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Paramount Is Being Sued For Not Having Enough Product Placement In Transformers 4

Congratulations to Paramount, which is finally in court on a $US27 million ($35.6 million) lawsuit for failing to actually place a product from a product placement deal. Yeah. On one side is Paramount, the studio behind the Transformers franchise, and on the other side is a Chinese business who paid them to put even more logos in the movie. Can neither side win?

China's Planning To Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations

Finding a site to build a nuclear power plant isn’t straightforward — so why not send them out to sea? That’s what China is apparently planning to do.

Aliens, Bureaucracy And Romance Collide In A New Drama From The Director Of Riddick

Writer and director David Twohy is best-known for his series of films about Riddick, Vin Diesel’s intergalactic convict/antihero/badarse. Twohy still hasn’t left that world behind yet, but he’s also got a new sci-fi project without the character on his slate: Ice Moon Rising, a co-production between China and the US.

Watch Six Bulldozers Battle Each Other On The Streets Of China In The Craziest Fight Ever

Video: This is madness. Like, seriously what in the hell is going on. In northern China, multiple bulldozers apparently got so mad at each other that they started one of the craziest demolition derbies I’ve ever seen on a public road. It’s a legitimate royal rumble between heavy machinery. There are normal cars on the street driving around trying to avoid the ridiculousness that is giant bulldozers trying to ram the hell out of each other! Some of the bulldozers even got flipped over!

Chinese Experiment Shows Mammal Embryos Can 'Develop Completely' In Space

If humans are to live anywhere that isn’t Earth, we’ll need to be able to reproduce elsewhere in space. Now, a series of experiments performed by Chinese researchers show that mammalian embryos can “develop completely” in orbit.

The Most Beautiful Fireworks Show In China Is Literally A Blacksmith Throwing Molten Metal Around

Video: Fireworks, which were invented in China, are obviously a big deal in China. But no fireworks show in any part of the country and very probably the world can match the sheer spectacle and beautiful audacity of this fireworks show in Nuanquan, China. That’s because it’s more of a molten metal show. A blacksmith, wearing only a big hat and a sheepskin vest for protection, just starts throwing and scoop tossing molten metal against the wall of the city to let it sparkle and rain fire. It’s crazy! It’s so dangerous! It’s so awesome.

China Will Have Self-Driving Cars Before The US, Which Should Surprise No One

While the US is making slow but steady progress toward an autonomous future, China is fast-tracking plans to get self-driving vehicles on the road. And one of the chief forces behind this revolution is an engineer who recently worked at Google competitor Intel.

Chinese Engineers Want To Pit Their AI Against AlphaGo

Earlier this month, Google’s Go-playing AI wiped the floor with the game’s existing world champion. Now, a team of engineers from China plan to challenge AlphaGo with their own artificial intelligence system.

China's 'Historic' Drop In Coal Use Is Baloney 

Like a smoker who keeps trying to quit but sneaks a drag when he thinks nobody’s looking, China is slowly weaning itself off coal. Last winter, the Chinese government released preliminary statistics showing that its coal consumption had dropped 2.9 per cent in 2014. But that number may be obfuscating the truth about China’s coal use — and about how quickly its carbon emissions are declining.

Microsoft Made A Special Version Of Windows 10 For China's Government

While Windows 10 has been a success in much of the world, it hasn’t had a great rollout in China. In a bid to improve things a little, Microsoft has quietly produced a unique version of 10 for China’s government, with fewer games and more worker oversight.

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