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Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Americans have made it through another Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday sales are now trickling down to Australians. What are you shopping for?

Are 'Meat Sweats' Real?

I will admit, I have never even heard of “the meat sweats” until I saw them mentioned in a commercial. It’s a little-studied struggle that apparently strikes carnivores after a gratuitously meaty meal. Is it a legit scientific phenomenon, and if so, what happens to your body?

What Did You Do While Slack Was Down?

Today the work chat program Slack suffered intermittent outage for hours, becoming a trending topic on Twitter as workers fought to remember alternative routes for communication. How did you survive without Slack?

Are You Watching Jessica Jones On Netflix?

After the success of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, a new superhero has emerged on the streaming platform. The hard-drinking, harder-hitting Jessica Jones dropped on Netflix over the weekend, and we want to know: are you watching?

What Should We Call The Monster El Niño?

Last week we learned that the 2015 El Niño may end up being most powerful on record, eclipsing three other major El Niño years over the past century. So….why doesn’t this beast of a weather phenomenon have a goddamn name yet?

What's The Creepiest Thing Your Computer Has Ever Done?

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, there’s almost certainly been a moment in your life when you were sure your computer was possessed.

What's The Worst Movie Ever Made About Technology?

Yesterday we looked at how Steve Jobs flopped at the box office — but it’s hardly a disaster of filmmaking. What’s the worst movie made with tech as a major plot element?

What Precious Items Have You Collected?

Your friendly Gizmodo staff has ranged from collecting soda memorabilia to pogs to 1994 X-Men Fleer trading cards. Some of us still have active collections. What about you?

Where Should NASA Send A Space Probe Next?

Going to Pluto was incredible, but as we continue to soak in the glorious images, NASA’s already trying to figure out which celestial target to hit next. The space agency revealed five finalist concepts this week, including missions that would take us to Jupiter’s asteroids and the surface of Venus.

What's Your Dream Tech Set-Up?

Let’s say you suddenly come into a ton of money and can only spend it on technology. What do you buy?

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