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Watch A Crazy Couple Climb The World's Highest Crane

Video: Some things, like cooking or watching terrible movies, are best enjoyed in the company of a significant other — or casual sexual acquaintance, no judgements here. Personally, climbing over 600m up to a rickety crane overlooking Tianjin, China doesn’t seem like a romantic activity so much as a way for both people to plummet to their deaths. But hey — do you!

Arrival's Hong Kong Poster Has A Mistake That's Causing Political Unrest

Here’s a case where film marketers being incurably Western causes a big problem: Arrival released 12 posters depicting alien monoliths appearing across the world. One of them photoshopped a building from Shanghai into a Hong Kong skyline. Oops.

How A 16th-Century Chinese Legend Transformed Into The Epic Fantasy Movie League Of Gods

The incredible trailer for the Chinese action fantasy League of Gods makes it seem like a straightforward tale of good versus evil and so on — until you discover its main hero is a talking baby. But there’s a good reason for that, as we learned when we interviewed the film’s director and the VFX supervisor, who also told all us about making the fantasy epic.

Suicide Squad Might Not Make It To China, And That's Probably Not Great

The importance of China’s role in the international box office has grown larger and larger — it helps record-breaking movies become even more overwhelmingly successful, and it even has the potential to save domestic flops from certain doom. But regardless of how well Suicide Squad performs now that it’s been released this week, China will likely not be able to help.

China's Mythical Great Flood May Have Really Happened

Chinese legend tells of a great flood, and how Emperor Yu drove back the floodwaters, founding the Xia dynasty and giving rise to Chinese civilisation. Now an international scientific collaboration has discovered the first geological evidence that such a flood may actually have happened — and the founding of the Xia dynasty may have happened hundreds of years later than historians previously thought. They describe their findings in a new paper in Science.

China's Rover Just Died On The Moon Again

After over two-and-a-half years on the moon, China’s lunar rover Yutu has been pronounced dead — for the second and (probably) final time.

China Actually Built That Crazy Traffic-Straddling Bus

For years China has been toying with the idea of building a massive bus that straddles multiple lanes of cars to move commuters without creating a traffic mess. To date, it’s only existed as fancy computer renders and animations. But starting today a real-life version starts testing in Qinhuangdao, China.

China Gets Transformed Into A Moving Painting In This Cool Side-By-Side Video

Video: This Prisma-type effect on photos and videos will probably get old one day (that day might have been yesterday) but my eyeballs are still enjoying how footage of real life can get transformed into moving art. Drew Geraci of District 7 stitched together 2500 photos in this sweeping side-by-side video of China to show us how the original photo and the post processed photo look right next to each other.

First Look At The Great Wall, A Movie About Matt Damon Fighting Monsters On The Great Wall Of China

Oh, did I mention that it is also apparently the most expensive Chinese movie of all time? This looks and sounds like all kinds of madness.

This Statue For A Chinese Warrior Is Very Probably The Most Badarse Statue Ever

Damn. That’s a good statue. This 50m-tall bronze figure depicts Guan Yu, an ancient Chinese general, and majestically towers over Jingzhou, China. Shanghaiist says that over 4000 strips of bronze have been stuck onto the body of Guan Yu and he stands atop the 8000 square metre Guan Yu museum. All that is great but damn, I just can’t get over how fantastic the statue looks.

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