Unbelievably Realistic Face Is Actually Completely Computer Generated

Video: The only thing that I think that doesn’t look ‘human’ about Ed, this computer generated human head designed by Chris Jones using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita, is his ears. Oh and how he doesn’t have a body. But everything else is pretty perfect: the oil and bumps on his face, the wrinkles, I can even believe he has a soul behind those eyes.

Super Slick CGI Movie Teaser Makes Me Want To See The Whole Thing

CGI and visual effects are often over used in mainstream movies these days, but there are still some really cool sequences that can only pop and make you gasp with the help of VFX. This short teaser for The Message, a short film by Industry Visual Effects, goes all in on CGI and it looks pretty fun.

Are These The 10 Best Looking Movies That Have Used CGI?

Video: Though CGI may be overused in some movies and poorly executed in more, some visual masterpieces have relied on the fantastic tool to create beautiful worlds that push the possibilities of our imagination. Here’s Watch Mojo’s list of the 10 most visually striking movies that are filled with CGI.

This Video Shows How Pretty Much Everything In Game Of Thrones Is Fake

By now, we know that Game of Thrones uses a heavy VFX hand when it comes to building the world of Westeros but it’s still amazing how real their visual effects can make it look. That’s because pretty much everything is fake. Seriously. Anything far off in the distance or people standing around or flags waving have all been added in digitally.

OK Go Proves Again That Eye-Popping Optical Illusions Don't Need CGI

Ignore the grumblings of some sourpuss Gizmodo staffers: OK Go’s new video for “The Writing’s On the Wall” is just straight-up fun for your ears and your eyes, thanks to a plethora of optical illusions rendered in the real world, rather than on a computer.

How Jurassic Park Changed The Way Movies Are Made Forever

Here’s a fascinating bit of film history: one of the most incredible moments in movie history wasn’t in a movie at all but just a test shot for Jurassic Park. It’s that test footage — of a T-Rex walking — that changed movies forever. It’s that scene — simply called the Dinosaur Skin Test — that made filmmakers realise how powerful CGI was and how they could truly create whatever they wanted in movies.

The Motion Capture In Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Is Simply Stunning

I knew the apes in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes are entirely made with CGI using the actors’ facial expressions and body motion. Still, watching this side-by-side comparison between the motion capture work and the final VFX is still pretty amazing.

10 Of The Best Moments From The Early Days Of CGI

CGI is everywhere now. In many cases, it’s almost completely indistinguishable from things that were actually filmed. You can only tell by the impossible camera angles. It wasn’t always that way though — you remember The Last Starfighter, don’t you? Still, 20th century CGI had its high points, and these are 10 of them.

The Noah Genesis Clip: Science And Religion Mixed Into Cool Eye Candy

Everyone has their own beliefs, so I don’t care if you side with science or put yourself to faith or are too lazy to think about it — that doesn’t really change anything here. Just enjoy the beautiful sequence in this scene from the movie Noah about the creation of Earth. It tells the story of how life was created inserting science into the tale of the Genesis.

Watch A Floating Naked CGI Lady Go Full-On Tetsuoooooooooo [NSFW]

At first, you probably think its just some run-of-the-mill organic stalagmites growing out of the nice lady with the shaved head floating in an imperceptible black space. But no, in Relics, it’s much, much worse than that.

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