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Thanks To Smartwatches, Major Universities Are Banning All Watches From Exams

Back in my day, schools used to recommend bringing a watch into tests so you’d keep track of the time. But now, the rise of smartwatches could lead to a flat-out ban of all timepieces for test-takers, if the latest rule at a major university in Japan is any indication.

Your Cheatin' Heart? More Like Your Cheatin' Brain

Video: Some people cheat on their partners. Others wouldn’t dream of it — the risk is too huge. A new video from ASAP Science lays out how genetic differences in the neurotransmitters that promote risk-taking and social bonding might influence people’s willingness to stray.

Social Media Can Make Standardised Test Questions Go Viral

When standardised tests are shared nationwide — as they now are in the US, under the Common Core system that’s been adopted in 46 states — cheating suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. Especially since teenagers now share just about everything on social media.

High Roller Takes Melbourne Casino For $33 Million With Security Camera Hijack

Australia’s biggest casino was taken for $32 million, when its own security cameras were used against it by a high-roller who managed to hijack the surveillance systems.

Cheaters Come Up With The Darnedest Ideas

I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but if the kids who came up with the idea of cheating in exams by photoshopping answers onto a Coke label put the same amount of thought into study, they probably wouldn’t need to cheat.

Find My Friends Destroys Its First Marriage

Foursquare might be the kind of locational social networking, but is it breaking up couples? Probably not! Find My Friends, on the other hand, allegedly pinpointed one man’s unfaithful spouse, caught in her sordid Google Maps lie. Here’s the future!

Cheating Ladies Are Sexting Without Shame

A new study purports to show that women are actually more likely to engage in sexting than men are. But a closer look reveals a different picture of the findings.

You Can Legally Use GPS To Track Your Cheating Spouse Now

A judge in New Jersey has recently ruled that it’s totally OK and perfectly legal to use GPS tracking devices to track down your cheating spouse. Using technology to uncover infidelity! Just like we imagined all along.

This Is The Way Expert Cheaters Do It

I really wish I had the imagination to do this when I was in school. In fact, if I were the teacher and caught this guy, I would give him an straight A. [DemotivationThanks Karl!]

How To Cheat Online - And Get Away With It

Cheating on your significant other used to be simple: reserve the hotel room under an alias, pay in cash. Today, a digital footprint can be as telling as lipstick on the collar. But if you’re smart, you can get away with it.

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