Protesters Are Using FireChat's Mesh Networks To Organise In Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong have started communicating via FireChat, an app that lets people send messages without reception.

Report: China's Tech Factories Are Abusing Poor Interns

Think that you have it hard, with your internship forcing you to work eight-hour days making coffee for minimum wage? Well, a WSJ report might make you feel a little better: Chinese factories are relying on cheap intern labour to keep the manufacturing dream alive.

Study Shows Most Serious Cyberattacks Are Coming From Inside The US

When we think about where hackers come from, China is probably the first country that comes to mind — for good reason too. Russia’s maybe next in line. But a controlled experiment by cyber security researchers shows that the vast majority of attacks actually come from a very familiar place: the United States.

China's National Gallery Will Be One Of The Largest Museums On Earth

The sprawling Hermitage Museum has long reigned in St Petersburg, Russia as the world’s largest museum — but China has plans to come close to it with a huge new building for the National Art Museum of China, the design plans for which were recently released by French architect Jean Nouvel.

Guys Slide Over Water In One Of The Most Stunning Places In The World

A year ago, Brian Grubb and Dominik Preisner thought it would be a good idea to wakeskate across one of the most amazing spots in the planet, the famous rice terraces of Banaue, Philippines, which many consider one of the wonders of the world. It was. Here’s the video to prove it.

Shenzhen's Towering City Within A City Will Battle A Tide Of Smog

A few years ago, you’d probably never heard of Shenzhen. Now, the tiny Chinese fishing village has grown into a certified megalopolis, with 10 million residents, a thriving tech industry,and a gorgeous world-class airport. To cement its rising status in the world economy, Shenzhen has announced its most ambitious project yet: A green “super city” within the city, complete with what would be the world’s second-tallest tower.

Distressing Words Assemble Into Deadly Weapons In This PSA

Video: Adolescent delinquency is directly linked to verbal child abuse. That’s why the Center for Psychological Research in Shenyang, China, made this PSA to raise awareness about this problem, transforming distressing words into deadly weapons.

Why China's Building A Military Base In The Middle Of The Ocean

After flying a surveillance plane over the South China Sea last February, the Philippine government saw how China was constructing islands in order to bolster its claim to the territory. (See above.) It even suspected that China might plan to build a military air strip to protect them. Looks like they were right.

You Can Buy Fake University Email Accounts For As Little As 16 Cents

Want to pretend you went to the Ivy League? If you have some money and know how to log onto China’s version of eBay, Taobao, it’s not so hard. It is, however, illegal.

China's Newest Knockoff Predator Drone Takes To The Skies

China’s getting into the UAV game in a big way. Well, really, the only way it knows how: by closely mimicking the existing technology of a foreign power and slapping a new name on it. Say hello to the MQ-1 Preda — I mean, Cai Hong-4 “Rainbow”.

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