, and it’s named “Project Footpath”.

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