What Was Your First Smartphone?

Smartphones were once a boutique item, but now they’re essential. Still, we all remember a time before smartphones — at least, the time before we got our first one. How old were you when you got your first, and what year was it?

What's The Worst Reason You've Heard For Switching To Apple Or Android?

People are always howling about how you NEED to switch to Apple or Android devices. iOS is the best! Android is the … whatever rhymes with Android and is awesome! Sometime they have perfectly good reasons for switching. Other times, not so much. What are the worst reasons you’ve heard?

All The Broke-Ass Tech We Still Use Every Day

Not long ago, I asked you all to vent your rage about the most garbage why-the-hell-doesn’t-it-actually-work-worth-a-damn technology that you still find yourself having to use every day. Here’s our collective tech crap list.

What Would Your Hacker Group Name Be?

Lizard Squad was back in the news today amidst speculation that it had hacked Lenovo’s website. Whether or not that’s true, we can all agree that Lizard Squad is a freakin’ great name for a hacker crew.

Here Are Apple's Diverse (And Racist, Or Jaundiced?) Emoji

Apple just pushed the latest OS X update seed to developers and hiding inside is a nice surprise: a brand new roster of racially diverse emoji. Finally!

What Piece Of Technology Has Literally Saved Your Life? 

Me, I rely on my glasses every waking moment of the day. I can barely read a book six inches from my face. Without two simple circles of glass set in plastic on my head, I almost certainly would have stumbled blindly in front of a car or a train or godknowwhats and met my gruesome end.

What's Your Dumbest Internet Purchasing Fail?

Online shopping is great and all, but an unfortunate side-effect of buying stuff sight unseen on the ‘net is that sometimes you end up with stuff you didn’t really mean to buy. I’m not saying that’s the reason I have three power strips for European plugs under my bed, but… yeah. I should probably read the description more carefully next time.

What Do You Think Will Be The Doom Of Civilisation?

It’s probably true that every generation thinks it will be the last — I mean, the Doomsday Clock has been ticking since 1947. And though I accused us millennials earlier today of being the “generation that cried apocalypse”, I fully admit there are some damn legit reasons for that cry currently brewing.

What's Your Earliest Memory Of The Internet? 

Mine is specific: Laying in my bunkbed at night and hearing the crackling fuzz of the dial-up as my parents connected our brand-new internet in their office across the hall.

Should We Be Trying To Make Contact With Extraterrestrials?

Another debate up popped again this week, one that’s been talked about and argued over for years now. Should we be actively seeking out and sending messages to habitable planets in the search for life beyond Earth?