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Gizmodo's Guide To All The Car Tech At CES 2016 And The Detroit Motor Show

Cars are the new tech. This year’s CES show showed us all manner of new gadgets and gizmos stuffed into the steering wheels of our dinosaur-explosion-powered personal transportation devices, so we’ve rounded them all up into one place. Roll up, roll up, for your first look at a drone taxi and, um, Microsoft Office in your car.

Gizmodo's Guide To All The New Wearables At CES 2016

It’s all the news on wearables you want, all in the one place. Our wrap up of the latest on smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables from CES 2016.

All The Coolest Tech From CES 2016

Even before we trekked out to the desert for the Consumer Electronics Show, we had a good idea that CES would be flush with smart cars, televisions, virtual reality and a bunch of weirdness. We were right! But as always, there were some surprises in store.

Editors' Picks: The Best And Worst Products From CES 2016

Last week, more than 3600 technology vendors converged on the Las Vegas Convention Center to show off their latest wares for CES 2016. There was an enormous amount of product on the labyrinthine showroom floor covering every category imaginable. Some of these gadgets were incredibly impressive. Others were laughably terrible. Here are our Best & Worst picks from the show.

The 10 Coolest, Weirdest Gadgets I Saw At CES 2016

This year’s Consumer Electronics show is done and dusted. The booths are being packed up, the toys are going back in their boxes for another year. The most interesting, high-tech and mindblowing gadgets we saw? Drones, cars, and the true debut of virtual reality in the real world.

I Tried HTC's Newest Vive VR Headset, Here's What It Looks Like

The HTC Vive is in turnaround. After disappointing some people last year by putting the launch date well into 2016, the company’s back with a second generation developer model so good, it will win back our brains.

Hands On: The New Crazy Thin EliteBook Folio: HP's Answer To The MacBook

The EliteBook Folio is thin. Super thin. Apple MacBook thin. And light. When you’re working all day in places other than your office, that can be really convenient, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of actually getting that work done. Despite sharing the same Core M processor line with the MacBook, the new HP EliteBook Folio packs a lot more power, including a double complement of USB Type-C.

Who Cares What The Back Of A TV Looks Like?

Over the past few days I’ve heard top executives of two massive electronics companies brag about the design of their television. Normal! Well, it would be if they weren’t talking about the backs of their televisions.

Samsung Updates Gear S2 With Rose Gold And Platinum Cases

Samsung’s Gear S2 is a tough, versatile smartwatch, but it’s also notable for having a Classic variant that’s a little more stylish. Come CES 2016, the Gear S2 Classic becomes more stylish again, with a 18k rose gold and a platinum variant heading to Australia later this year.

Goodbye Chest Straps, Garmin's Fenix 3 Multisport GPS Watch Gains A Heart Rate Monitor

If swimming, surfing, biking, running and hiking sound like the average weekend for you, Garmin’s fēnix 3 is the multisport GPS watch that just might sell you on the merits of wearing a smartwatch — especially now that there’s a version with a heart rate monitor built-in.

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