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Seeing The Special Effects Behind Jurassic World Is More Fun Than Seeing The Actual Movie

Video: If you guys didn’t know, the dinosaurs aren’t real in Jurassic World. Sorry. As for the rest of the movie née money printing nostalgia machine that didn’t have half the soul of the original, not much of it was real either. Here’s how ILM pulled off the visual effects in Jurassic World. You can see the tricks they employed like transforming humans on all fours into little dinos that kids could ride. Awesome.

Seeing Naked CGI Bodies Fall On Top Of Each Other Is So Absurd (NSFW)

Video: You know what the logical thing to do when you build a perfect CG model of the human body? Make this silly video of those bodies falling on top of each other in an invisible column. Even better, make the colours totally weird and let the physics take over so that they fall on top of each other ever so naturally. The video is completely absurd but the CG is actually really impressive.

10 Movies That Had Embarrassingly Bad Special Effects Scenes

Video: When you go see a big blockbuster movie that’s been heavily done over in CG, you’re not exactly expecting reality. But you also don’t want to see huge visual effect gaffes that make you laugh at the ridiculousness of it either. Whether it’s bad practical effects like the dummy in The Fugitive or if it’s terrible vfx like in The Mummy Returns, seeing scenes with terrible effects totally removes you from the movie you’re watching and turns everything into a joke.

Roller Coaster Tycoon In Real Life Would Totally Be The Craziest Thing

Video: I wasted a ridiculous amount of my youth building fictional roller coaster parks on my computer with Roller Coaster Tycoon. It was so fun! Building new rides, dealing with your customers, handling demand, creating park layouts, it all made me want to work for Six Flags. This video from AndrewMFilms imagines a day at a Roller Coaster Tycoon park from the perspective of a customer. Using visual effects, he captures so much of what made that video game special (Crashes! The people picker upper tool! Vomit!) in perfect detail.

Neat Size Comparison Video Compares The Size Of Spaceships From Different Movies

Video: Whip ’em out. Which science fiction movie has the biggest spaceship or station or cube thing or star planet? MetaBallStudios made this CGI video detailing the ships across movies like Star Wars and Interstellar and 2001: A Space Odyssey and even included video games like Mass Effect and real life like the ISS to see who’s the biggest.

Mischievous Programmers Can Put Words In Anyone's Mouth

In the world of computer graphics, anything seems possible these days. It is possible, for instance, to make Barack Obama’s face deliver a George W. Bush speech. Or you could make Hillary Clinton do it. Or James Bond, if you want!

The Pope's Tablecloth Trick Was A Miracle! (Of Modern Computer Graphics)

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for the fantastic feats of Chill Pope! Today, he’s showing off a classic: The old ‘yank a tablecloth, leaving everything else on the table undisturbed’ trick. It’s a miracle! Except that it’s totally fake.

Watching CGI Silly Putty Creatures Fall On Top Of Each Other Is Hilariously Satisfying

I can’t help but laugh when I watch these CGI silly putty creatures fall down and smack the ground and then have their buddy fall down on top of them and smack them and have another buddy fall down on both of them and smack them and then have them all sort of melt together in some sort of viscous congealed gooey mess.

Why CGI Doesn't Actually Suck

It’s popular to poke fun of CG and whine about the overuse of CG special effects in movies and wish for the old days when everything was done with practical effects but that’s not really the case. What’s great about good CG is that it’s totally unnoticeable, so many movies implement CG that you don’t even realise what you’re watching is done by a computer because it looks so real.

How The Walking Dead Uses Special Effects To Fake Gory Zombie Kills

Video: The Walking Dead is probably one of the goriest and grossest shows on television because all they do is kill zombies. And although zombies are not real (yet, at least), the blood and gore look real because of all the amazing special effects on the show. Here’s a reel from Stargate Studios showing their best work of VFX on The Walking Dead.

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