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What's Your Favourite Tech To Bring Travelling?

I’m asking here for a friend. The truth is that I haven’t taken a proper vacation in years, and a lot of my travel tech is out-of-date. The last time I left the country, for example, it would have cost an astronomical amount to use an phone abroad. But plans and options have changed, and it may not make sense to do what I did ages ago, which was buy a cheap phone and a SIM card upon arrival at my destination.

Are You Still Using Apple Music?

We just passed the halfway mark for Apple Music’s three-month free trial period, and guess what: A whole bunch of people have stopped using the service already. A new report from MusicWatch claims that a whopping 48-per cent of users have jumped ship. Are you one of them? (I am.)

Have You Ever Worked At A Cutthroat Company Like Amazon?

Following a damning report on Amazon’s workplace culture, many people are questioning whether it’s ethical to keep buying from the mega-retailer. But in comments on our article about Amazon, some Gizmodians don’t sound surprised about the conditions — they’d experienced the same. Tell us about your workplace horrors.

What Device Would You Miss Most?

According to a detailed study from Ofcom, the UK version of the FCC, different generations have vastly different attachments to internet devices: the grandparents can’t live without the TV, and (surprise surprise) you’d have to wrest the smartphones from millenials’ cold, dead hands.

Would You Change Banks For Apple Pay In Australia?

A report out this morning shows that Apple Pay has a long way to go before it lands in Australia. One bank out of the big four may be considering bringing it just to nab the affluent early-adopters. That got us thinking: would you change banks for Apple Pay?

How Would You Improve My Bare Essentials First Aid Kit?

This is my fast-and-light, no-backpack first aid kit for minimalist adventures. It needs to deal with emergencies long enough to get me, a friend or Wiley a few hours back to the car and to a hospital. How would you improve it?

The 'Godzilla' El Niño Is Coming To California

Out here in drought-stricken California, the weather has been creepily gorgeous for over a year. But now, we’re facing one of the worst storm seasons in recorded history for this region.

What Basic Things Have We Been Doing Wrong All Our Lives?

A single tweet tore the jewellery-wearing faction of the internet apart after the image above went out with the following caption: “After my nineteen years of living I have now realised that you are supposed to take the plastic part off.” Holy shit.

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