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Custom Chess Sets Let You Play With Your Favourite US City's Famous Landmarks

For those who don’t live under a monarchy, memorising the ranks of queens, kings, bishops and other pieces makes learning chess that much harder. But swap out royalty and peasants with buildings from famous US cities, and all you really need to know is that taller is better.

Watch New York City Chess Hustlers Get Pwned By Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen

It’s tough to beat the chess hustlers in New York City’s parks — unless you’re the best chess player in the world.

Play Chess Against A Computer And See What It's Thinking

Few of us are 18-year-old Go world champions, but most of us can play chess against an AI program that visualises what the computer is thinking.

Clever Chess Set Is Already Set Up And Ready To Play When You Open The Box

Mastering the game of chess is infinitely complicated, but getting started just got easier with a chess board that’s perfectly set up and ready to go as soon as you open the box. That’s the genius of Preset Chess.

How Chess Has Changed Over The Last 150 Years

The rules of chess have remained consistent since the early 19th Century, but that doesn’t mean our approach to the game has stayed the same. Here are some intriguing and surprising ways the Game of Kings has changed its shape over the past 150 years.

Beautiful Visualisation Charts History's Best Chess Players

Since the early 19th century, many chess grandmasters have come and gone, some better than others. This elegant data visualisation by Abacaba shows which players were the very best, and how long they were able to maintain their dominance.

Stackable Chess Pieces Hide A Rolled Up Leather Board Inside

Humans have been designing portable versions of chess for almost as long as the game itself has been played. But few designs are as elegant, or as compact, as this set from Raw Studio that rolls into a tube — complete with 32 chess pieces — that’s just 40cm long.

The Marvel Vs. DC Debate Finally Ends With These Comic Book Chess Pieces

Everyone just assumed that the Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics debate would rage on forever — or at least until mankind became extinct. But Eaglemoss has finally come up with a way to figure out which company is better, Marvel or DC, with custom chess pieces featuring the most popular comic book characters from each side of the debate.

The Smallest Game Of Chess Takes Up Just 487 Bytes

In this age of digital bloat, you might be surprised to hear that making a game as small as possible is an attractive challenge. But this tiny implementation of chess is just that — and takes up just 487 bytes on your hard drive.

Meet The Guy Who's Making A Sequel To Chess

Chess is getting a sequel. Yes, that Chess.

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