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What Was The First Piece Of Tech You Saved Up To Buy?

When I was a kid in the early ’90s, laptops were insanely expensive and out of reach. Instead, I knew I had to have a Brother word processor. It was everything that I wanted.

Besides Coriander, What Foods Do You Find Absolutely Disgusting?

Gizmodo staff got into a spirited debate about the most divisive of herbs, cilantro, sparked by the news that the U.S. imposed an import ban after human faeces were found in cilantro fields outside Puebla, Mexico. Some of us despise cilantro; others would happily sprinkle it on most meals. Is there any other flavour that’s so universally controversial?

What's Your Favourite Movie About Technology?

There’s some great TV on at the moment that revolves around tech as a central principle, like Mr. Robot, Halt and Catch Fire, and Silicon Valley. But what big-screen production utilises tech as its theme and stands the test of time?

Do You Buy Books Anymore?

We’re talking the old-fashioned kind. A “new” Dr. Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get? is cause for rejoicing, and likely the purchase of a paper copy, if you’re into Dr. Seuss. But do you really buy books these days?

What Is Your Favourite Fictional Spaceship?

Last week we posted this incredible infographic about the speed of science fiction ships. While the speeds are fun to compare and speculate about, let’s get to the Heart of Gold of the matter: What is your fictional craft of choice?

Who Is The Best James Bond?

Ian Fleming’s iconic character, James Bond, has had many faces since his initial filmic appearance in 1962. But which Bond is the best?

What Would An Actual 'Cyber Apocalypse' Look Like?

The media, social media and some in the U.S. legislative branch went wild speculating about the tech failures that plagued the New York Stock Exchange, The Wall Street Journal, and United Airlines today. The confluence of events felt a little like a disaster movie, if you were watching from a Twitter seat. But how would the actual cyber apocalypse — you know, the Big One — take shape?

Have You Ever Lived A Lie Online?

Lies! On the internet?! Believe it or not, it happens. Come unburden yourself in Chatroom — make a burner account if need be.

Would You Try 3D-Printed Meat?

Free-range? Grass-fed? How about 3D-printed next to the Nespresso on your kitchen island? That could be the beef of the future, friends. And two German design students have ginned up the latest plans for a slick-looking machine that could make it.

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