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China's Dredging In The South China Sea Created 11.7km² Of New Islands

We’ve known for years that China’s military is spearheading one of the biggest land reclamation projects ever in the middle of the South China Sea. But a report from the Pentagon yesterday says that the project is far larger than previously thought: 2900 acres (11.7km²) of new land has been created — roughly tripling the size of the entire group of natural islands.

The Awful Air Pollution In China Is Killing 4,000 People Every Day

The layer of thick smog that blankets many of China’s cities is not just making residents sick, it’s also causing premature death. Up to 4,000 people a day are dying due to China’s air pollution.

Photos From The Aftermath Of The Devastating Tianjin Explosion

Yesterday, Tianjin, China was rocked by a terrifyingly large explosion that left 50 dead and more than 500 people injured. The impact of the blast was devastating, from the initial horrifying explosion to the shockwave that shattered windows and glass a mile away and now to the aftermath, the port city of Tianjin looks post apocalyptic.

This City In China Built Its Own Chicago Bean In A Desolate Parking Lot

When it comes to architectural simulacra it’s hard to top the ballsiness of China, where a real-life World Showcase includes convincing replicas of cities like Venice, Paris, and London. Now the copycats have come for the art world, with a knockoff Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture, colloquially known to Chicagoans as “The Bean.”

China Is Reportedly Reading The Obama Administration's Personal Emails 

Chinese spies have breached the personal email accounts of many top Obama Administration officials and have been reading their emails since 2010, according to a report from NBC. This has got to be bad for Hillary Clinton, whose use of personal email address as Secretary of State during that time is now under FBI investigation.

Why So Many Countries Are Building Airstrips On These Remote Islands

The Spratly islands are not a natural spot for a layover. They are isolated — tiny, shallow islands spread out over a huge chunk of the South China Sea. So why are so many nations rushing to construct airline runways and other infrastructure there?

Watch This: Inside China's Prolific Technology Manufacturing Region

The bulk of the world’s gadgets are built in the Pearl River Delta region of China. There, cheap labour, mountains of electronic components and high finance co-exist — if a little awkwardly — to provide a haven for engineers and entrepreneurs. This video takes a peek inside what that’s like.

Chinese Police Shut Down A Huge Counterfeit iPhone Factory

A police raid in Beijing has shut down a large counterfeit iPhone factory that had produced over 41,000 handsets, reported to be worth $26 million.

China Is Turning Beijing Into A Megacity Six Times The Size Of NYC

China is already home to some of the most quickly growing megacities in the world. Now there’s a plan to officially merge several megacities around Beijing into one super-megacity that will house the equivalent of a third of the US population in an area that’s almost the geographical size of Victoria, Australia.

The Foundation Of The World's Next Tallest Building Is Just A Lake Now

Can the world’s tallest building be built in 90 days? It’s been two years since we asked that question, and as a report from a local Chinese paper illustrates today, the answer is an unequivocal no — at least not when the government thinks the plan is dangerous.

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