And This Year's Grossest Christmas Ad Goes To...

Last year, Poo-Pourri’s ad Girls Don’t Poop proved that humour is the best weapon if you need to advertise a stink-eliminating toilet spray. So this year, for the Christmas campaign, they decided to take their scatological humour a step further and show to the world that Santa suffers from gastric problems too.

'Tis The Season To Wear This Festive Batman Wreath Tee

Briefly: Does your office have a festive dress code for its Christmas party? Not a problem, just grab this $US20 Bat-wreath tee from ThinkGeek and you’ll easily pass muster. It sadly doesn’t light up — which is an absolute Bat-tragedy — but it’s still a wonderful take on holiday decor that lets you express your love of comic book heroes and pine boughs. [ThinkGeek]

This Heartbreaking Anti-War Commercial Just Won Christmas

Video: British supermarket Sainsbury’s just made my heart melt with its Christmas commercial. It’s based on the true events of the Christmas truce, unofficial ceasefires that took place in Christmas during World War I. Germans and British soldiers stopped fighting and exchanged presents and played games.

A Festive Lightning Charging Cable With Built-In Christmas Lights

Deck the halls, deck your desk, and charge your iPhone or iPad this Christmas with a USB Lightning cable featuring festive LED bulbs along its length — even if Christmas is months away. It’s the easiest and most useful way to bring holiday cheer wherever you go, even if those 10 power-sipping LEDs mean your device is most likely going to charge just a little slower than normal.

Christmas Meets New Years With Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions

Here, for your holiday season pleasure, are some Christmas baubles blowing up in festive slow-mo for new years.

Your Next Real Christmas Tree Might Have A Wacky New Colour Or Scent

Botanists have been busy trying to iron out the pesky needle drop from Christmas trees for years by crossing different species of fir. But now more scientists are getting involved — and the results could mean that your next tree looks or smells completely different.

Family Opens Beats Headphones On Christmas, Finds Tuna Instead

It’s Christmas Day. You’ve carefully wrapped the Beats headphones your daughter’s been dreaming of, and she’s just about to see that dream become a reality. You look on with glee as she tears the paper from her brand new set of cans only to find that these cans were not the cans she was looking for. These cans, it seems, were filled with tuna.

Hail The Machines: An Electronic Tribute To Carol Of The Bells

It’s a lovely thing when a chorus of voices comes together to perform that Christmas classic, Carol of the Bells. But hey, who needs humans? This season’s audio-visual holiday card from the Glasgow School of Art is an electronic masterpiece, bringing together a selection of vintage Mac computers, a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum + 1, and a SEGA Mega Drive to make beautiful music together.

13 Teens Bitching About Teens Bitching About Christmas Gadgets

Christmas time has come and gone, and it brought its fair share of iPhones and Xboxes and PS4s and MacBooks and gadgets galore. And of course, also some spoiled teens who weren’t too happy about the (awesome) stuff they got:

Adidas And Run-D.M.C. Made A Pair Of Christmas In Hollis Sneakers

Forget the ugly sweaters, the Santa hat, the light-up tie, even that pair of green pants you only wear once a year. Adidas and Run-D.M.C. have created the only garment you’ll need for holiday parties and family dinners with their new Christmas in Hollis-themed Superstar 80s sneakers.

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