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Which Apps Are Running Down Your Chromebook's Battery?

Worried if your Chromebook battery’s going to last until you get back home? The latest version of the Chrome OS Dev channel breaks things down for you by showing how much juice each of your web apps is using. Follow these steps to load up the console and you can easily spot the battery hogs causing you trouble.

The Best Chromebook For Every Need

I basically live in Google’s Chrome web browser. It’s a decision I made to save my sanity when it became part of my job to change laptops every few weeks. No need to back up files that way! But it made me wonder how well I could live with only Chrome — if I could replace my laptop with a Chromebook instead.

Get The Most From Your Chromebook Even When It's Offline

Some folks would have you believe that, without an Internet connection, your spiffy new Chromebook only slightly less useful than the box it came in, but that’s simply not true. They may not be able to match a MacBook’s performance, but these lightweight laptops are far from helpless when the connectivity runs dry. Here’s most everything you can do on a Chromebook without a Wi-Fi signal.

Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Chromebook

Google’s Chrome OS will soon be graced with Adobe’s Creative Suite, starting with streaming access to Photoshop.

Hands-On With Acer's Touchscreen Chromebook

Yesterday, Acer launched the C720P Chromebook in Australia — the first model with an inbuilt touchscreen. Like the recent spate of Windows 8 notebooks, its LED boasts 10-point touch functionality for added “fun and immersion”. Is there actually any point to this feature in Google’s Chrome OS? Apparently, that will largely depend on what developers choose to do with it.

What's Your Favourite Chrome OS Peripheral?

Sometimes the integrated inputs on your Chromebook just simply aren’t good enough (looking at you, Chromebook 11 trackpad). But the OS is still new enough that not many major manufacturers directly support it. Sure, Chrome OS is supposed to be plug-and-play compatible with any USB HID peripheral, but this nest of un-pairable wireless mice on my desk suggest otherwise.

Google Is Sneaking Chrome OS Into Windows 8 'Metro' Mode

It was one thing when Google’s Chrome apps managed to break out of the browser and become real, offline apps, but clearly that is not Google’s real long-term play. A recent update to the developer version of Google Chrome basically runs Chrome OS inside of Windows 8.

Google Experiments With A New Launcher And Ditching The Black Bar

There’s a new, cleaner Google web interface being tested right now. It does away with the black bar in favour of nicking the Chrome OS and Android grid icon and using it to populate a nice little white dropdown menu.

Chrome And Android's Excellent Collision Course

Andy Rubin left Android, and Chrome and Apps boss Sundar Pichai is taking over. Desktop melts into mobile. It’s a familiar dance, following iOS and OS X and the whole Windows 8 philosophy down the same convergence rabbit hole. But this one is a little different.

Google Chromebook Pixel: Awesome, Just Not $1300 Worth Of Awesome

Google set out to build “the best laptop possible”. The result: the Chromebook Pixel. A sleek and powerful device designed specifically for life in the cloud. If the display doesn’t make your jaw drop, the price tag will.