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Disney Is Remaking Splash With Channing Tatum, But Not How You'd Expect

Ron Howard’s hit 1984 comedy Splash is being remade, because of course it is. However, unlike the Tom Hanks/Darryl Hannah original, there’s a twist — in this upcoming version, the mermaid is the man and the human is the woman.

The Ghostbusters Franchise May Be 'Endless', But It's All Still Very Much In Flux

This weekend, one of the producers of Ghostbusters declared that the franchise would be “endless”. But there’s a long way to go before Sony decides to make an official Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe.

Gambit Is Still In The Works Apparently, To Start Filming In 2017

The X-men spinoff film starring everyone’s favourite card-throwing Cajun has been in the works for a while and has changed hands so many times that it’s been unclear as to where it is in the development process. It was supposed to come out in October of this year, and so far we don’t have anything.

We Know The Title Of The Men In Black/21 Jump Street Crossover

No, for real. A crossover movie joining Men in Black and 21 Jump Street is really happening. Sony put it in its huge CinemaCon 2016 presentation to theatre owners and, to make it seem even more real, even gave it a title: MIB 23.

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