The NSA Made Its Own Google To Help Share Your Data With Cops

Well, here’s timely NSA revelation for you: The Intercept reports that the spy agency built a “Google-like” search engine for its seemingly bottomless cache of data on persons of interest. This tool allows the spy agency to share over 850 billion records with nearly two dozen US government organisations, including the FBI and the DEA.

CIA Admits It Snooped On US Senate Computers

The CIA just admitted that it “improperly penetrated” Senate Intelligence Committee computers, according to The New York Times. The CIA also apologised to senior committee members.

Everything We Know About The US Army's Uncanny Chatbots

Sgt. Star is the U.S. Army’s dedicated marketing and recruitment chatbot, and he isn’t going to turn whistleblower any time soon. There’s no use threatening him for answers either — he’s programmed to report that kind of hostility to the Army Criminal Investigation Division.

This Dog Poop Is Actually A Secret Rescue Beacon

Weird historical artifact of the day: This is not a dog excrement, it’s a T-1151 Dog Doo Transmitter from the collection of the National Museum of the US Air Force. It looks gross, but it was incredibly useful during the Vietnam War.

The CIA's Bizarre Art Collection Memorialises Its Greatest Hits

Great victories in intelligence are, by definition, usually destined to remain secret. But inside its headquarters in Virginia, the CIA keeps its own little oil-and-canvas shrine: 16 pieces of art commemorating important moments in intelligence history.

CIA Tries To Stop Russia Building Monitoring Stations In US

The CIA is quietly trying to stop Russia building a series of monitoring stations — devices that form part of Moscow’s version of the Global Positioning System — on US soil.

CIA Has Vast Database Of International Money Transfers

The Central Intelligence Agency has been busy aggregating a huge database of international money transfers, according to the Wall Street Journal — and it includes financial and personal data of millions of Americans.

Edward Snowden Tricked NSA Coworkers Into Giving Him Their Passwords

New details are emerging about how Edward Snowden gained access to the classified NSA documents he would later leak to the press, and boy are they curious. Reuters dropped a scoop late last night that shows how shockingly low tech (read: no tech) methods enabled Snowden to gather up classified documents.

Report: CIA Pays US Telco Over $10 Million A Year To Spy On Phone Calls

Check it out, guys. It’s a creepy revelation about the US government spying on phone calls that didn’t come from Edward Snowden’s NSA leak. Nope, just your standard sketchy CIA arrangements with a telecommunications company — AT&T to be exact.

Drone-Ready NSA Can Trap Terrorists With One Email

We already knew that the NSA was collecting a lot of data with its many surveillance tools — like, a lot of data. But new details about the agency’s role in the CIA’s drone program show that they’re collecting incredibly detailed data too. Detailed enough to catch a terrorist with a single email.

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