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How To Install Chrome OS On Your Windows Laptop

Eager to try out Chrome OS, but not ready to ditch Windows entirely? Thanks to the latest software package from Neverware, you can have both. By installing the company’s CloudReady software, you can turn your Windows laptop into a Chromebook, and it’s also possible to set up a dual-boot system using both operating systems.

Google Forking WebKit To Create New Rendering Engine

Google announced last night that it’s going to stop using WebKit — the rendering engine currently used by the likes of Safari and Chrome to display web pages — in favour of its own solution, which will be called Blink.

How To Turn Your Netbook Into A Chromebook With Chromium OS

Google recently released its own line of Chrome OS-clad netbooks, but with only a few choices, a somewhat high price tag and no clear Aussie release plans. As such, you might be more comfortable running Chrome OS on your own machine. Here’s how to install it on your current laptop or netbook.

Kogan Launching Chromium OS Laptop Next Week

Been itching to try out the Chromium OS on a dedicated laptop? Looks like your best bet in Australia comes from Google fanboy Ruslan Kogan in the shape of the new Agora 12 ultra portable laptop launching next week.

The ChromiumPC From Xi3 Is The First Desktop Ready To Run ChromeOS

The ChromiumPC modular computer, first unveiled by Xi3 last year, is ready to ship this summer, with an architecture designed specifically for Chrome.

Early Chrome Build, Canary For Mac, Is Now Available

After knocking around on Windows since last August, the Google Chrome Canary pre-dev build is now available for Macs. In the words of Google, “it automatically updates more frequently than the Dev channel, and does not undergo any manual testing before each release. Because we expect it to be unstable and, at times, unusable, you can run it concurrently with a Dev, Beta or Stable version of Google Chrome.” [Chromium Blog]

Social Web Browser RockMelt Comes Available To All For Download

RockMelt, the social web browser that’s built on top of the tech that powers Chrome, has finally come out of beta and is available for everyone to download and get their social browsing on. [RockMelt via TechCrunch]

Hacked iPad Shown Running Chromium OS

While it could just be a screengrabbed imaged displayed in the Photos app, we’re inclined to believe it’s the real deal as Hexxeh already has a proven track record in Chromium OS builds.

Chrome OS Coming Along Nicely With Less-Cluttered Look

Google’s adapted the aesthetics of Chrome OS slightly, making it even less-cluttered and easier-looking to use, as some screengrabs found in the Chromium OS code page show.

Google's Native Client SDK: That Whole Web App Thing Is Getting Serious

newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"","customParams":[] ,"width":570,"height":412,"ratio":0.824,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube"} );

What’s Google’s Native Client SDK? A way to develop web apps that use native code like C or C++. This, plus OpenGL-powered hardware graphics acceleration? Google’s world, where the browser is the OS, looks more and more possible everyday. [Chromium]

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