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Chinese Fusion Test Hits 50 Million Celsius For 102 Seconds

Tests at a fusion reactor in China have hit a major milestone. The experiments have created plasma with a temperature of 50 million degrees Celsius — hotter than the core of our Sun — and sustained the state for over a minute and a half.

Thousands Of People Are Stuck In This Ridiculous Human Traffic Jam At A China Train Station

People in China have been trying to travel across the country for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday but some — if tens of thousands of people can be considered just some — have been stuck in one of the most insane human traffic jams in the world at the Guangzhou Railway Station in southern China. CNN reports that 100,000 people were waiting earlier this week while 33,000 are still stuck as of Wednesday morning.

Haunting Photos From An Abandoned Steel Mill In China

As China’s economic engine slows, the steel industry is lagging with it. Getty Images photographer Kevin Frayer visited the abandoned Qingquan Steel plant in Tangshan, which closed in 2014. The eerie photos depict just one of the many zombie factories that are left to rot in Hebei province, once home to China’s thriving Steel Belt.

This Might Be The Prettiest Mine We've Ever Seen 

All these rich greens usually mean vegetation, but this is an arid, salty land almost totally inhospitable to plants. Instead, those are the markers of a brine rich in minerals, concentrated as the water evaporates.

Beijing Blames Uber For Its Obscene Traffic Problem

Beijing faces overcrowded roads and pollution that is constantly getting worse. Why? According to city officials, it’s because of ride-sharing services, including Uber.

China's Enormous Derelict Shopping Mall Does Not Bode Well For Humanity's Future

China is known for building ambitious infrastructure projects, and finding humans to populate them after the fact. Sometimes, it doesn’t go according to plan. This is one of those times.

US Justice Department Says Chinese Cyber-Espionage Is A National Security Emergency

Stories of Chinese government organisations hacking American corporations are not new. But in a segment aired on 60 Minutes tonight, business leaders, government officials and security experts paint a picture of a particularly sophisticated attack on the intellectual property of “thousands” of companies.

China Announces Plan To Make First Landing On Dark Side Of Moon In 2018

The Chinese state news agency Xinhua has announced that the country’s space agency plans to land a probe on the dark side of the Moon in two years’ time — a feat that would mark a first for mankind.

This New Huawei Tablet Is Almost Like A Giant Nexus 6P

Huawei, the Chinese telecom company behind those blingy smartwatches, is introducing a new tablet today that reminds us of the Nexus 6P, that awesome Android phone that we loved last year.

Terrifying Photos Of Beijing's Toxic Smog 'White Christmas'

As you were tearing off the wrapping paper this morning, Beijing was waking up to the worst smog of the year, and a very different kind of white Christmas.

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