Someone Smuggled This Teahouse Into A Park Without Anyone Noticing

Los Angeles’s Griffith Park is home to miles of hiking trails, the Hollywood Sign, and at least one mountain lion. Now, suddenly, the park has a teahouse, secretly installed by a group of anonymous artists on a hillside overlooking the city.

How This Underground Park Is Piping In Real, Live Sunshine

We’re living in an age of extremely ambitious urban technology: floating pools that filter dirty river water; artificial eco-habitats; and even green parks that sit under cities, nourished by actual sunlight literally piped down from above.

I'd Live In These Apartments Built In The Middle Of An Extra-Wide Street

Most American streets are far too wide, which uses up valuable urban space, is dangerous for pedestrians, and actually makes traffic worse. That’s why many cities are trying to hand over more street space to transit, biking and walking. But what if we took the lanes devoted to cars and turned it into housing? It sounds crazy, but this idea actually makes a lot of sense.

Uncovering The Early History Of Big Data In 1974 Los Angeles

The concept of “smart cities” seems like a contemporary urbanism trend. But as early as the 1960s, cities were using technology to gather, interpret, and visualise civic data. Here’s how a 1974 report by Los Angeles’s Community Analysis Bureau used computer databases, cluster analysis, and infrared aerial photography to help them to make decisions about policy.

This Pavilion Is Made From... Cardboard?

This cubic pavilion was constructed in the heart of Valencia in March. With its crisp, straight geometric lines and lustrous silver finish, it looks like it’s made of metal: aluminium? Some kind of steel? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s cardboard.

The First Full-Colour HD Videos Of Earth Taken From Space Are Amazing

Satellite imagery has become a part of our daily digital lives; we use stills of our planet to navigate to the mall, for goodness sake. But when those images are moving, the result is so stunning that it’s almost magical. UrtheCast has released the first full-colour HD video of Earth shot from the International Space Station. And it’s just freaking gorgeous.

Sneaky Nordstrom Tower Adds 22m To Be The Actual Tallest US Building

Last time we checked in with the Nordstrom Tower, a superskinny supertall going up in Midtown Manhattan, a sneaky spire had been added to make it a hair taller than the tallest spire at the World Trade Center. Now, new documents show another stealth move: The actual roof height will be taller than previously planned — taller than the current tallest US building, the Willis Tower.

This Might Be The First Building Designed By Facebook Poll

Getting a building approved by the public is tough — a few strong voices in the neighbourhood could easily bring down the entire process. To win the public over, designer Karim Rashid turned to his Facebook page, asking his over 421,000 fans to vote on which concept for a new building they liked best.

Meet The People Who Are Wasting The West's Water On Purpose

On Friday, California passed its deepest water cuts yet, the state’s latest attempt to conserve a dwindling resource in a region crippled by drought. Yet there remains a small group of people in states throughout the West who continue to flagrantly waste water. Yes, on purpose. And it’s not just the wealthy.

These Are The 21 Most Obnoxious People You'll See Riding Public Transport

Let’s face it, garbage humans are everywhere — and that doesn’t even include the dude having a VR experience in the subway seat next to you. Here are the most obnoxious people you’ll probably run into on a public transport system near you.