Good News! Sitting Won't Kill You After All

Sitting is undeniably one of the comfiest ways to arrange your body. Almost as good as lounging, really, and just short of “dangling worry-free from hammock”. But it has acquired a very bad rap over the past few years. A bad rap it doesn’t quite deserve.

This Carbon Fibre Chair Is Lighter Than A Two-Litre Bottle Of Soft Drink

You know that feeling when you reach for the milk carton and you think it’s almost full but in fact it’s nearly empty, so you way overcompensate on strength and nearly throw the thing over your shoulder? That’s what picking up this Carbon Fibre chair is like.

A Swivel Chair That Becomes Its Own Private Office

Don’t feel bad if your climb up the corporate ladder currently has you serving time in an open cubicle. You’ll get that private suite one day, but until then, see if you can convince your office manager to swap out your chair for Campeggi’s Tuttomio, which swivels into a semi-private spot to shut out distractions.

3D-Printing An Entire Chair Is Easy When It's One Big Puzzle

We’ve been promised that 3D printers will eventually be able to replicate almost anything we want. But how do you go about creating larger objects when your printer’s capacity is no larger than a toaster oven? The same way you can fit a Thomas Kinkade painting into a small cardboard box: You turn it into a puzzle.

This Is The Most Fun I've Ever Had Sitting In A Chair

The future is vibrant. The future is kinetic. The future is a chair that spins around when you sit on it. The future is incredible.

These Folding Chairs Are Beautifully Practical

The folding chair is a very practical — if occasionally uncomfortable — piece of furniture, but it can be hard to store with style. Not any longer though, thanks to this Hanger Chair.

You're Always Guaranteed A Seat On The Train With This Backpack Chair

Catching the train at peak hour is often a well-orchestrated ballet as you and your fellow passengers jockey for position to snatch up seats as they become available. But why go through that struggle every night when you can just wear this folding backpack chair to work every day and guarantee yourself a place to sit during your commute?

The Hamper Chair Is Your New Best Excuse For Never Doing Laundry

It’s hard not to feel guilty when your underwear is on its third tour of duty because you haven’t done laundry for weeks. But Brandon Washington has managed to find a plus side to procrastinating on a trip to the laundromat with his Martino Hamper chair that’s all but useless without a mountain of soiled garments.

This Sleek Chair Doubles As A Sensible Stepladder

For the short, or those with tall apartments, some steps are an essential household item. But why buy a stepladder when you can hide one in plain sight, as this wonderful looking chair?

String Theory: Watch This Pile Of Wood Transform Into A Functioning Chair

Ooh Tuesday, why you gotta be such a drain? Everything just seems more difficult at the start of the week. Somehow, designer Hui Chun Chen’s Constructing Memory collection manages to embody that feeling in furniture that takes extra effort to put — and keep — together.