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This Week, China Introduced Us To Robots Who Come From The Future

When it comes to futuristic androids, Asia’s got the scene on lockdown, especially China, Japan, and Korea. The World Robot Exhibition in Beijing was held from November 23 to 25. Here are some scenes from the show, as well as what our electronic, bipedal friends will look like in the near future.

The US Now Has A Space Hotline With China

Next time POTUS needs to talk space with China, it will be a straightforward process: it turns out Washington and Beijing now have an emergency “space hotline” to ensure conflicts don’t arise.

The Weird, Sketchy History Of Internet Cafes

Internet cafes started as coffee shops where you could check email. But over the years, people turned them into dens for sharing pirated music, hotspots for video game addiction, and even temporary housing.

This Freeway Overpass Got Completely Replaced In 43 Hours

Remember Carmageddon, LA’s massive freeway widening project that was supposed to paralyse the city? (It didn’t.) The demolition of a single overpass alone took an entire weekend. Earlier this month, a major Beijing overpass was demolished and completely replaced in less than two days.

China Is Starting To Spank The US With Supercomputing Resources

When it comes to supercomputers, the US used to rule the roost. But these days its status is slipping — while China is surging ahead.

Even China's State News Agency Thinks The Pollution 'Doomsday' Has Arrived

Pollution levels in northeast China are breaking records. In fact, the air quality being recored in the city of Shenyang is 50 times what the World Health Organisation (WHO) says is safe for breathing. China’s state news agency is comparing conditions to the end of the world.

This Was One Of The Largest Landslides Ever, So How Did No One See It For Months?

How big is this landslide in China’s Tonzang valley? Big. So big that it created many (many!) new lakes. So big that, at just one of its three major points of origin, it shifted 395 million (million!) tonnes of earth. But it didn’t just happen — it actually occurred back in July. So why are we only seeing it now?

In The Future, International Airline Travel Will Actually Be Fun Again

Travelling abroad is inherently thrilling — but then there’s that interminable, soul-sucking trek to get there. In the future, things might be very different.

No One Really Knew How Many Ghost Cities Existed In China... Until Now

China’s “ghost cities,” where towns are built at high-speed but struggle to find residents, are a well-known phenomenon. But while there are lots of pictures of these uncanny cities online, it’s really difficult to figure out how many actually exist.

China Burns A Lot More Coal Than It's Claimed In The Past

It’s come to light that China has been burning up to 17 per cent more coal than its Government has previously claimed — pumping up to 1 billion more tonnes of carbon than expected into the atmosphere every year.

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