What Crowdfunded Project Has Screwed You Over The Hardest?

Crowdfunding isn’t the same as preordering. It’s a gamble at best. And with the Keryos Meteor coming out as one of the biggest crowdfunding fails in recent memory, we got to thinking: What other crowdfunding disasters have managed to slip under the radar?

If You Had $100,000, Which Three Cars Would You Buy?

Here’s a fun way to waste a few minutes (or a few hours) on your Monday afternoon — if you had a stack of $100 bills to waste on a garage full of pure motoring joy, which cars would you pick? The Gizmodo team took that challenge on. After setting out a few ground rules, we each had half an hour to choose.

What's The Best Space Battle In Movie History?

Because it’s almost beer o’clock on this fine Friday, I decided that some fine internet bludging was in order (don’t judge me, you’re doing it too). I felt like I needed some space-based pew-pew in my life, and started watching a space-battle only re-cut of the Battle of Endor from Return Of The Jedi. Amidst the amazing explosions and lasers, I got to thinking. What’s the best space battle in movie history? Fight!

What Movie Would You Want To Watch On The Oculus Rift?

The Oculus Rift is built for gaming. Despite rumours about Facebook talking with movie studios and Palmer Luckey’s appearance last week at SIGGRAPH 2014 hinting at other use cases for his VR headwear, the Rift will be a video game device for the foreseeable future.

What Is The Weirdest Gadget You've Ever Seen?

This week, we’ve witnessed some weird wearables. First, was the SexFit (pictured above), which — as I’m sure the form factor gives away — is a wearable to help quantify a man’s sexual prowess. Then, we saw the Sproutling Baby Monitor, a health tracker for infants.

What Current Technology Still Feels Futuristic To You?

We live in amazing times, but life still feels pretty ordinary. Your computer, your smartphone, your “smart” fridge, all encompass tech that was impossible last decade, but using it feels commonplace. Everyone’s got one exception though, a piece of modern tech that still feels like The Future. What’s yours?

Which Chrome Extension Can You Not Live Without?

world of Chrome extensions is vast and varied. With tens of thousands of options at your literal fingertips, sorting through the muck to find those golden, life- and time-saving nuggets can seem an impossible feat. So instead, dear readers, let’s work together. Tell us: What’s that one Chrome extension you just can’t live without?

What's Your One Gadget That Got Away?

This week a video popped up on a few websites of a thief relieving his victim of very pricy pair of Google Glasses. Of course what the NYC ne’er-do-well didn’t know was that the owner was recording him — including his rave-filled nightlife — using a third-party Glass app called LiveLens.

What's The Most Embarrassing Tech Mistake You Ever Made?

Technology is great. The devices we use give us near-infinite powers to create, learn and communicate worldwide. But sometimes, we have misfires. Operator errors. Lapses of judgment that zip instantly to all corners of the digital world. Come, tell us your tales of e-embarrassment.

What's The Generic Word For Skype? Videophone? Video Chat?

As technologies evolve, so does the language we use to describe them. Radio used to be called wireless telephone. Some people used to call the internet the catenet. But what do we call it when you’re talking with a person via video link? Is it videophone? Video chat? Skype?

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