Google's Free New App Lets You Control Your PC From Your Phone

Remote desktops are nothing new, but Google has now released a slick app that makes the process a pleasure rather than wildly frustrating. The new software will let you control your Mac or PC from any Android device.

Chrome Bug Can Turn Whole Pages Into Record Buttons For Eavesdroppers

We’ve seen eavesdropping issues in Chrome before, like one exploit that lets sites ask for permission to the microphone, and then keeps listening long, long after. But now a new one discovered by Guy Aharonovsky goes a step further: it triggers listening with no permission, even if your microphone is completely disabled.

This Bookmarklet Will Get Your Reading At 400 Words Per Minute (Or More)

If you’re a slow reader, then reaching 400 words per minute or more might seem like an impossible task. That’s not taking into considering reading comprehension — what good is being fast if you’re not absorbing anything? One way to improve your abilities is computer-assisted speed reading, something you can get right now in your browser with a bookmarklet called “Squirt”.

See Your Entire Browser History In A (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

This is what a life online looks like. If you’re interested in seeing your very own browser history all piled up, head right on over to Iconic History; a plug-in that turns your page clicks — all of them — into an unfiltered grid of favicons.

Chromebooks Come In Faux-Leather Now

You know how the Galaxy Note 3 has faux-leather backing ? And also a few of Samsung’s PRO tablets ? It doesn’t end there. The Chromebook 2 is your first pleather Chromebook. That doesn’t make it a premium product, no. But it’s kind of a nice touch!

This Chrome Extension Replaces Tony Abbott Photos With Cats

Tired of seeing our stammering Prime Minister all around the web? Relieve the burden with Stop Tony Meow: a Chrome extension that replaces photos of Abbott with cute cat photos.

Google Removes Spamming Chrome Extensions

Google has removed two Chrome browser extensions over the weekend, because the software appears to serve spam ads — in turn violating company’s terms of service. Both the “Add to Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” extensions were quietly updated recently, but in the process began feeding users undesirable ads, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Fix Every Gmail Annoyance With This Awesome Chrome Extension

Spend too much time rooting around in your Gmail inbox but then somehow manage to miss that one important email when it actually comes in? It’s happened to all of us. But, if you set up awesome Chrome extension Checker Plus for Gmail, it never has to happen again.

Google Now Just Took Its First Steps Onto The Desktop

Google Now is great, but it’s only on your mobile devices. We’ve been waiting on a desktop version for what feels like forever. Now, finally, it’s just starting to poke its head out in the beta-est of Chrome’s beta builds.

Report: Google Planning Chrome App Support For Android And iOS

The Next Web is reporting that Google is working on plans to offer up Chrome apps, usually found on the desktop, to the mobile ecosystems of iOS and Android. The site reports that the company is “currently building a toolkit to help developers create Chrome apps for Android and iOS, as well as port their existing Chrome apps to both mobile platforms.”