9 Of Our Favourite Gadget Travel Companions

Travelling nowadays doesn’t require much technological preparation. If you’ve got your smartphone, you’re pretty much good to go. But there are still loads of gadgets that can make your trip from point A to point B — whether by plane, train, or automobile — more enjoyable.

Facebook Wants To Save You From Yourself And Your Drunk Selfies

Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence research to a potentially creepy end: The social network’s top minds want to build software that can do anything from read your status updates to warn you when you’re about to upload an embarrassing picture. Put another way, Facebook wants to stop you from uploading drunk selfies.

What's The Strangest Thing You've Done To Get Mobile Reception?

Finding some signal in areas with poor mobile reception is the modern day’s version of black magic: stand on one leg, reach into the air arm outstretched, balance something on your nose and maybe you’ll get some data.

What Sci-Fi Films Actually Deserve A Reboot?

Over the weekend, I watched the always wonderful and under-appreciated Titan AE. It had been a while since I’d seen it — maybe a five years or so — and I was amazed how great that movie still is. Think about it: an animated film that nearly kills the entire human race before the title screen. Gutsy.

The Best Easter Eggs On The Internet

I have a lot of sympathy for web designers and programmers. Although they slave away to create incredible software used by millions (or, at least, the good ones do), no-one ever really appreciates their work. Easter eggs are just a tiny portal into their world.

What Is Your Favourite Gadget Travel Companion?

As many of us unpack from a long weekend at the rents’ place or actively plan out our upcoming Christmas trip, I’m always reminded that travel can be incredibly fun — if you have the right gadgets to get you through it.

What's The Best Easter Egg On The Internet?

The Easter egg as a concept can be dated back to rich aristocrats hiding things inside priceless jewellry. But in the modern age, you’re far more likely to encounter one when you Konami-code a website, or made some odd menu choices in a game.

If You Had $100,000, Which Four Cars Would You Buy?

Take a few minutes out of your Friday afternoon and join us for a fun little mental exercise. Let’s face it, you weren’t working anyway. We’re giving you an (entirely fictional) $100,000 and a simple mission — build yourself an instant car collection, with four cars, one each from the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s and now. Trust us, it’s harder than you might think.

What's Your Worst Holiday Travel Horror Story?

We all have one of those holiday travel stories. That time you got to the airport and realised you forgot to click the buy button. That time you stepped onto the train platform and the zipper on your suitcase broke sending all of your sweaters onto the tracks. That time you got on a bus and your carsick neighbour barfed on his shoes. Life is just a John Candy movie waiting to happen.

12 Of The Worst Reply-All Screw Ups We've Heard

Last week we asked for your worst stories of accidentally hitting Reply All, those horrible moments when you realise that the thing you meant to send one person just went out to the whole office (or company, or family reunion thread, or other group of people containing at least one person who is going to be offended).