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Google Is Opening A Detroit Office To Poach Auto Talent

Just few weeks after Google got us all excited about its impending fleet of autonomous Chrysler minivans, the company’s Self-Driving Car project announced that it’s packing up at least part of its operation and moving it to Detroit. Ford, hide your engineers!

An Artist Has Made The Louvre's Pyramid Disappear

Now you see it, now you don’t. Street artist JR’s latest work has seen him shroud the large pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris with material that, at a glance, makes it look like the structure has disappeared altogether.

Australia's Not The Only Country With Crazy Expensive Housing

If you thought Australia was the only country with ridiculous housing prices, this map of “Million Dollar Listings” in the US’s priciest cities will make you want to roll up into the fetal position and bawl your eyes out.

Frenetic Video Reveals The Different Layers Of Chaos Of Living In A City Like Hong Kong

Video: Big cities around the world all have an unmistakable energy — which happens when you stack people on top of more people — that makes them unique and yet similar all at once. There’s a constant buzz around the city and there are different layers to the life there. Here’s what it’s like in Hong Kong.

Google Patented A Sticky Car Hood That Traps Pedestrians Like Flies To Keep Them Safe

Google loves to brag about how its self-driving cars and their ability to save lives by being really good at not crashing into things. But crashes do still happen, and when they do, Google apparently has a backup plan: human flypaper.

You Could Pay Your Public Transport Fare With A Tap Of Your Phone

It’s a dream of busy transit riders to be able to quickly and conveniently pay fares with the one thing that we always seem to have handy — our phones. In today’s Android Pay demo at Google I/O, we got to see the reality that Tube-riding Londoners will soon experience.

I Want To Live In This Incredible Full Scale Model Of NYC

At first glance, it’s hard to discern whether these images of New York City are a super-stylised map, digital 3D-rendering, or perhaps simply a cute New Yorker illustration. In fact, they’re photographs of a 1:1200 scale model of the city housed in the Queens Museum.

Frightening Composite Photos Retell The Terror Of The London Blitz

One of the main reasons why the Nazi Germany finally lost World War II was Hitler’s failed strategic bombing campaign of the United Kingdom. The Blitz lasted for eight months from September 1940 to May 1941, and the Luftwaffe bombers attacked 16 British cities. Over a period of 267 days, London was attacked 71 times, including 57 consecutive nights of raids on the capital.

Report: Four Out Of Five City Dwellers Breathe Unsafe Air

The leading cause of death worldwide isn’t an infectious disease or cancer. It’s air pollution. And despite our best efforts to control it, smog is still increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, posing a health risk to over 80 per cent of all city dwellers.

Watch The First Passenger Train To Travel From Downtown LA To Santa Monica In 60 Years

Today, for the first time since 1953, a train filled with passengers travelled from downtown Los Angeles to downtown Santa Monica. A preview ride for the city’s brand-new Expo Line extension allowed a few dozen transit employees, journalists, and politicians including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, to experience the ride which opens to the public on May 20.

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