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Want 3DTV On A Big Screen Without Glasses? You're Going To Need (At Least) 2K Content...

One of the most striking things about pounding the show floor at CES this year was that the future of 3DTV in the home is inevitably going to be without glasses. Prototypes from LG, Toshiba and Sony all showed that glasses-less 3D is a possibility, and in some cases, it can even look pretty good. But you’re going to need to boost the resolution.

The Greatest Scam In Tech? Scott Redmond Would Like Us To Clarify

Last week we posted an exposé of Peep Wireless. Despite repeated attempts, we initially couldn’t reach the company for comment, but founder Scott Redmond has since contacted us. He’s nonplussed. For transparency’s sake, we’d like to show you his objections.

CES 2011 Was About This Big

Here’s all the maps for CES 2011 thrown about in a vague representation of the actual showfloor.

The Greatest Scam In Tech

In the tech world, a few questions are usually enough. Does the product work? Is the idea good? How much does it cost? But as Peep Telephony reminds us, there’s a fourth, all-important qualification: Is it real?

Telstra Wants Faster NextG Handsets, Not LTE

According to sources at CES, Telstra has been pursuing handset manufacturers to deliver higher speed HSPA devices. With the industry starting to release LTE devices, Telstra has made it clear they want much faster NextG devices before any LTE trials take place. And we should see 14.4 from at least one maker in 2011.

Great Geek Sellouts In Las Vegas Casinos

Is it wrong for big names in geek culture to license out their brands to steal the hopes and dreams of gamblers everywhere? Welcome to the Dark Side, where one of the first things we saw after stepping off the flight to Las Vegas was a Star Wars slot machine. It seems in Vegas, nothing is sacred, so we’ve gathered a collection of some offenders below. And made bad jokes about them, too.

The Best New Phone Is From Our Wacky Sci-Fi Dreams

One day, you’ll have a little tablet or phone, and carry it everywhere. It’ll be your only computer. When you need to use a “real” PC, you’ll dock it bigger machine. Motorola’s Atrix is a little glimpse at that day.

NVIDIA Kegputer – The Best Tasting PC Out Of CES

Nestled up the back of the NVIDIA stand at CES was the Kegputer, a Sandy Bridge powered gaming PC with liquid cooling stuffed inside a fully-functional beer keg. Yes, this is heaven in a PC.

Sony's 3D Camera Only Has A 20 Minute Battery Life

Sony announced a lot of products at CES this year, and a lot of them included 3D of some sort or other. But in the case of their 3D camcorder, the feature comes at the expense of battery life, with the included battery only offering 20 minutes worth of recording time.

We're Sorry, Borrowlenses (Or, The Gear That Got Us Through CES)

It’s funny, the moments in your life that happen in slow motion. Like watching a $US5000 camera with a $US1700 lens bolted to it tumble onto concrete, followed by an ejaculation of glass.

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