Watch How A Real Kidney Grows From Cells Into An Organ

We all grow from small bunch of cells into fully-fledged adults, but rarely do we get to see the process in action. In this video, researchers have peered into a mouse kidney, to watch how cells branch out to form the organ’s internal pipework.

All Music Festivals Should Offer These King-Size Sleeping Modules

If you have ever experienced going to a music festival and sleeping in a tent you already know how shitty that can be. Well, these Belgian designers came up with a cool looking and comfortable solution for that: Hexagonal sleeping cells each containing a king-size bed.

Watching Cells Grow Over Time Is Actually Quite Fun

Video: Andy Lomas made this music video for a song called Seething by Max Cooper. Lomas created software that emulates biological cell growth. Just by adjusting certain parameters, such as the forces between cells or the source and quantity of nutrients, he obtains different forms.

These Paper Models Of Microbes And Cells Are Beautiful

Some artists find inspiration from the grand and vast, painting galaxies and taking photos of expansive landscapes. But Rogan Brown finds his inspiration through a microscope, focusing on the infinite mystery of nature’s smallest parts.

Animation Explains How Viruses Attack Our Cells To Make Us Sick

Staying healthy is a lot like medieval warfare. Cells vs viruses. There are cells defending their castles and viruses trying to break through. If a sneaky virus manages to attack a cell, the cell fights it and notifies all the other castles about what to build to defend it.

These Are The First X-Rays Of A Living Cell

To get a super-detailed X-ray view inside a cell — right down to the individual molecules — scientists dunk the cell they’re looking at in preservative chemicals. That not only kills the cell, it changes its internal structure ever so slightly, meaning researchers aren’t getting an exact look at the cell’s natural state. Now, scientists at Germany’s DESY Research Center have found a way around that, with a technique that’s produced the world’s first X-ray of an individual living cell.

This Is The World's First Working Cell Made From Plastic

Scientists have long been toiling to create artificial life, managing to produce man-made cell walls and even synthetic DNA. But now a team of chemists has produced a functioning cell made from polymers.

These Are Some Of The Best Microscopic Images Of The Year

Every year, GE Healthcare runs a competition to find the best microscopic cell images of the year — and here are some of our favourites from the shortlist.

What Your Body Will Do In The Next 30 Seconds

You might think 30 seconds is pretty short. Your body doesn’t though. In order to keep everything running, there’s a lot of things going on in those 30 seconds.

This Single Molecule Drives Cancer Cells To Suicide

A team of researchers has identified a single molecule, called TIC10, that kick-starts the body’s tumour-destroying systems — causing a chain reaction that can kill cancer dead.