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Archaeologists Discovered A 5000-Year-Old Beer Recipe In China

Step aside with your claims to long legacies, craft breweries! This reconstructed beer recipe is over 5000 years old. It’s the earliest beer recipe — and the earliest known use of barley — in China.

We Finally Know What China's Propaganda Army Does Online

China is notorious for employing an estimated two million government propagandists online. But new research on their tactics reveals a surprising strategy: China’s online army isn’t trying to argue with anyone who opposes the government. It’s just changing the subject.

Fun Animation Captures The Wild World Of Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

Video: Chinese restaurants can be really fun and lively places, where family and friends gather around giant banquet tables to talk, drink, and laugh together — all while eating food that’s constantly being spun around a Lazy Susan. Anatola Howard’s short animation Giraffe Soup captures the essence of eating Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant perfectly.

The World's Fastest Elevator Will Zoom Up The Shanghai Tower At 74km/h

The Shanghai Tower is still the world’s second-tallest building, just a few hundred metres shorter than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It already has the tallest observation tower — not that that’s stopped people from climbing even higher. As if it needed more to brag about, Shanghai Tower will be equipped with the world’s fastest elevator.

Explore A Huge Bitcoin Mine In 360 Video

Video: Ever wondered what a large-scale Bitcoin mine looks like? Well this video allows you to step inside a Chinese factory where the equivalent of $11 million of the cryptocurrency is generated every single year.

China Bans Videos Of People Eating Bananas

Well, damn. China has reportedly banned people from seductively eating bananas on film. I am devastated. According to state news outlet CCTVNews, the country has banned people from live-streaming their consumption of the delicious yellow fruit.

The World's Largest Coal Supplier Is Building A Giant Solar Plant

I suspect the Germans have an overwrought seven-syllable word for extreme irony, but even they’d have a hard time describing this. The Shenhua Group, the largest coal producer in China, which is the nation producing the most coal, is building a giant solar plant.

Paramount Is Being Sued For Not Having Enough Product Placement In Transformers 4

Congratulations to Paramount, which is finally in court on a $US27 million ($35.6 million) lawsuit for failing to actually place a product from a product placement deal. Yeah. On one side is Paramount, the studio behind the Transformers franchise, and on the other side is a Chinese business who paid them to put even more logos in the movie. Can neither side win?

China's Planning To Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations

Finding a site to build a nuclear power plant isn’t straightforward — so why not send them out to sea? That’s what China is apparently planning to do.

Aliens, Bureaucracy And Romance Collide In A New Drama From The Director Of Riddick

Writer and director David Twohy is best-known for his series of films about Riddick, Vin Diesel’s intergalactic convict/antihero/badarse. Twohy still hasn’t left that world behind yet, but he’s also got a new sci-fi project without the character on his slate: Ice Moon Rising, a co-production between China and the US.

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