You'll Never Leave A Charging Cable With A Built-In Alarm Behind

It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple made as much money selling replacement charging cables as it did phones and tablets. Those white Lightning cables are easier to lose than socks on laundry day, but now there’s an alternative that will actually remind you to pack yours up when you’ve unplugged your phone.

Turn Your Car's Cupholders Into A Wireless Smartphone Charger

Your car’s cupholders were originally designed to hold beverages, but odds are most of us have repurposed them to hold our smartphones instead. So Zens has created a simple slotted insert that turns cupholders into chargers if your smartphone supports wireless charging.

EU Votes In Favour Of Single Universal Mobile Charger

Here’s a rare occasion where it may serve us well to copy the Europeans: The European Union has voted overwhelmingly in favour of introducing a single, universal charger for all mobile phones sold across the continent.

Every Living Room Needs A 4.5m USB Charging Hub

Like it or not, living rooms around the world are no longer dominated by the TV. Sure, it’s still on in the background, but our attention is now mostly held by smartphones and tablets while we lounge about. So forget a surround sound setup, the best upgrade for your living room is now an extra long cable to keep everyone’s devices charged.

Report: Apple's Smartwatch Could Use Wireless Charging And Solar Power

The New York Times reports that Apple is researching new technologies to charge its products — and it could see its smartwatch come equipped with solar charging capabilities. Some day.

A Charging Cable That Saves A Little Power For Later

A backup battery for your phone is only useful if you’re willing to carry it with you. So Native Union has come up with the JUMP which integrates a little extra power into your smartphone’s charging cable, ensuring it’s light enough to carry and always has a little bit of extra power to keep your device running.

Swap Your Phone Charger For This Thin Transforming Adaptor

Technically there’s nothing really wrong with the charging cable that came with your smartphone. Except for that long cord you need to constantly wrap, unwrap, and more often than not detangle. That won’t ever happen with the Thinium though. It trades an annoying a cord for an ultra-thin transforming design that allows it to plug directly into an outlet.

Charge Your Phone From Your Power Tools With This Handy Adaptor

Smartphones have become an essential tool in every line of work, from corporate accounting to carpentry. But often times those working on construction sites don’t have easy access to a power outlet for a quick top-off when needed. They do, however, have access to power tools. And with this clever adaptor they can harness a drill or saw’s rechargeable battery to recharge their electronics.

Harness Thor's Mighty Mjölnir Hammer To Charge Your Gadgets

With seemingly unlimited celestial power, it only makes sense that Thor should share a little bit of the Mjölnir Hammer’s capabilities with humanity when he’s not battling Loki or alien invaders. After all, a dead smartphone can be just as catastrophic to some people as the world ending. And while it might not be Thor’s exact hammer, this version of the Mjölnir is far more useful to humans addicted to their phones.

It Turns Out Backup Batteries Don't Have To Be An Eyesore

If there’s even the slightest risk you won’t have access to an outlet or a powered USB port for 24 hours, you’d better hope you’ve got a backup battery in tow to keep your phone alive. And while function usually trumps form when it comes to external power sources, Incase has decided to overthrow the norm with a couple of backup batteries that are downright lovely.