Neat Chart Shows Where The Actors Of Game Of Thrones Are From

Briefly: One of the best things of Game of Thrones — apart from it’s fantastic script or expensive but awesome production design — is its amazing actors that come from 12 different nationalities. This chart created by Jody Sie shows where each of them is from.

Neat Chart Will Help You Understand The Vast Universe Of Women's Footwear

I really like women shoes, not only for the reasons you are thinking (that too) but because I think they can be beautiful design pieces. This neat chart — by infographic design studio Pop Chart Lab — brakes down the contemporary footwear styles so we can understand and appreciate the nuances of such a vast world.

Which Country Has The World's Largest Army Throughout History?

Martin Vargic made a very interesting chart that shows what the world’s largest army was throughout history, from 2500 BC until now. He split up the world into “west” and “east” to show which countries or dynasties or empires were dominating different parts of the world.

Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop Uses More Unique Words Than Shakespeare

Designer and data scientist Matt Daniels charted this awesome comparison of vocabularies in hip hop. At the bottom of the chart you can see DMX with only 3214 unique words. Outkast has more unique words in their lyrics than Shakespeare, but everyone is way behind Aesop Rock, who rules with 7,392 words.

The Biggest Comparison Of Sci-Fi Spaceships Ever Is Complete At Last

At last, it’s done. The biggest spaceship size chart ever created is now complete and fully operational. 4268×5690 pixels of technological terror that includes everything from the smaller Star War ships to EVE. According to its author, this is the last update. It’s epic.

The 233-Year History Of The Bicycle In One Handy Chart

For those who live and breathe by two-wheeled transportation, bicycles are more than just a way to get from here to there. The immediate, wind-on-your-face freedom of pedalling fast is a feeling that just can’t be matched by wandering around, road-tripping, or pretty much any kind of public transport.

This Is What 350,000 Websites Look Like

Try to picture the internet and you invariably have a hard time. Fortunately, Ruslan Enikeev has decided to help you out by creating a map which organises websites by popularity and similarity.

Who Wins The Santa Vs Zombies Vs Satan Google Battle These Holidays?

The University of Oxford’s Internet Institute has discovered that there are places in the United States where there are more people googling for zombies and satan than for Santa Claus. They have found some interesting patterns:

Which Shipping Company Treats Your Packages Better?

It’s time to order presents in and probably send packages out. To me, a crucial question is: What’s the best shipping company? Who treats my stuff better while in transit? Popular Mechanics made a scientific test. Here’s the result.

Data Visualisation, Visualised

We love nice charts and data visualisation. That’s why we like this meta-chart: Data visualisation, visualised. Design, user interface, information, data journalism, communication and visual communication, merging. [Ffunction]