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FCC Papers Show LG May Be Building A Smartwatch With Reception

Newly-surfaced FCC papers seem to indicate that LG’s upcoming smartwatch will boast a 3G mobile connection. Soon you could be wearing your LG mobile phone on your wrist!

New Zealand's CDMA Network Is Dead

After years of planning, Telecom New Zealand has finally shut down its CDMA network, just over 5 years after Australia did the same.

Alleged iPad 3 Development Photos Confirm Key Details

BGR is claiming that one of its sources has access to an iPad 3 prototype which, at this stage of development, it may be true. According to them, these debug screenshots confirm some of the speculation about the next Apple tablet:

iPhone 4S Cases Don't Fit: Why Is That?

Buyers of Apple’s iPhone 4S — there seem to have been a few — may be hitting a problem where existing cases don’t fit properly. I set out to investigate why.

TechCrunch Evidence Hints At GSM/CDMA iPhone 5

Around the block we go again with another rumour that suggests the iPhone 5 may be a dual-mode device with support for both CDMA and GSM networks.

Verizon CTO Doesn't Need No Stinkin WP7

In a surprisingly blunt interview with CNET, Verizon CTO Tony Melone made it clear that the only operating system his company cares about are Apple, Android and RIM. Maybe even webOS. But Windows Phone 7? Not for him:

Could The Next iPhone Really Be A Third Smaller Than iPhone 4?

According to Bloomberg, the next iPhone is going to be two-thirds the size of the already (very) petite iPhone 4. That’s crazy small. But will it happen?

Voice Over LTE Will Hit Verizon Soon

According to CNN, the LG Revolution will be the first phone to support voice calling on Verizon’s LTE network.

There's A Dual Mode Chip Inside The Verizon iPhone

As they’re wont to do, iFixit has torn apart the new Verizon iPhone, discovering little of note except for the Qualcomm MDM6600 chip inside. That chipset supports both GSM and CDMA transmission (and it’s the one that you’ll find inside a Droid Pro world phone.) So why isn’t Verizon’s a dual mode Super-iPhone?

The Early Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews Are In

The first reviews of the Verizon iPhone 4 are starting to appear and we’re rounding them up for you. Here’s a look at the early impressions:

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