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Why France's New Food Waste Law Might Not Work Outside France

A new law passed unanimously by the French Senate makes it illegal for supermarkets to throw away or destroy unsold food. Opponents of food waste say other countries should follow suit, but it’s not that simple.

The Best Way To Recycle Your Old Gadgets

‘Tis the season to get gadgets but what are you going to do with the one you’ve got? Folks will pay good money (or at least good karma) for your second-hand electronics. Here’s how to hawk your legacy hardware online — or just give it away responsibly — and get an early start on next years Nice list.

People Don't Notice The Homeless, Even When They're Family Members

To most people living in cities around the world, the homeless have essentially become invisible. They blend into the streets, they’re background noise, they’re just a part of the fabric of a city, like buildings and street lights. To prove how invisible the homeless are to normal decent folks, NYC Rescue Mission did a social experiment where they dressed people’s family members as homeless to see how they would react.

Driveable R2-D2 Could Be The Awesomest Make-A-Wish Ever Granted

The Make-A-Wish Foundation does some pretty awesome things for kids with life-threatening conditions, but of all the wishes I’ve seen granted over the years, this giant drivable R2-D2 ranks pretty close to being the most amazing.

A Gadget Tax Worth Paying

Joel Johnson, after he visited a Foxconn factory for Wired: To be soaked in materialism, to directly and indirectly champion it, has also brought guilt.

Someone Is Paying $US3000 For This Tiny PC

What is this, the 1990s? No, not really. The computer in question is one of the first from Raspberry Pi. It’s a tiny PC on a single circuit board — and the proceeds from its sale will help encourage kids to code.

The Nike Air Mag Is Selling For About $US6000 A Pair

The Nike Air Mag, a shoe I dreamt of wearing as a kid and can only dream of buying today, are being auctioned off for the search for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. They’re selling for $US6142 a pair.

America, This Is Just Too Much

Can’t…stop *wheeze* laughing…at…the…cruel *big breath* irony of it all. This is no Photoshop japery like that “Seriously McDonalds” viral; this is the real deal, spotted at an American KFC. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Flickr seals it. [SelfishGiving via Grist]

Donate $US1 To Offset The CO2 Of Your iPhone 4

Philanthroper has a really good donation up today: you pay a dollar and you can offset the lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions from an iPhone 4. Which means, you’ll help “suck and trap the greenhouse gas that’s driving climate change”. [Philanthroper]

VHA Offering Free Calls To Support Services

Vodafone and Three will be offering free calls to support services like Kids Helpline, Lifeline, SES, The Australian Red Cross, SANE, Bernados, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Oxfam and Mission Australia from March 17. The people who need to call these services don’t deserve to be hit with a massive phone bill at the end of the month. Kudos, VHA…

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