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The Company That Got The iPhone 6 Banned In Beijing 'Barely Exists'

Last week a Chinese company named Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co successfully sued Apple for infringing on its smartphone design with the iPhone 6. But according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, that company suing Apple barely even exists.

Badminton-Playing Robot Will Destroy You On The Court

Table tennis-playing robots that can keep up with the likes of Forrest Gump are impressive, sure. But students and professors at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China took on a greater challenge when they built a badminton-playing robot that can quickly cover an entire court and return almost any shot.

Beijing Just Banned The iPhone 6

In the latest chapter of bad news for Apple in China, Beijing is halting the sale of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The Beijing Intellectual Property Office just ruled that because the devices infringe on the patent rights of the 100C, a phone made by Shenzhen Baili that almost no one has ever heard of. Weird, huh?

Loan Sharks In China Are Reportedly Forcing Women To Send Naked Photos As Collateral 

According to reports from state media, loan sharks in China have demanded that women provide naked photos of themselves as collateral for lending agreements.

So You Want To Build A Theme Park With A Communist Government

Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates to the public today, and in every single aspect it’s the crown jewel in a Disney Princess theme park tiara. But it wasn’t enough to build a ¥34 billion megapark ($6.9 billion) that’s four times the size of Disneyland. Disney also used the opportunity to gain a greater foothold in China — which was not always so easy. A New York Times report gives insight into the intense negotiations between Disney CEO Bob Iger and the Chinese government to introduce Mickey to Communism.

China Loves The Warcraft Movie: Part 2

Warcraft opened at the US box office last week amidst scathing critical reviews to a slim $US24.4 million ($32.9 million), but it’s a completely different story in the apparently Warcraft-mad China, where after just five days the film has cinched the title of the largest foreign debut in Chinese history.

China Loves The Warcraft Movie

Warcraft is being blasted by critics for its dullness and incessant focus on setting up future sequels at the expense of the current movie, but that has not stopped the film from completely storming its way through the Chinese box office, where it’s doing even better than its previous number one non-weekend launch, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Chinese Government Is Setting Up Its Own Major Science Fiction Award

Cover art from The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin. Image: Tor Books This is pretty interesting: during the latest national congress of the China Association for Science and Technology, chairman Han Qide announced that the country would be setting up a program to promote science fiction and fantasy, including the creation of a new major award.

China Tries To Enforce Real-Name Registration By Threatening To Disconnect Mobile Service 

Six years on, China’s attempts at making everyone register with real names for mobile hasn’t been too successful — so the government’s trying to show that it’s serious this time by cracking down with a deadline. According to the state-run China News Service, the more than 100 million people who haven’t yet registered SIM cards with real names need to do so by June of 2017, or else their mobile service could be disconnected.

Archaeologists Discovered A 5000-Year-Old Beer Recipe In China

Step aside with your claims to long legacies, craft breweries! This reconstructed beer recipe is over 5000 years old. It’s the earliest beer recipe — and the earliest known use of barley — in China.

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