There's Actually A Legitimate Reason Why LA's Skyline Is So Ugly

Los Angeles’ skyline has none of the soaring spires that grace the Burj Khalifa or the Chrysler Building. Instead, it’s uniformly flat, like someone took an axe to downtown and left only stumps of buildings. And it’s all because of a piece of misguided regulation.

The Forgotten 13th Avenue That New York City Built And Then Destroyed 

Yesterday, we looked at the great “fattening” of New York and all the parts that are built on what basically amounts to trash. But it turns out that parts of the city have also disappeared — and for a few decades, New York even had 13 grand north-south avenues, not 12.

Megacities Are Growing So Fast We Need Satellites To Study Them

It’s difficult to track the growth of cities across multiple countries in a consistent way — especially considering tools like satellite imagery have only been around for a few decades. But this week the World Bank Group released the results of an unprecedented, decade-long analysis of one of the world’s most interesting boom regions: East Asia.

5 Parts Of New York That Are Built On Garbage

New York was pretty much a cesspool in the 19th century. “We were a laughingstock,” as anthropologist and trash historian Robin Nagle once put it. But in an odd way, New York owes its current success to its refuse — after all, it’s built on the stuff.

8 Cities That Have Their Own Distinctive Fonts 

What does a world-class city need these days? Museums, skyscrapers, leafy parks, and, perhaps, a custom typeface.

Good Morning, Berlin

Berlin is not only one of the most vibrant cities in Europe — thanks to its food, clubs, cultural life, and the other thousand things you can do there — the city itself it’s unique. Its architecture is stunning and full of contrasts, a constant reminder of the clash between the communist and the capitalist world.

The Forgotten Story Of NYC's First Power Grid

Lower Manhattan of the 1880s was a wonderland of futuristic technology and engineering: The city’s first cable car arced over the harbour. A spindly new steel bridge was forming to connect Williamsburg to the city. And on the Lower East Side, Edison was tearing up the streets to build the first permanent power station in the world.

Astrophysicists Find That Cities Grow Just Like Galaxies 

We’ve all looked out at the night sky and wondered at how much the stars look like strings of cities. But there’s more than a passing resemblance — according to a team of astrophysicists who compared the two, there’s a much deeper connection at work. We aren’t just made of stars, we act like them too.

37 Rare And Beautiful Images Of The NYC Subway In The 1980s

When most people think of the subway in the 1980s, they think of scary things. A few years ago The New York Times likened the state of the city to “a house of horrors“. But as a newly published set of nearly 500 photos show, New York City’s underground wasn’t always so horrific. It’s bizarrely beautiful in all its squalor.

Thousands Of Fish To Be Freed From Abandoned Shopping Centre Fish Hell

Last year, we learned about Bangkok’s New World Mall, among the most dystopian places on the planet. It’s a shopping centre in the middle of one of the world’s more tumultuous cities that was abandoned nearly 20 years ago. After a roof collapse, the mall flooded, and a population of fish thrived in newly formed ponds. Now, those fish are finally being set free.