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Our Best View Yet Of Molecules Moving Inside Living Cells

A new microscope developed at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts is allowing scientists track the position and orientation of individual molecules in living cells. It has the potential to reveal unknown aspects of molecular behaviour, including those that turn cells into agents of disease.

Microscopic Tubes Inside Beating Heart Cells Work Like Shock Absorbers

Using state-of-the art microscopy, scientists have peered inside cardiac cells while they beat, revealing tube-like structures that buckle and then snap back into shape, much like shock absorbers. The details now appear in Science.

Scientists Have Created Functional Sperm From Stem Cells

Scientists from China have made history by taking a cell that’s not a sperm cell and then used it to create a live animal. A similar technique could be used one day to treat infertility in humans.

This Is A Transistor For Living Cells

This is a transistor, but not as you know it. Instead of acting as a tiny switch to control the flow of electrons, this devices controls the flow of living cells.

What Made The Y Chromosome So Tiny?

The Y chromosome, a chunk of genetic code that is unique to male animals, isn’t just physically smaller than the X. It also contains far fewer genes. The X has more than 1000 genes, while the Y has fewer than 200 — and most of them don’t even work. Why do men have this odd, stunted chromosome in their genomes?

Watch An Embryo Turn Itself Inside Out

If you’ve ever felt like your life’s turned on its head, be thankful that you’re not this little embryo — which turns itself inside out. This is the first footage ever captured of a living algal embryo turning itself inside out.

Watch How A Real Kidney Grows From Cells Into An Organ

We all grow from small bunch of cells into fully-fledged adults, but rarely do we get to see the process in action. In this video, researchers have peered into a mouse kidney, to watch how cells branch out to form the organ’s internal pipework.

All Music Festivals Should Offer These King-Size Sleeping Modules

If you have ever experienced going to a music festival and sleeping in a tent you already know how shitty that can be. Well, these Belgian designers came up with a cool looking and comfortable solution for that: Hexagonal sleeping cells each containing a king-size bed.

Watching Cells Grow Over Time Is Actually Quite Fun

Video: Andy Lomas made this music video for a song called Seething by Max Cooper. Lomas created software that emulates biological cell growth. Just by adjusting certain parameters, such as the forces between cells or the source and quantity of nutrients, he obtains different forms.

These Paper Models Of Microbes And Cells Are Beautiful

Some artists find inspiration from the grand and vast, painting galaxies and taking photos of expansive landscapes. But Rogan Brown finds his inspiration through a microscope, focusing on the infinite mystery of nature’s smallest parts.

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