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China Powers Up The World's Largest Alien-Hunting Telescope

You had a good run Arecibo, but there’s a new big dog in town. China has switched on the massive dish that now officially holds the record for the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. Among other things, researchers hope it will provide a big boost in the hunt for extraterrestrial life.

The World's Largest Elevator Can Lift 3000 Tonnes Of Ship

Video: There are a lot of logistical problems that pop up when you build a 181m structure like the Three Gorges Dam in China’s Hubei province. For example, how do ships navigate the sudden extreme difference in water heights on either side of the dam? That’s an easy one. You just build the world’s largest elevator capable of lifting 3 million kilograms of boat and water.

China Would Like Superhero Films To Stop Pandering And Actually Give Chinese Actors Substantial Roles

The box office trends of the last few years have made abundantly clear that would-be winter blockbusters are reliant on China for their profits. And one way these movies try to get the upper hand in that market is by putting a famous Chinese face in the movie, usually or about two seconds. China has noticed.

Inflatable Moon And A Typhoon Joined Forces To Destroy This City

Video: As typhoon Meranti inches closer to China, the category 5 tropical cyclone could produce 370km/h winds causing untold millions in damage. And to make matters even worse, it has apparently now joined forces with the moon in the city of Fuzhou to wreak even more havoc.

The US And China Have Officially Ratified The Paris Climate Change Agreement

In what’s being seen as a huge step forward in the effort to curb climate-warming emissions, the United States and China have ratified the Paris global climate agreement. Other countries are now expected to follow suit.

Jason Bourne 3D Is Making People Sick

Shaky-cam is already hard enough to watch. Is it a terrible idea to put it in 3D? Yep, it is.

Watch A Crazy Couple Climb The World's Highest Crane

Video: Some things, like cooking or watching terrible movies, are best enjoyed in the company of a significant other — or casual sexual acquaintance, no judgements here. Personally, climbing over 600m up to a rickety crane overlooking Tianjin, China doesn’t seem like a romantic activity so much as a way for both people to plummet to their deaths. But hey — do you!

Arrival's Hong Kong Poster Has A Mistake That's Causing Political Unrest

Here’s a case where film marketers being incurably Western causes a big problem: Arrival released 12 posters depicting alien monoliths appearing across the world. One of them photoshopped a building from Shanghai into a Hong Kong skyline. Oops.

How A 16th-Century Chinese Legend Transformed Into The Epic Fantasy Movie League Of Gods

The incredible trailer for the Chinese action fantasy League of Gods makes it seem like a straightforward tale of good versus evil and so on — until you discover its main hero is a talking baby. But there’s a good reason for that, as we learned when we interviewed the film’s director and the VFX supervisor, who also told all us about making the fantasy epic.

Suicide Squad Might Not Make It To China, And That's Probably Not Great

The importance of China’s role in the international box office has grown larger and larger — it helps record-breaking movies become even more overwhelmingly successful, and it even has the potential to save domestic flops from certain doom. But regardless of how well Suicide Squad performs now that it’s been released this week, China will likely not be able to help.

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