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My family is big on Christmas movies. We always made a big deal out of it when I was a kid.

Even as an adult I enjoy being able to go home for the holidays to watch some of the heart-warming classics — Die Hard, Home Alone and Batman Returns.

My love of a good, bloody holiday flick may not have changed, but my tolerance for excruciating summer heat definitely has.


This weekend, fancy hotel Claridges revealed the Christmas tree that will grace its famed lobby this year. Designed by a different fancy person each year, 2016's tree was was thought up by Apple impresario Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson. Ah, so this is what it felt like when humans discovered fire.


With Christmas rapidly approaching, many shoppers are looking to pick up popular gift ideas like drones, smartphones and slow cookers for their loved ones. Unfortunately, some items aren't safe and should not be purchased under any circumstances.

Consumer watchdog Choice recently named and shamed a range of products that were recalled due to safety concerns in 2016. Here are 12 to avoid putting under your Christmas tree.


Plenty of people opened up a gift to find a hoverboard this year. A hearty chunk of that group has already crashed them. Combining an already combustible gimmick-toy with a day filled with alcoholic beverages and familial angst is a recipe for wiping out.


Video: Christmas is great and the holidays are awesome but it's still pretty funny that we all propagate the myth of Santa Claus. He's a dude who dresses in a red jumpsuit while breaking and entering homes to steal milk and cookies and gain favour with children. Eoin Duffy made this animated holiday card showing what Santa Claus would be like in real life. Ho ho ho!


Christmas 1992. I was 11 years old. I had literally stayed awake all night.

Why? Because I knew that, wrapped underneath the Christmas tree was a brand new Super Nintendo with Super Mario World, Street Fighter II and Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

That day was legit one of the greatest days of my life.


Video: I have a problem. I spent the past few weeks scouring gift guides in hopes of stumbling into something that I could buy. The problematic part is that I don't need anything. And yet, I kept looking and looking and looking. It's because I'm dumb and stupid and want to buy stuff because that's what the holiday season makes you want to do. But the truth is, don't! Because you don't need more stuff.


Only one more sleep until Christmas and there's one man who has a busy night ahead of him: Old Saint Nick. Assuming Santa Claus had to let go of all his elf staff (because it was effectively slave labour), how much would it cost him to buy all the presents he needs to deliver to all the kids around the world? We find out.


Video: There's probably not a person on this planet that would associate burgers with Christmas but after watching this video from Food, People, Places, I just might start. They made burgers inspired (very loosely!) by Christmas and the sheer visual deliciousness of all their wild creations is so incredible and the recipes are so inventive that Christmas dinner should just be a sampler platter of all 7 of these burgers.