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Watch A CD Get Completely Erased With Bolts Of Electricity

Video: Here’s a really good reason to start using CDs again: so you can erase them with electricity. Watch the data on the CD just totally vanish as the electric bolts just zaps everything into oblivion. Photonicinduction played around with it and shows us what it all looks like in the video below.

The Jiggly Fun Of Smashing A CD With A Sledgehammer In Slow Motion

Video: The only thing CDs are good for these days is to serve as slow-motion destruction entertainment for YouTube videos. The mirror circle shape lends itself to watchable GIFs where young people on the internet wonder just what the hell retro future object they’re looking at.

This CD DJ Deck Doesn't Play CDs

You’re looking at Pioneer’s new XDJ-1000 DJ deck. What’s special about it? It’s the first deck of its kinds to, uhh, not play CDs.

6,000 Used CDs Never Looked So Pretty

One person’s trash is another visionary person’s community art project. In this clever and beautiful repurposing of old CDs, Ignatov Architects has created Mirror Culture, a shimmery entrance to the public park in Varna, Bulgaria. A bunch of used CDs never looked so good.

Impeccably Accurate CD Player Scans Discs Multiple Times For Errors

It turns out that even the most expensive of home stereo CD players are still occasionally susceptible of incorrectly reading the data on the disc, which can ruin the listening experience. So a company called Parasound has created the CD 1, a Linux-powered standalone CD player that actually reads a disc multiple times during playback to find and eliminate errors.

Will We Finally See A 1TB Optical Disc In 2015?

Compared to a CD’s meagre 700MB storage space and a DVD’s 5GB-ish capacity, a Blu-ray’s 25GB allowance is pretty impressive. But it doesn’t come close to a whole terabyte, and that’s what FujiFilm is planning to pack on an optical disc arriving in 2015.

How Often Do You Use Your Computer's Optical Drive?

Thirty years ago, the CD was born. This, of course, was the medium that would usher in the era of optical drives, a technology that dominated personal computing for decades. And though it’s not completely dead, it’s certainly on its way out. In fact, I honestly can’t even remember the last time I used mine. How often do you still use yours?

Happy 30th Birthday To The CD, Digital Music's Patient Zero

Thirty years ago today, a game-changing pair of products were announced: Billy Joel’s 52nd Street on Compact Disc, and the Sony CDP-101, the first device to be able to play it. And the age of the CD was born.

What Did You Do With Your Old CDs And DVDs?

Because we’re not all artists who can turn dead media into a gigantic skull, I’m curious as to what you guys have done with your dusty collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS tapes and all other old, physical media? It seems heartless to toss ’em out but they’re also so completely useless. What to do?

Huge Skull Made From VHS Tapes And CDs Is A Fitting Afterlife For Dead Media

I have a gigantic case full of CDs that I have no idea what to do with. Do I toss them out? Do I save them for my kids? I’m sure other people have the same questions with their dead physical media — CDs, video tapes, DVDs, soon to be Blu-rays — what’s going to happen to all of that? Why not turn it into a giant skull?

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