Welcome To The Rural Model Town That Wants To Build A Hyperloop Utopia

What do cities look like in the world of Hyperloop transit? Will supersonic travel turn our cities into vast, intermodal suburbs? And what about the edge towns that once bled into the country, fed by car travel — will they empty out and decay, eliminated by a new form of transportation that bypasses them?

A Room-Sized 3D Printer Will Make Freeform Concrete Design Easy

Concrete is an amazing building material: cheap to create, strong when used correctly and hard-wearing too. But turning it into exotic and shapely forms can be prohibitively complex and expensive. Now, a 3D printer capable of producing one-off moulds as large as a phone booth could help turn architectural dream into affordable reality.

Three Dystopian Cities Of The Near Future, Animated In 5K 

What’s stranger: A vision of the future that’s completely foreign to you, or a vision of the future that’s recognisable but different enough to feel alien?

How 'Defensive Architecture' Is Ruining Our Cities

Cities have always struggled with the tension between the different needs of social classes who share the space. But as The Guardian documents, a new trend of defensive –and some times overtly hostile — architecture is changing the urban landscape, and not in a good way.

How Disasters, Emergencies And Survivalism Are Shaping Home Design

You peer warily out of the single window in your zombie-proof steel box. The street seems deserted — except for a lone figure who is staring at you from a distance. Is it 2079, in the years after the Great Drought Plague!? No, it’s 2015 in Royal Oaks, Michigan, and that zombie is a curious FoxNews reporter.

Good Morning From Dubai

Video: I wasn’t much taken with Dubai the last time I was there, but this stunning video from time-lapse wizard Rob Wiltworth makes me feel like visiting it again, spending more time and, inevitably, much more money there.

Good Night, San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t Gotham. That’s New York (or Chicago if you want to be wrong). San Francisco is too colourful, too weird, too positive and too future friendly to be the dark and gritty Gotham City. But Toby Harriman stripped the colour of SF in this timelapse, and the city by the bay looks pretty good when things go dark.

13 Gorgeous Panoramic Maps Drawn Long Before Satellites Even Existed 

It’s hard for us Google Earth-dependent modern-day humans to conceive of, but there was once a time when we had to imagine what our towns and cities looked like from the sky. In fact, there were famous artists who specialised in creating these panoramic views of Earth, although today, it’s a lost art.

Good Evening, Manhattan

Video: This time-lapse by Dominic Boudreault’s is a beautiful, crystal clear view of Manhattan. Even after all these years of coming here it causes the same reaction of awe and wonder in me, both in real life or watching these animated images.

The Radical Hanging Bridges That Time Forgot 

It’s easy to think of technology as a constant forward march, a smooth catenary arch towards the present. But some technologies don’t make it. Sometimes, grand visions of the future only last for a few years — or maybe a few decades.