Watch An Incredibly Realistic CGI Black Swan Fly In A Wind Tunnel

My brain struggles to believe that this black swan — featured in the new McLaren 570S commercial — is not a real animal but an awesome render. The video compares the aerodynamics of the swan and the car by putting the hyperrealistic CGI bird inside a wind tunnel.

I Wish All Robotic Insects Were As Cool As These 

Robot bugs will surely live around us in the near future. Unfortunately, judging by what we are seeing so far, they are not going to look anywhere as cool as these retro-futuristic designs by Andrew Serkin.

How The Crazy City Of Knowhere In Guardians Of The Galaxy Was Made

One of the reasons I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy so much was because I got to explore a world in which I had no expectations. Take that crazy city Knowhere, which is apparently inside a giant Celestial head, I didn’t even know it existed! Here’s the VFX reel showing how the city was built.

Hell Is This Explosion Of Endless Emoji

If you have a love/hate relationship with emoji (or just hate), this 3D animation test by digital artist Alberto Moss might make you feel… happy? anxious? I don’t know, but there’s probably an emoji to describe it.

Animation Recreated Frame By Frame In Real Life With 3D Printing 

This clever art installation shows a CGI animation that’s been converted into a real life frame-by-frame depiction of the animation with 3D printing. As in, the artists took the digital animation they had in a video and showed what every frame would look like (all at once) with actual figures. It gets pretty trippy.

7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Hundreds of images flash in front of our eyes each week as we navigate this strange machine we call the internet. But sometimes those images are lying to us. The following lies are culled from the bits and bytes that came through the tubes over the past few weeks.

The Dangerous Life Of Being An Ant In This Human World

Video: Being an ant is hard. Being an ant around humans is even harder. Being an ant around humans who are skating on a skateboard in a skateboard is pretty much impossible. This video uses CGI to imagine the struggle of an ant at the park and pretty much everything is either an obstacle or a giant monster trying to smash the ant to smithereens.

What It Must Be Like Being Inside A Kid's Imagination

Here’s a cute video that I hope turns into an entire series: imagining what’s inside a kid’s, well, imagination. The video starts off with the toddler waving a stick as he runs around (as kids tend to do) and then transforms into a level of Super Mario Bros. Being a kid is awesome. We just see the stick, they see another world.

Charlie Brown Will Still Miss That Place Kick In The CGI Peanuts Movie

Perhaps eventually all your childhood favourites will come back CGI’d, and that’s OK! At least as far as the upcoming Peanuts movie is concerned. Because as you can see in the latest trailer for the November 2015 movie, the look is a little different, but Charlie Brown’s probably still gonna wuff a punt, and adults are gonna talk like garbled trumpets.

Video: Real Time 3D Face Mapping Is So Frighteningly Awesome

I’m both completely terrified and absolutely impressed by this amazing real-time face tracking and 3D projection mapping system that can digitally impose masks onto people’s faces. It works amazingly well, like their faces have been completely replaced with new ones.