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Choice Wants To School Malcolm Turnbull On Piracy

Not a fan of the proposed code to bust pirates for downloading copyright-protected material? Consumer group Choice isn’t either, and wants your help to school Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Choice Unwraps Australian Refund Rights

After many, many gifts were given and received yesterday, Choice is reminding consumers that they are protected by Australian law, and faulty products can be returned — even if they’re digital.

CHOICE Slams Government Piracy Plan, Labels Site Blocking As Internet Filter In Disguise

Depending on how long you’ve been following the Federal Government’s attempts to interfere with common sense and the internet in Australia, you may or may not recall that there was once a plan to filter the internet based on a mysterious government blocklist that was ripe for abuse. Consumer group CHOICE recalls the filter, and says that the government’s site blocking proposals to combat piracy are an attempt to re-introduce the controversial filtering plan.

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