Breakfast Cereal, Made With A Gun, In Slow Motion

It might seem unlikely, but once upon a time the cereal you tiredly shove into your face every morning came out of a gun. But it was a very special kind of gun: a puffing gun.

Study The Physical Properties Floating In Your Breakfast

There’s so much noise about breakfast lately. Apparently, eating a morning meal makes you more focused, healthier and generally superhuman. It might seem like a lot of hype, but Andong He, a geologist at Yale, actually found a research topic in a bowl of cereal. So keep knocking that oatmeal back.

Finding Iron In Your Cereal Looks Pretty Gross

There is iron in cereal. That’s good! But it looks pretty gross. Here’s how to find it: soak a cup of cereal in a Ziploc bag with water, mix it up and then rub a magnet over the bag. You’ll see the metallic iron trailing the magnet. You eat that!

You Shouldn't Put Water On Your Cereal, Says Science

Researchers from Pontificia University Católica in Santiago, Chile, have determined with cold hard science that milk definitively superior to water, as far as cereal liquids go.

How Kellogg's Made Cereal Taste Good

The discovery was simple yet awesome: they added sugar. This awesome vintage ad described how much better it tasted with toasted sugar. Oh sparkling, frosted flakes, what would I do without you. [BoingBoing]

My Breakfast Could've Been So Much Less Disgusting

Milk jugs, useless. Milk comes in containers, sillies! But this jug is different: Using science – a pH sensor – it detects if the milk inside is sour. Which would’ve saved my granola this morning, truth. [Cravendale via OhGizmo via Wired]

Kellogg's To Laser Its Name Into Corn Flakes To Prevent Fakes

There’s a fair chance this is a joke. Dear god, tell me this is a joke. Apparently dismayed by legions of counterfeit corn flakes, Kellogg’s has developed a laser to etch “Kellogg’s” into individual flakes.

Cereal Spoon USB Drive Was Once Edible

The USB Cereal Spoon will never get soggy in milk, because it’s completely covered with several layers of glue. Yum!

Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl Is Designed 'Like An Accident In Progress'

It’s not quite as cool as the Eatmecrunchy bowl, but the Spilt Milk cereal bowl does have one advantage—it is made out of flexible silicone.

Refined Cereal Light Fixtures: Fortified With Frosted Flakes and Fluorescents

You won’t find any Grape Nuts or Fiber-rich Colon Blow on the Refined Cereal lighting fixture by the aptly titled Refined Sugar Studio. In fact, the light is meant as a nod towards the our favourite sugary sweet breakfast cereals like Capn’ Crunch, Count Chocula and Trix. The cereal images are made using ultraviolet protected inks so they should stay bright for years—and the fluorescent light that shines through will undoubtedly cast a unique spectrum of colours around the room. Pricing is available upon request. [Refined Sugar Studio via MocoLoco]

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