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These Transit Safety Videos Are So Gruesome They Just Might Work

What would convince transit riders to pay attention to an oncoming train instead of Instagram? Apparently, a graphic depiction of certain dismemberment.

Facebook's New Gehry Building Includes The World's Least Functional Bike Bridge

In 2012, Frank Gehry and Mark Zuckerberg posed for a series of photos that sealed their intertwined fates: Gehry, arguably the world’s most famous architect, would design a new campus for Zuckerberg, arguably the world’s most powerful not-lizard person. Surely with all this money and talent coalescing like a hunk of molten aluminium, Facebook’s new HQ would garner universal “Likes“. Instead it’s more “Sad” than “Wow”.

Cities Band Together To Deal With Uber, Airbnb

Such is the power of Uber and Airbnb they have inspired international cooperation in this uncertain world. Mayors from 10 cities worldwide are working together to write a unified “rulebook” for how to deal with these companies.

This Floating Walkway Is Christo's First Truly Important Work Of Art

Over the weekend, my social media feeds were draped in neon orange as the world exuberantly shared the first photos of Christo’s latest work, The Floating Piers, a 3km walkway across an Italian lake. It is easily the artist’s most ambitious piece from an engineering perspective — and one that actually adds value to its location.

Waze Is Fixing One Of Its Most Annoying Features To Make Streets Safer

Anyone who’s used Waze is familiar with the navigation app’s insistence on making turns on busy streets where there’s no signal to stop traffic. Waze actually has a name for these types of situations: “difficult intersections.” And a new feature will become the default setting on the app to help drivers avoid them — something Waze says will make streets safer.

Floating Balloon Bridge Could Help Replace New York City's Failing Subways

One of New York City’s major subway lines connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan will be out of commission for months, maybe years, and some residents are preparing for an end-of-days scenario. A few enterprising New Yorkers have proposed a gondola, but building it will be nearly as pricey and time-consuming as the subway repairs. The city needs ideas for getting people over the East River, fast. Here are a few inspired ones.

See The Exact Moment When The World's Biggest Cities Were Born

Video: The world is urbanizing faster than ever, with more than half of the planet’s population currently living in cities — more than any time in history. But when did this trend of “urbanisation” start? It turns out its roots go back much farther than we thought.

Los Angeles Is Hiring A Sound Artist To Help Make Its Streets Safer

After years of decline, the number of deaths on American streets are starting to rise again, a troubling statistic for many cities that are working hard to get more people walking and biking. Now Los Angeles’s Department of Transportation (LADOT) is trying something new: Enlisting a sound artist to bring attention to the city’s traffic deaths.

A Big LA Fire Isn't Worse Because People Are Finally Preparing For The Worst

It had all the elements of a catastrophe: A truck hit an electrical pole in the bone-dry canyons outside LA, exploding a transformer. Winds were brisk with temperatures above 32C. Despite that, the 500-acre blaze that looked particularly scary has only damaged three structures, reportedly because local residents had take the right precautions to protect themselves from bushfire.

Apparently It's Possible To Live In An Apartment With Too Good Of A View

A building boom of supertalls skyscrapers in New York City is resulting in some of the highest residential units in the world — we’re talking apartments that are at a dizzying 90 stories and higher. So where does that leave the people who live in the former-tallest residential buildings? Don’t worry, they’re just fine in their 80th floor apartments — because the view there is supposedly better.

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